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  1. rwcfrank


    After watching that I don't feel skilled enough to ride a mobility scooter.[emoji15][emoji15]
  2. rwcfrank

    Grangers Repel

    I've been using the same Malcolm Smith Racing enduro jacket for years now. Nothing special, zip off sleeves a few vents and more what I'd call water repellant than water proof. It's been washed many times and I noticed as of late it's not shedding water as well as it used to. So I headed over to Anaconda to see if they had some Scotchguard spray or something and ended up with this Granger clothing repel product. It comes in a liquid and you put a cap full in the washing machine with the clothing. I put the MSR jacket in with the product and figured why not throw in a pair of pants and gloves as well since there was room. I was amazed at the results, I sprayed the jacket with water and it just beaded off and it was the same with the pants. Went riding this weekend and although it didn't rain it was still wet and I got splashed and sprayed plenty. When I got home I was all ready to throw everything in the wash but noticed the jacket and the pants weren't even dirty. I know I got roosted a few times pushing bikes up hills and even took a big splash from another rider that hit a bog hole. All it took to clean the pants and jacket was a damp cloth and a few wipes. Maybe it's a fluke but the stuff seems like it put a teflon coating on the fabric. It's a bit pricey at $27 which should be enough for 5-6 washes but I expect I will only need to do it occasionally.
  3. rwcfrank

    Hazelwood with Greasa15

    Met the group at the servo and off we went into about 30 minutes of sideways rain but once we hit the parking spot it was fantastic. Plenty of rain had hit the ground and we got a few clouds at first but followed by pure blue skies and sunshine. Hadn't been to Hazelwood in a while but it has to be one of the most under rated riding spots around in the southeast. It just has everything you could want. Happy to sweep for a while as it was a L1 and the group meshed very well with only a very few assists along the way. Like everyone else I had my reservations about the weather but Hazelwood seems to always avoid the worst (the southeast version of Lal Lal)[emoji23]. Thanks to Greasa for the fantastic tracks, Not sure of the name but the young bloke on the Kato 250, and the Husaberg 450 for sharing sweep duties and the rest for a great day outdoors.
  4. rwcfrank

    Hazelwood with Greasa15

    Nothing but blue skies!
  5. rwcfrank

    ADV riding

    BearMx, you do know that the first sign of getting old is being angry about things you can't change.....right?[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. rwcfrank

    ADV riding

    Maybe we could build something like this out of your Indian. I’ll grab my tools and be right over[emoji23]
  7. rwcfrank

    ADV riding

    I think there may be one more category of bike/rider Bike- Kato/Husky/Berg / Beta or other big bore 4 single, but a "dirt bike" Rider- likes the harder tracks the other bikes mentioned would really struggle with or never make, not hard by pure dirt bike terms but not doable on a a twin or a heavily loaded DR, KLR etc. limits rides to overnight or supported. Lastly, almost never touches bitumen unless it's unavoidable. Plans trips for all dirt and trailers to start point. Carries, tent, sleeping bag, small stove and enough food and water for 1 night and that's about it. To me (with very little adv bike experience) if your going to ride one of the bigger bikes and cover serious mileage/ tracks, you have to be very reserved and conscientious about every move to insure you complete the trip. This makes the primary goal of the trip to reach the predetermined destination safely (or change plans mid trip). So, blasting around pulling monos and riding like a hoon is not the done thing. For me this takes quite a bit of fun out of the riding itself. I plan to try as many different types of "adventure riding" as I can. Starting with the type I described above and working my way up, or down, depending upon your perspective to the heavier loaded bikes. Great topic!
  8. rwcfrank

    Super moto

    I like how the track has evolved into a cement motocross track. The race in this video is where it all started. In the beginning guys were trying all sorts of bike combos to get an edge but if my memory serves me correctly, once the CR500 got dirt track wheels and tyres it was clearly the top performer
  9. rwcfrank

    Super moto

    Now this looks like fun!
  10. rwcfrank

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Geoffro, Now that this order is over when do we get to order some Dirtriderz jerseys? Would be nice to hand out at the annual ride in October, just saying[emoji51][emoji51][emoji51][emoji51][emoji51]
  11. A small amount of water introduced into a revving engine is actually good as it cleans carbon deposits. The bad part is when the amount of water exceeds the engines ability to compress it and pass it during the cycle (2 or 4) that's when is hydro locks and breaks stuff. Of course it's best if the water is clean[emoji51]
  12. rwcfrank

    Romainiacs 2018

    Unbelievable challenge, you boys smashed it! Well done!
  13. rwcfrank

    Ogio Flight Vests

    Torpedo7 has the Ogio Flight Vests on sale 48 hours $139 if your thinking about one
  14. rwcfrank

    Peak hour traffic

    Think about this, in the next decade or so I would argue that technology, either supplemental for the driver or autonomous cars will be 90% of the vehicles on the road. When everyday people have the means to adhere to the rules of the road without error, government will lose tens of millions of dollars of revenue. What is the next “great idea” to get in our pockets to pay for public safety services? The current method of generating revenue is not sustainable.
  15. rwcfrank

    Wet Day Riding

    This is what I'm wearing on the next cold ride, wonder if it comes in orange?[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]