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  1. Sold my 2014 300sef with 205 hours on it and it ran great. Did a top end at 115 hours.
  2. Eagle, who is your suspension guru?[emoji2]
  3. Paul, that’s bad luck mate on the bike. Not sure how many hours you have on it but if it were me I’d push for a fresh top end as part of the repair. When the crank/rod start to go it can allow for the piston to rock and move in the bore because it’s no longer centered due to the play from the failed bearings. This accelerates wear. It would be nice to get the bike back from the dealer in better shape than before it went. Just a thought. Good luck!
  4. Have a great time boys!!
  5. I saw that the Beta smokers are now counter balanced[emoji3061]
  6. Running an FI engine out of fuel can overheat the pumps as they are cooled by the fuel. Just a thought.
  7. This kit is very popular in the states and I wouldn’t hesitate to use it. ISO/ Japanese mfg lifetime warrant etc etc https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F152862892809
  8. Brian, not sure of the resemblance from behind but from above I can see it[emoji23]
  9. And thanks heaps for all your help, will give it a go this weekend at Big Desert[emoji106]
  10. Got it off eBay, $51 delivered in 3 days from NSW. Programming cord was $10 and the remote mic was another $14 if you want them. It came with a usb charging station, lanyard and belt clip. It got rave reviews from end users and it’s very water resistant, some say waterproof. With 9 watts I reckon it’s a bargain.
  11. I’ve seen a few orange and white bikes piss a fair bit of fuel out of the float bowl vent line at slight lean angles. You may want to check the float level and even on some of the newer carby models I’m pretty sure ktm did a service memo on carby orientation.
  12. Showed up early to find a dozen or so ready to go and warm myself up next to Andy’s mini campfire[emoji51]. Started on time and straight into some great tracks. Had a terrific ride and all was going well until I had a little slip and low sided in an unfortunate angle into a tree. Broke my headlamp and damaged my ego but “hey@ it’s only money [emoji857]. Stopped for short break and noticed Pjacks from tyre was flat on the bottom after a quick fix we were back in action. I was having too much fun to catch any video but I managed to get a short clip thanks to Pepperjack for hosting, IanM for lead duties, Ian and Stinky for sweep, Andy for the campfire and bbq and the great crew, all 22. Sadly I had to bug out early but would have loved to stick around and chew the fat. One last thanks to Pepperjack for helping me out with my new uhf radio.
  13. I think you really stumbled into something there Pepperjack. How about a hybrid video where someone rides Kim Kardassian? Oh wait, that's been done[emoji23]
  14. I’d like 1 jersey XL FRANK on back No numbers Forum name rwcfrank Will transfer to Geffro PAID transfer to Geoffro
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