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  1. Welcome Jarrod,check out the rider grading videos then look in the organise ride section and go from there
  2. ktm shane


    Welcome Mr Bully
  3. Happy Birthday Coisy,hope you have a great day
  4. Will grab 2 mate,will wait for colours for the boss lady
  5. Send in pics over the weekend and set a challenge peeps
  6. Yeah they hurt like hell,I came off jumping a washout at the last annual weekender.4 days later was off to Bali,fair to say the wife wasn’t happy lol. Sleeping is what sucked for me but after a few weeks it settles, as cruiser said ride reports will be your best friend especially the ones with pics and videos.
  7. From slipping the clutch
  8. Anyone up to do a challenge on the weekend to get this going again
  9. It’s the original factory one,I had an electrical problem that they kept saying fuel pump so I changed it and ended up doing the same thing.ktm Australia got involved and replaced the wiring Lomb and last few wires on removal they found a corroded wire lol
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