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  1. Thought there would be more goers for this night,last time it was a ripper night with plenty of laughs
  2. ktm shane

    SX @ GMHBA stadium

    I heard it was on but will be in Bali
  3. ktm shane

    Closing down events MX races

    Here is the response from her which is promising
  4. ktm shane

    Beechworth L2+

    Maybe 30 people having a bbq in his car park would be funnier lol
  5. ktm shane

    Closing down events MX races

    I have already sent a message to my local member,she lost by a small margin last election and I have asked Matthew Guys thoughts on it as I know her and her family are keen fishermen and love the bush
  6. ktm shane

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Moo,hope you have a ripper day
  7. ktm shane

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Dale
  8. We are in mate,will book tomorrow,done mate spoke to Emily
  9. ktm shane

    Romainiacs 2018

    Great effort guys
  10. ktm shane

    Ktm Shane’s Birthday ride at Neerim 19/7

    Ha ha ha good write up mate but sorry it was a gas gas must say I like it when people go on rides and do a report they are always great reading so well done guys
  11. ktm shane

    Ktm Shane’s Birthday ride at Neerim 19/7

    You can’t blame me I’m innocent
  12. Thanks to all the guys that came out today great tracks with plenty of laughs and good attitude and ripper pace.will add more tomorrow had way to much cake,had a bike issue thanks for the battery changes guys.when do the 19 models come out ? The day didn’t start well with being stuck in traffic coming thru Berwick on the way to pick up our lead rider,unfortunately 5 minutes away from his place he messages me saying his bike won’t start so off to meet the others at the servo.after a quick chat yep it looks like I am leading anyway off we trot down a few tracks trying to mix it up a bit, there was 8 of us all up and things seemed to flow quite well until my battery decided to give up the ghost we swapped batteries and off we went again and done some ripper trails.thank you to the trail fairy there really is some great stuff out there.anyway thanks to the sweeps Bruce (I think) and eagle and to the other guy that lead sorry I’m hopeless with names,would ride with any of these guys was a great day cheers
  13. ktm shane

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Cheers guys had a ripper day
  14. ktm shane

    “Dirtriderz” in random places

    A few of us have done it in Bunnings
  15. ktm shane

    Word Association...