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  1. From slipping the clutch
  2. Anyone up to do a challenge on the weekend to get this going again
  3. It’s the original factory one,I had an electrical problem that they kept saying fuel pump so I changed it and ended up doing the same thing.ktm Australia got involved and replaced the wiring Lomb and last few wires on removal they found a corroded wire lol
  4. If it is the fuel pump and they are the same as the 2012 I have a spare one
  5. We were at neerim today,if had of known you could of taken my 300 for a ride
  6. What do you need mate ? I can take pics of the section you need and text or email it to you tomorrow if that helps
  7. I am absolutely wrapped in mine, it is simply an awesome machine.it eats tight tracks for breakfast even thou I’m fat old and slow it gets me off the seat and it’s like a box bike with a user friendly engine until you rip it then it becomes a rocket.there are videos around on the tpi with guys riding big hills and gulleys in America where stopping and starting the engine fixes any altitude dramas
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