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  1. Adding an (S)

    Dazz, I am with you on this. As we have discussed before it’s helpful to know when we’ll be riding bikes and when we’ll be lifting and carrying them. Not every ride has to be a “challenge” or “character test” sometimes we just ride for fun. I like to pick and choose my challenge rides vs my “cruisy” rides. Maybe senior “is” more appropriate [emoji51][emoji23]
  2. I walked away with a nice pair of Scotts goggles and 48 stickers on my back[emoji12]
  3. As requested - Another Annual shirt order

    Geoffro, I’ll take one in XXL please.
  4. bike rack clamp to stop rack shaking.

    That one is good for up and down movement but not the best for side to side. This one works a treat if you put it on with the bolts on the side
  5. 2017 - 8th Annual Weekender - With footage

    Great weekend away with lots of great people. Knocked out 80k over the weekend and twice as many beers. Laughed my ass off around the fire and ate fantastic food. Did I mention I walked away with a shiny new pair of Scott goggles. Best part was even in my state of "impairment" I was smart enough to not even go near the unicycle! Thanks Geoffro and team for a fun filled weekend, definitely going to make next years.
  6. Silent, this is my home made bleeder system, you need a vacuum pump then take an old jar with a metal lid and poke a couple of holes. One hose goes into the brake fluid and the other is shorter to apply a vacuum without sucking fluid put the hose that goes into the fluid on the bleeder and the other on the pump. Use gorilla glue or silastic around the hoses where they go into the lid to prevent air leaks Pump until you have a vacuum then crack the bleeder and watch the bubbles appear in the fluid. I use this for bike brakes/clutch and also on my Patrol clutch and brake system works a treat.
  7. Rokon 340

    That's funny, I went to the 76 (I think) Trans AMA motocross series at Sears Point and Harley Davidsons team was sponsored by PDQ a Milo copycat drink and they rode orange Bombardier 2 strokes. Finished way towards the back if my memory serves me correctly. I think that was HD's last try at motocross or dirt bikes for that matter.
  8. Sorry I missed you, was looking for familiar faces but as you know it was fairly well attended. Loved the Hawaiian shirt guys revving their 2 stroke chain saws. If they only knew how much better 4 stroke chain saws are[emoji23]
  9. Rokon 340

    One of my mates just picked up this old Rokon 340, pull start with mag wheels and disc brakes, cutting edge at the time. Was built for the ISDT in the 70’s. He’s doing research to see if it ever turned a wheel at an event.
  10. Without a vacuum pump the best you can do is remove the caliper/brake hose and raise it above the master while manually bleeding. Don’t forget to put a piece of timber or something between the pads.
  11. Hopefully these vids will work.
  12. I went and checked it out, I’m shit at taking pictures though!
  13. I think this may be my next bike.
  14. Waterproof Mx boots

    I use snow seal on the seams and these for a fairly water tight set up