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  1. very very nice mate... love to know what you think.... We gotta ride soon.... RIC
  2. Sounds like you boys had a cracker day... spewing I didn't get to make it.. was looking forward to catching up with a few guys. Have a safe and happy xmas... see you on the tracks.. THX RIC Q
  3. Great ride report Frank.... Good group of blokes and fun had by all.. Thanks to Mark for being support person and use of Bruces Mazda... Good to have the Paramedic on deck as well... even better that all people and bikes " sort of " behaved... no injuries Ah.. the Husky and KTM's ... Just working on another video to post up.. THX GUYS GOOD FUN RIC
  4. Great video and report Bruce... Looked like a cracker ride... would have loved to have done it ( next time ) RIC
  5. top work bruce... looks like a cracker time.. would have loved to have gone on this one with you guys... great spot and good fun.. Did you end up getting another husky ??? My trailer got stolen last week outside my house... pissed off ( lucky no bikes in it ) Talk soon THX RIC Q
  6. Well done boys.. Really missed doing this ride with you... Sounds great RIC
  7. I had a Mo Tow for many years... Why they sell them without lights attached is beyond me ( make sure you get lights for it and fit number plate as well ). Had it on the back of the Prado when I rode alone ( used the trailer for multiple bikes ).. and it was pretty stable.. make sure you use enough tie downs... I see the new MO TOW has the front wheel well making sure it does'nt rock forward ( good idea ). The rack and roll system looks excellent.. Just my 2 cents worth RIC
  8. That's Crap Bruce... Will keep an eye out for all your stuff.... Hope it is found.. RIC
  9. J Man Quick question...  Re the Licola DArgo ride..

    I have a good friend ( not on the forum ) but keen 4wder and good bloke. who is keen to help with back up over the weekend.

    He has a good landCruiser 4wd as is wanting to tag along if possible.. He also happens to be a top MICA paramedic..

    Can we add him in on the accom in both Licola and Dargo??? he is happy to tag along with the support 4wd's and give a hand..

    Let me know..


    THX  RIC

  10. great thx... sure i will find it ric