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  1. Wanted to add my appreciation to the group for all the behind the scenes efforts. To name a few Andy, Bushy, Geoffro, Stinky, Harry and the rest for all the hard work and efforts that went into the successful weekend event. I rode the Friday L2 + which was a challenge but great fun. The tracks were flowing and the only dust we encountered was on the open tracks. I also rode the Saturday L2 which was a bit dustier but still flowed well with a bit of everything thrown into the mix. We camped across the road to get away from the dust which turned out well but only since I had to leave Saturday a
  2. I believe the 390 is made by Bajaj, Ktm has said that they plan to make all the parallel twins in India and China and keep the V twins in Austria. Not much talk about the tights.
  3. I have to add, cracked frames. Just wait until production moves to China and India as planned for all the parallel twins[emoji2359]
  4. Broadford come and try day March 7
  5. I’m struggling to get the vids from my iPad to YouTube but BearMX had some footage as well.
  6. Made it to the Skipworth campgrounds around noon on Friday to find the place over run with gray nomads. They couldn’t take the best campsites due to the height of their caravans so we had a full shaded site for the weekend which helped cool the day. It was a small crew as Ausberg and his plus 1 and Pete M. Had ridden their 500’s up from Lilydale and decided to pass on the the Saturday ride to rest up for the Sunday ride home. Big K’s for the 500’s 425 total round trip with 95 percent on dirt tracks. Saturdays ride started with Arbo and 4 others in tow, me, Eagle, BearMX and Taffty, hitting
  7. Is the wire attached to the points plate isolated by the fiber washers?
  8. Josh, use a 12v test lamp to confirm the points are opening and closing properly. It will run with almost any gap (it affects dwell but will stil start and run fine) carefully check the tiny fiber washers that isolate the wires from grounding. Use sandpaper to clean the point contacts. Lastly, the big Yamaha tights can shear the woodruff key on the stator and throw the timing off so check that as well. Good luck [emoji106]
  9. Great weekend away, my first since COVID so it would’ve been hard to ruin it. Great crew, big thanks to DG for leading, Stinky for sweeping (and collecting heaps of firewood) Felroy for the petrol and Bad Badger for the eclectic music selection [emoji2357]. Pretty average start on Saturday with all the rain and fog, when I ride by Braille I usually regret it but it wasn’t so bad. The return trip was just about perfect (aside from the flat) little rain and much better conditions overall. I really enjoyed the fresh air and campfire banter [emoji106]
  10. Josh, seems like you’ve covered all the bases. Maybe it’s back to checking some of the basic stuff. Perhaps it’s a vibration induced problem. Double check all electrical connections by removing, inspecting and adding dialectic grease. Inspect the loom. I still can’t understand why it’s fuel usage has increased? Hang in there, as my old boss used to say “you just have to be smarter than the motorcycle.”
  11. If my memory serves me 2012 350 was a roller bearing crank, every year after and the 12 500 was plain bearings