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  1. Covid got me committed to get some big Adventure rides in ASAP. Update the Berg with a Rally tower, highway dirt bike mirrors and a graphics freshen up on the 20 liter tank. Set me free Danny boy.
  2. Probably pensioners rates[emoji51]
  3. Stinky, does that mean no more 300 or Husky?
  4. Macca, Can you see anything other than elbows out of those mirrors? I like the way they disappear when not needed
  5. Lots of rumors out there about 250/450 4T. But just as important filling the gaps all the other manufacturers are leaving open. (Except T7). A mid 400-500 twin cylinders dual sport bike and a 650-800 adventure bike. Anyway, I’d be a buyer if the product is good. Strong company with robust dealer network. [emoji106]
  6. How is that big beast in the sand Arbo?
  7. Great weekend Macka, some beautiful weather and amazing tracks. The glamping facility was awesome with the full kitchen, indoor fireplace and hot showers. Great group of riders and whoever thinks Adventure bikes are for old guys need to come along for one of your rides. [emoji23] You guys were really moving on those big pumpkins. Thanks to BearMX for sweeping and usually I’d add for choking down our dust but there wasn’t any. [emoji106] I’ll add some more pics in bit.
  8. Wanted to add my appreciation to the group for all the behind the scenes efforts. To name a few Andy, Bushy, Geoffro, Stinky, Harry and the rest for all the hard work and efforts that went into the successful weekend event. I rode the Friday L2 + which was a challenge but great fun. The tracks were flowing and the only dust we encountered was on the open tracks. I also rode the Saturday L2 which was a bit dustier but still flowed well with a bit of everything thrown into the mix. We camped across the road to get away from the dust which turned out well but only since I had to leave Saturday afternoon due to family commitments. I reckon the spot I had my tent set up would have flooded as it was boggy when I got there even in the dry. Sorry I missed out on Saturday’s festivities, I’m sure it was hilarious. Great see the Dirtriderz family, old and new. Now my only question is this, Harry has given a nickname to everyone he meets (me included) yet he still goes by “Harry”. I think its time he gets a nickname too. [emoji13] 40 lays in 40 days is too long a nickname Harry.
  9. I believe the 390 is made by Bajaj, Ktm has said that they plan to make all the parallel twins in India and China and keep the V twins in Austria. Not much talk about the tights.
  10. I have to add, cracked frames. Just wait until production moves to China and India as planned for all the parallel twins[emoji2359]
  11. Broadford come and try day March 7 https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink/topic?share_fid=19190&share_tid=20037&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Edirtriderz%2Ecom%2Findex%2Ephp%3F%2Ftopic%2F20037-Broadford-come-and-try-day-March-7-&share_type=t&link_source=app
  12. I’m struggling to get the vids from my iPad to YouTube but BearMX had some footage as well.
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