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  1. rwcfrank

    Who can name these two riders?

    Jammin Jimmy Weinart and Tony DiStefano.
  2. rwcfrank

    Who can name these two riders?

    Well done Brian! You have named one of the two.
  3. rwcfrank

    What brand fork seals?

    Add 2 liters of fork oil and your awful close to $200[emoji857][emoji857]
  4. rwcfrank

    What brand fork seals?

    Thanks eagle, I need a few bushings as well, I'll give them a try.
  5. rwcfrank

    What brand fork seals?

    Love the skf product Noods, hate the price. Almost triple everything else. I know, you get what you pay for but these are going on my 2005 exc so I may try the competition.
  6. rwcfrank

    What brand fork seals?

    The answer used to be SKF greens, but times have changed. Any reco's on Allballs, ProX or other brands? 48WP forks.
  7. rwcfrank

    WP 48 OC forks

    Mick, did you ever get this sorted? I just picked up a 2004/5 ktm exc and there is a ton of info on the 3rd bushing removal/reversal that was a problem in 04/05 model.
  8. rwcfrank

    Electric bike at Erzburg

    From brapppp to whirrrrr, this is progress? Guess it’s better than ringgggdingggg[emoji12]
  9. rwcfrank

    KX Paint

    Bear, do you think they carry KTM Orange?[emoji23]🤣[emoji23]
  10. I'll just leave this here.
  11. The first "stick" video surfaced several months ago and I thought that the odds of that happening were one in a million! Now it's two in a million. I may be going out on a limb by saying that's bad luck [emoji51]glad he's alright and prepared for his 15 minutes of fame.
  12. rwcfrank

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    I wonder if this is the same place that wanted $50 deposit to hold an appointment for a roadworthy? Hmmmm They claimed that there were too many no shows and they were losing money.
  13. rwcfrank

    Latest trail bike tv ads

    Freebie and the Bean, isn’t that the movie where the guy on the Bultaco rides over a line of cars stopped in traffic and then proceeds to jump a chain link fence by riding up it till it leans over then he jumps it[emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3]loved it! Found it!
  14. It doesn't hurt to use a fine valve lapping compound on the flywheel and shaft taper before installing the key to remove any surface imperfections and to insure a proper fit. Then clean it real good and assemble dry. Since it's spun with the nut tight there will be some galling you want to remove.