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  1. Hi Geoffro could I please get a black mens 2xl and a black ladies 10 thanks.
  2. Can I please get a black and orange bucket hat ,thanks .
  3. What a ride . Big thanks to Buzz for putting on this ride , I had an awesome day . It was an early start for me up at 5 to be on the road by 5:30 . Get up to Dissa and Buzz and Booj are already there , go over and say g'day then 2t4me turns up and then cruiser comes skidding into the car park . We get ready and on the bikes pretty much straight into some tight tracks then some tighter tracks . We then came across a new track buzz wanted to show 2t4me and for me this was my favourite track of the day , it had steep down hills and short rocky climbs and logs and fast flowing corners and some more logs . From there we go on to do some more tight tracks and some awesome sections of creek then we came to the climb coming out of the creek, this tested a few of us . I eventually got up after pushing and stalling and stacking and we stopped for a much needed rest . Then some more tight tracks and some more sections of creek until we come to the hamburgers everyone is up no 1 straight away with only me stalling part way up but was able to get going again the everyone was straight up no 2 . Heading to third gear hill buzz and cruiser take a short cut through a steep valley while booj 2t4me and opt to go around . We were then straight on to another tight track that lead down to the bottom of third gear hill which again everyone was straight up except me stalling close to the top but managed to get going again and we were up . From here 2t4me lead us back to the cars via some narrow tracks and creek sections . Thanks to all the guys it was one of the best rides I've been on
  4. Where did you get the new mount from
  5. Hi Ripperz how did you sort it mine keeps popping out of the mount
  6. I would look at the master cylinder because there shouldn't be any pressure in the line if you weren't pressing the brake lever .
  7. Thanks guys had an awesome ride
  8. Thanks Dusty for putting the ride on I had a blast . I hadn't been to dissa before I will definitely be going back. Thanks to Habs and Simon for sweeping hopefully gave you a few laughs at some of my offs .
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