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  1. Hey guys n gals, I am off the bike while i recover from a broken leg (11 weeks in, many more to go) and I have my now 1 hr old 17' KTM 350 XCF looking at me begging for some work. One of the things i want to do is put on a headlight. I don't really like the standard KTM setups and was thinking about altering the number plate and install a combination LED Spot/flood light. Has any one done this before or got any good ideas/links as to where to get parts? I really like the baja designs light but at approx $400 AUS for the insert think it could be done much better. for a more competative cost. Any ideas?
  2. I'm in chirnside, if your stuck bring bike and bracket around and I am sure I will be able to sort it out. What area u from?
  3. Agree with cruiser. Long term I use liquid intelligence, awesome stuff, bit of prep to work in the long term but doing lots of ST it is the biz!
  4. Hi all, great forum! My name is Cam and I have just gotten back into dirt bike riding after 10 years off the dirt bike, been on the road for years. I had an old WR sitting in the shed gathering dust that every time I dragged it out gave me issues so 3 months ago bought a YZ250Fx and haven't looked back! I live in Lilydale so home turf is Kinglake, Murrindindi and Toolangi and trying to get out most weekends at least for a day, loving overgrown trails, logs and hard, technical terrain. Many mates ride dirt bikes and are competitive in the vic offroads, etc, I keep up only just and would think I would be a level 3 rider..... THINK being the operative word. Looking for other regular riders to my local tracks to see if we can arrange some rides, would be good to have others to ride with as I always worry about some of the terrain I tackle when mates are busy and I go out alone. Cam
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