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    Bone breaker king lake

    Hope all goes well with recovery Pete
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    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Husky
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    Welcome aboard Sophie,
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    2018 dirtriderZ Annual Weekend Beechworth

    Our day started Friday morning when Nat says she wants to take her car to drive around town instead of the Hilux,so off I go to super cheap auto for trailer connections ect.end up ready to leave about 11.00 Was a cruisey drive up just over 3 and a half hours and on arrival seeing all the great 2018 annual shirts we knew we were he right park,quick check in to our cabin and it was over to say hi and have a few beers as others flowed in. fairly early night the Friday after lots of the usual banter these weekends bring out ,I think it was more to do with the weather changing from nice and warm to instant cold when the sun goes down. woke up keen as mustard for the ride so changed and up at the waiting area and waiting for a few stranglers to gear up before we met up with the rec registered people who trailered to the meeting point in the Forrest. the ride started well with 40-50 bikes i think and we were all traveling well until I hit a washout the wrong way or to hard and got bucked side ways and landed on my ribs hard before sliding down the track on my head, after taking time to get my breath back I could tell my ride and fun was over.it was to painful to stand or move to much on the bike so the rest of the ride was completed sitting on my backside.(thanks to Lucy Goose for some pain relief at the next stop) the terrain was great and was kicking myself because the later tracks were rippers,getting off the bike to push it over the logs bloody hurt just as much and was very frustrating. Will leave the rest of the ride description to others as i was just in get home mode lol. arriving back we had a bbq cooked by Donna,Felroy,Tracey,Lynelle cheers guys We went to the brewery for dinner and plenty of giveaways and some hilarious banter and flowing beer. would like to give a shout out to Dirt Girlie (Miranda) for her leading us around her back yard and great little town to the sweeps Geoffyboy and friend (not sure who it was) to Geoffro and crew thanks for making everyone welcome as you do as it is so much easier to attend these things when thee wife can have a laugh also,special mention to Dusty for the pre ride park organisation,even though he couldn’t attend thanks to the caravan park and bridge road brewers for the hospitality hope I haven’t forgotten to anybody and look forward to next years big one ! Cheers too he fabulous sponsors that donated all our great prizes
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    So who’s in Beechworth for the weekender?

    We have arrived,what a place
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    BP eastlink this morning !
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    Wombat Closure

    Seen this today on face book
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    Ogio Flight Vests

    I love mine and as someone that gets hot easily it’s not that bad,who rides when it’s too hot anyway lol.i didn’t like being hit in the back of the head over wash outs with the camel back and love the fit of these and the spread of weight,also extra protection from roost ect
  14. ktm shane

    2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

    Hey mate 1x men 3xl 1x ladies 18 and sent payment cheers