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  1. yeah I'd be going after him for damages. Just start by sending a total invoice for all damage, less payment of $200. (that 200 is important, it accepts liability, at least in part). Also if you ask for a refund on any part of the tour such as the lift fee, do that as a separate action.
  2. wayward1


    Better than pushing my bike
  3. wayward1


    Hey Jason, welcome to the forum. I'm a local(ish) boy to you. Happy to show you around a few tracks at a cruisy pace whenever you like. Cheers Sean
  4. wayward1

    Seaton L2 Stepup

    We were fortunate to have some team riders join us for the fun yesterday. Kilvo who is an absolute gun on the Yamaha. In the 2017 Wildwood race he came in a very respectable 174th out of 158 riders. Katman from team Sherco blessed us with his vast technical knowledge, he went to lengths to show us that if your rear brake is on the left, and you can't find your handlebars, then you're probably on the bike backwards - such insight! Suzbeano - we were very fortunate that Beta allowed her on the ride, she's generally booked months in advance for various promotional events. You can see Sue in action at the recent Sea to Sky. If you watch a video of Jarvis, you'll see her there right beside him, behind the tape cheering him on. Actually it may just be someone that looks like her, but she's a weapon on the Beta regardless. Oh and of course Greasa came. A few warm ups and straight into some L4 stuff. These guys did it easy, the last bunch that tried the washouts all fell over each other and cried like babies, not these guns. Even watched Sue do a backflip off one, I was in awe! Everything went well until Greasa broke down. Actually broke down is probably the wrong wording. What's the correct wording when you don't tighten your wheel properly and it decides not to follow the other wheel anymore? Greasa struggled with repairs as we waited for what seemed like hours, eventually he threw his tools down in disgust and demanded that a real man fix his bike. Thanks Sue for stepping up lol. Ride went on well after that, everyone managed through everything with the class that I'd expect. I left the mighty Beta in the shed and was kindly given a nice new GasGas to play with. Big thumbs up, the bike grew on me a lot throughout the day and makes for some very tough decisions on which way to go for a new bike. Rode Greasa's Husqy for a bit, no wonder he's so slow lol! Came down one creek crossing, I was a fair bit infront and decided to have a little explore up the creek (very nice too for down the track gents, track there will be sweet), then suddenly realised that myself, as the lead rider, was behind the sweep - Oops. That's probably the only time I really opened the GasGas up and pushed her a bit, it's also when I was the most impressed with her. Was a great ride with great company, you all did great. Thanks all for coming, many thanks to Greasa for sweeping all day and the accounting tips and the Beer! Cheers
  5. wayward1

    Hit The Dirt on an Indian

    From what I understand most will be sold long before they hit the country. They aren't a production run just a concept bike based off their race bike. The engine in this is the same as in my Indian scout, which with a few mods puts out 120 at the rear wheel and 0 to 100 in 3.2 - this from a heavier cruiser. I'd think these will probably be a collectible in time.
  6. wayward1

    Hit The Dirt on an Indian

    It's Indian, one the best brands on the market. I should know, I own one lol. They do make amazing bikes though.
  7. Not for everyone but these bikes are weapons. The race version has been dominating flat track in the US.
  8. wayward1

    Enduro coaching in Victoria

    Tim Colemans course is one of the best you'll do. Two day course. http://www.timcolemanx.com/
  9. wayward1

    Sat 21st Oct Neerim Level 2 Ride Report

    I'm putting on two Cowwarr/Seaton rides soon, one hard one easy. You'd love the easy one. Edit: The harder one will be next year now.
  10. wayward1

    Sat 21st Oct Neerim Level 2 Ride Report

    Nice cruisy ride, thanks for putting it all together. Good to meet some new faces too, even if one or two did try to kill me lol
  11. wayward1

    Beta 300 leaking coolant

    that's right, it's all a bit of fun. Fact is both are pretty good bikes. I'm off for the night too so I'll let him have the last word
  12. wayward1

    Beta 300 leaking coolant

    Weigh 5 kg less and feel 10 kg heavier. I guess a kick start is a good idea though given their history, you can never have too many starters. I hear they're working with Masport to develop a pull start just to be extra sure lol
  13. wayward1

    Beta 300 leaking coolant

    I know right, hard to believe that the markets best bike could use such a cheap clamp. Could be worse I guess, Beta could have used a KTM starter
  14. wayward1

    Beta 300 leaking coolant

    yeah it's the crimp clamps they use, their hose clamps are ok. They are absolute rubbish. A 2 dollar part ruined a perfectly good day for me.
  15. wayward1

    Beta 300 leaking coolant

    had the same problem. Replace all the crimp clamps with good hose clamps. Try that first but you should be fine. There's a couple hidden underneath as well, make sure you get them. Take the tank off and you'll see them all.