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  1. Wrap the swing arm with the number plate material. You can buy sheets online. Then snap the cover over that. When you decide to sell just remove the number plate material and the swing arms pristine. I’m talking about the thick decal style number plate material like what’s used fir graphics. 3m make a product called rock guard that does the same thing but its pricier. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202610382899
  2. Any chance for a Dirtriderz Jersey any time soon?[emoji51]
  3. Lindon looking to run over Harry’s goggles[emoji23]
  4. Sometimes the links don’t work for me either but if you click the little YouTube icon at the lower left it usually works.
  5. Rocked up at 8:30 to find that I was the last to arrive. Met up with the boys and had a quick tour of the man cave. Off we went into some slippery red clay which had the speeds down and the focus up. Beautiful country and after 50k of slips sliding we were back at Harry’s for a bbq lunch and refuel. The afternoon had things drying out and we snaked our way into the back section of Neerim where we hit some great tighter tracks. End of the day with a 100k no dramas and I will definitely be back. Thanks to Harry, Al, Dave and Lindon for another great day in the bush. The vid is a long steep red clay climb which if you listen to the engine revs, required a judicious throttle hand to get up. Good fun! https://youtu.be/JRFdSy3Q9Uw
  6. Getting the big Berg ready for Adventure 20 liter tank, wind screen, mini mirrors, seat concepts, fat pegs and Moskomoto bags [emoji110]
  7. Like Josh said, check fluid and bleed is an ez first check.
  8. Great video Tori, certainly changed my perspective of the 690's the way you rode that thing.
  9. I was sure it was the nut behind the bars. Go figure[emoji23] Glad to hear it’s finally sorted. I always use a bit of dialectic grease on any electrical connection on my bike or car. It helps keep moisture and dirt out and prevents corrosion.
  10. She totally assed it and got it right.
  11. If the 17 models are anything like the prior models the sight glass can be inconsistent. In the earlier versions the most accurate way to fill the oil is after a change add exactly what the book calls for and ignore the glass window. It sounds like you are concerned with oil consumption so measure what come out best you can. If you have no leaks and you're losing oil there should be evidence of that near the muffler outlet. KTMtalk.com is the best resource for pumpkin bikes.
  12. rwcfrank


    Michael, when did you pick up the new bike?
  13. What a fantastic weekend in the Grampians! Huge thanks to Macka and his crew for hosting. The camping was great, access and the facilities were spot on and the Saturday dinner was a grand slam with a special thanks to Mick (and his partner) for the delicious deserts afterwards. It was a great weekend with not a single hiccup or incident. I rode Friday and Saturday with Saturday’s ride being one of my favorite rides ever. Great group of riders some fast and some even faster[emoji2957] thanks to Bill and Gypsy for sweeping all day, Macka for leading, and I’m especially happy the wheelchair and award can sit for another year. I will be back for sure!
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