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  1. 350xcf flaming out

    Xcf not sxf so didn't think they are a motorcrosswe
  2. Hey guys I recently bought a 350xcf which has issues with flaming out at once I back off the throttle. The tps is checked an fine does anyone have any idea what else to check or how I can solve this problem?
  3. Goughs bay

    Cheers mate for the help, all of us are licensed and registered so that's not an issue
  4. Goughs bay

    Yea I can only imagine how packed it'll be. We are trying to book a house or cabins but left it a bit too late so struggling to find something
  5. Goughs bay

    Hey guys me and a group of mates are thinking of heading up to Goughs bay for queens birthday weekend. Just hoping I could get some spots on where to camp that we can take of from camp and ride?
  6. 350 xcf

    Hey guys I'm thinking bout upgrading my 2010 300 to a 2013 350xcf. What's everyone's thoughts on them and is it something to worry bout that they don't have a back up kick start??
  7. Perfect ride/conditions at Springhill

    Thanks for the ride marko! Was spewing I couldn't finish the last loop but still had an awesome day!
  8. Cobaw Sat Dec 10 Christmas ride

    Had an awesome days riding today for my first dirtriderz experience with a great bunch of guys! All very good riders so must be the older you get the better you get[emoji13]