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  1. A Day at Dindi.

    great thx... sure i will find it ric
  2. A Day at Dindi.

    hi boys.. i ride murrundindi a bit but never seen this lookout... can you tell me where it is ?? THX RIC
  3. IMG_4599.JPG

    Just a bit Dusty... Murrundindi..
  4. Yaapeet Sept17.jpg

  5. Hi Guys Awesome ride with an awesome crew up at Big Desert. Some pics and video of the fun had... ( link below ) https://photos.app.goo.gl/KRtnhUXHihJyz3ji2 HI GUYS I HAVE JUST UPLOADED TO MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL "YAAPEET THE MOVIE " Here is the link ENJOY THX RIC

    After riding an older husky... this bike rides very easy... had some suspension work done by Chads offroad.. and this bike tracks very well.. THX RIC

    Hi Guys Decided to join this site.. My name is Ric and I love riding the magnificent Victoria countryside. I currently have a 15 Husky FE501 and love this bike... Great power and overall a great bike. Just a couple of extras on the bike.. long range tank, barkbusters and bashplate etc.. I do a fair bit of riding around Toolangi, Kinglake, Murrundindi and Big River.. Love riding over the Vic high country and also enjoy the Sand and like riding Big Desert and Wyperfeld National parks. I have a group of guys I ride with.. but always keen to join with other groups who ride in different areas.. Hope to see you out on the trails.. THX RIC