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  1. Bleed the pressure and run a cut up water bottle in between the seal and fork tube like Bear suggested, YouTube it for tips. I would bleed the air before cleaning so you don't push out too much oil and she'll be right for Monday the good news, it's not the brake side [emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Hate to burst your bubble mate but Pirelli tubes are made in Indonesia. But knowing you the ones you have are from the 70’s and probably euro. [emoji23][emoji23]
  3. Is that s Suzuki SACS reference?
  4. Day started out fairly wet which makes Kinglake a bit slippery. Started out a bit sketchy but as the day went on the traction became perfect. We hit up a few explore tracks which didn't pan out but eventually made the pub. After lunch things picked up and we hit some fantastic flowing stuff with good speed. I think we did 70k ending around 3 so all in all a great day in the mud. Great banter amongst the group especially those of us who stayed behind on the trail while the others hit the pub. Thank to DG for hosting, Mick for sweeping all day! [emoji106][emoji106]
  5. rwcfrank

    Space Blankets

    I carry one as well but I use it mostly as a cape for when I need extra motivation [emoji23] I carry a cheep hooded poncho too. It’s about the size of a space blanket, the kind you get at the footy games. It can serve many purposes.
  6. Berwick Vic, where the W is silent but the Harley’s are not.
  7. You forgot postie bike [emoji51][emoji2957]
  8. Just picked up a brand new 19 Sherco 300 smoker[emoji51]. Been on 4 bangers for quite a while so we'll see how she goes. Got the Racing model not the Factory which has a few more farkles. Would have been nice to get the KYB but most say it's better recognized by faster riders which I'm not. Bolted on the Carapaks, radiator braces and tomorrow the handguards and were off.
  9. Andy, was thinking in addition to the $20 per ride donation, what do you think about $100 donation and you can ride any of the 10 or so rides? Last year I donated $100 and hit maybe 3-4 rides. It ups the buy in a bit and most of us donated a bit extra anyway. Just a thought [emoji846] setting a goal seems to be a popular way of hitting our target as well. I think year before last we aimed for $7500? Maybe Geoffro remembers.
  10. Andy, way to get the ball rolling on this fund raiser. My daughter spent a week in the RCH last year and they were absolutely fantastic. Count me in on as many rides as I can attend but also to help in any way that I can with the planning and logistics. Glad to see you kicked this off early!
  11. Not going to miss it this time[emoji3]
  13. I have couple more to edit. Sad thing is as the day went on and we got quicker the battery died on the GoPro. Likely story right?[emoji23]