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  1. I'm coming Andy, just say when!
  2. Thanks mate, great ride. You caught me out on the tube, anything to go home and drink beer See ya next week, 10am sharp!
  3. Blah Blah Blah - all I heard was that I'm fashionable! Great ride today, thanks for putting it on mate. The knees aren't too bad so that's a positive. Not sure who the roosting splashing guy was, but I'll mirror Franks comments, if it was me I was unaware and I did try and pass as safely as possible. We've all been new riders before, no one needs that. I don't think it was me but I'll apologise just incase it was. Thanks to the morning sweeps and thanks to Andy for helping me sweep in the afternoon shift. Everyone did really well and all up it was a great day, well maybe not if you happen to own a KTM with an extra hole in it !
  4. Cheers Mate. Completely missed that message.
  5. yeah I'm thinking my body is going to start restricting me on the dirtbike a bit too much going forward. I was wondering if I was old enough yet to get into adventure bikes
  6. Depending on your size the 300RR is the better option. It's a better all round bike, will do the things the crosstrainer will but much better at all the other stuff. Gas Gas are about to release the Ranger in Australia which could be a good option as well.
  7. Hiya Lucy, I've watched a few of the video's your partner has put up, he's made you a minor celebrity lol. Welcome to Dirtriderz and from the type of riding you do I'd say the WR250 is a good choice in that price range.
  8. You always put on great rides mate, today was no exception. Even the weather wasn't too bad for us and the tracks made sweeping um interesting lol. Greg, thanks for the co sweep, always good to ride with you mate and awesome job on that hill! Sweep was all worth it when I got to see mighty Mick come a cropper more than once - but we''ll keep that our secret lol. And aren't post ride cramps a bitch Cheers Sean
  9. yeah there's some uncanny similarities though. Looks like you weren't the only victim. Gets interesting at the 3;30 mark
  10. no I didn't think you had more than one profile, just thought you had a sideline job educating us Gumby's
  11. I don't know the guy and have never been on any of his rides, but if what you say is true, then why are there so many complaints against him? We're not talking about one or two, the internet is full of complaints.
  12. If he operates as a hobby and with sales less than 75k each year, he isn't required to hold an ABN, file a BAS or hold and pay GST.
  13. yeah I'd be going after him for damages. Just start by sending a total invoice for all damage, less payment of $200. (that 200 is important, it accepts liability, at least in part). Also if you ask for a refund on any part of the tour such as the lift fee, do that as a separate action.
  14. Better than pushing my bike
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