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  1. You can’t go wrong really awesome bike,I had the 2012 and loved it great all rounder
  2. Agree 100 % have a front and rear on my bike and makes life so much easier,even if you get stuck in deep ruts just pull it in the the next rut and off you go !
  3. ktm shane


    Spotted in sunshine this morning
  4. New kicks,chain and sprockets,Engine,chassis and suspension service
  5. Welcome Rikki,look forward to catching up with you on a ride,check out grading thread and jump on a ride and enjoy all the rides with great people 🤙
  6. I run a P-Tech one was always worried about logs ect and breaking the cylinder head,has that many holes ect in it doesn’t trap mud ect but does need some leaves ect blown out with the hose.the thing is strong as anything and offers great protection for a Gumby like me !
  7. Welcome to dirtriderz,keep an eye on the organise ride section or post up a ride in an area you know and I’m sure you will get some people that will join your ride.enjoy the freedom of the bush 🤙
  8. Happy new year to all,hope you all have a great new year and we can get out on the bikes this winter !
  9. Well what an eventful day we had,started driving down the street in the morning to bloody ducks all over the road (they should of had a duck season) ha ha ha ha anyway we met up at the carport after a group had left so after introductions Chris390 was voted leader instead of following JUST4FUNS gps.after a few tracks we had an off at a small log across the track on an angle and looks like bruised ribs(hope they heal soon Wayne) we took him back to the cars and seen him off with bike ect loaded,was a funny moment Brockie6 asked to undress him which lead the normal gags.we continued on and after
  10. Hate reading stories like this,well done to the sea and other emergency services those people are the back bone of the community also the members that assisted.wish him a speedy recovery!
  11. Looks great mate well done ! 👏