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  1. Hate reading stories like this,well done to the sea and other emergency services those people are the back bone of the community also the members that assisted.wish him a speedy recovery!
  2. Looks great mate well done ! 👏
  3. That would be police discretions ,my mate had a motocross bike at Neerim and the copper on the bike gave him a warning and said If he sees him again without one he was going to fine him.said it was a safety issue in case of break downs at the end of the day and a requirement of your registration.
  4. If Tim Tszyu is To be anything Real he will walk through Horn,I’m backing the young fella 🥊
  5. Welcome Borbs 🤘
  6. I got one similar with wheels,so easy to have the bike on and still wheel it out the way when not working on it !
  7. Have one front and rear and they are also great when stuck in a rut,grab hold on it and pull the bike in the preferred spot and off you go !
  8. We could have a ride then drinks somewhere after
  9. Happy Birthday to all in this great forum,especially Fro that puts in so much to keep it ticking along !
  10. Admin and mods have been doing a lot of editing of late guys and gals,please stick to the rules !
  11. Welcome aboard James,no the track closures don’t mean the end of riding.there are plenty that are left open for some throttle therapy✊,check out the rider grading vids ect and the corner man system if you don’t already know it and jump on a ride that suits.