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  1. Mate give the top of the piston a clean. There should be size markings on it.
  2. Hoodie for me please. Thanks
  3. Agree with quality and protection [emoji106] Really looking forward to trying out the Garnes.
  4. G'day all, I recently purchased a pair of Gaerne SG12's to replace my Sidi SR2 that were just a tad too tight (i have a wide foot). When I got them home I was interested to see the difference in boot weight between the brands. I still had my original Oneal Clutch boots so threw them into the mix. The results were interesting. I thought for sure the Oneals would be the heaviest, but turned out to be the lightest at 2088 grams. The Sidi's came in at 2116 grams, with the heaviest being the Gaerne at 2249 grams. Would be interesed to get peoples thought on this. I suspect it may come down to build quality. But i suppose for those that are really conscious about their weight (including carrying tools etc) the boots can add an additional 200-300 grams. Anyway just thought i would share this info. Could quite possibly be this isolation is sending me a little loopy. Cheers, Joey
  5. Good work@Andy350. Some funny moments in the vid especially@Arsey coping a spray. Very amusing. It was great riding in Dargo for the first time. What made it even better was ridung with a top bunch of blokes. @Ian always does a great job leading and a special thanks to@Scott for sweeping the entire 200+ kms.
  6. All the best for a speedy recovery mate.
  7. Thanks guys for the great ride. Special thanks to Bear for leading and the chaps on sweep duties.
  8. Gday Geoffro, Are stickers still available? Cheers Zeppa
  9. @Ouzo. Mate you wont require a lot of air due to the fact there isn't much room once you've stuff the tube in. Try to push the tube in as much as possible. Make sure you slowly added the air with quick very short bursts. You will see the boot start to stretch. I was surprised how well the clips held on. What you might find is the tube will push the ply plug sideways a little. If you do it slowly you should be right. Again really important to add the air slowly. Cheers.
  10. Gday Ouzo. I tightened the second strap from the bottom enough to hold the disc. That being said it did try to push out, however at the point it had enough air. You should be able to get the tube and disc in enough to use the second strap. Hope that explanation helps. Cheers
  11. Just thought i would share my experience with recently purchased Sidi Crossfire 2 boots. Having found a great price O/S I made the purchase and eagerly awaited their arrival. When they finally arrived i tried them on and they were somewhat snug (width wise). I thought i could wear them around the house hoping they just needed to stretch a little. Well after a few days, no stretching and bloody sore feet. I then commenced the web advice/help search with no luck. It would appear you can't stretch the Sidi's as they are made from Lorica. I rang a local shoe repair shop and he said they same thing. Well i have to say i was extremely deflated by this stage. I was contemplating a couple of options including sending them back or selling them locally. I then came up with the idea inserting a bike tube into the boots and inflating them. I made a round disc out of ply and drilled a hole through the middle. This allowed the valve to pretrude out and ack as a plug in the boots. After successfully inflating the boots i took to them with a heat gun in the area that required the stretching. After considerable heat i allowed them to cool and remain inflated for a couple of days. I deflated the tubes and removed them, again allowing them to settle another day to see if they would constrict again. I tried them on after the above process and success!! Stretched perfectly and no more sore feet. If you've had the same problem with your boots give the old bike tube in the boot trick a go. You will need to make the ply plugs otherwise the tube will commence to inflate up the boot leg. Cheers Zeppa.
  12. If there is anyone who knows the wombat/Blackwood area it would be Ian and Scott. It's always a brilliant ride when you head out with those two. Great tracks and great pace.
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