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  1. Goldentyre 216AA

    I guess I’ll stick with the known Starcross. Never had an issue and it’s lasted through 3 rear tires!
  2. Goldentyre 216AA

    Jarvis could win an Enduro on this
  3. Goldentyre 216AA

    Time to replace the front tyre on my Sherco 300. Although I have zero complaints with the Starcross I am seriously considering the Goldentyre 216, anyone have feedback on pros and cons, wear etc? TIA
  4. Newbie

    Your a good sport Sean!!!!!!
  5. Inspiring Mini Documentary

    Goat, I had that exact same bike and loved it. But, I would not ride it today because it was kickstart only. That’s just one reason but things are better now, spoil yourself and try s new bike. That helps keep me in the saddle. When your having fun, nothing else matters.
  6. Newbie

    Sean, good to see you pushing your limits[emoji23]
  7. Inspiring Mini Documentary

    I think he says I should’ve thrown you a rope [emoji23]
  8. Inspiring Mini Documentary

    I’ve seen that before but really enjoyed a second viewing. I need to save it in my YouTube library and watch it every time I feel like I’m getting to old to ride. I once rode with a stranger who was the fastest guy of 8-9 of us. He was riding a lowered Kato 500 and was fast as hell. On the transfer roads I couldn’t believe how quickly he would disappear drifting through corners. Later in the day I found out he was a flat tracker from the 60’s and was 73 years young. After a few bourbons around the campfire I asked when is it time to stop riding. He said that most guys quit riding when their mates do. So if you like to ride you just need to keep finding new people to ride with. Wish he knew about Dirtriderz.
  9. Newbie

    Welcome Jason!!!!
  10. Slide day - Broadford

    That looks like good clean fun!!
  11. Welcome Liam, the 2005 Kato 525 is a great bike with the nearly indestructible RFS motor and decent suspension. You could do a lot worse for a first bike. You just need to acclimate to to the somewhat abrupt low rpm power.
  12. New guy from the Sunshine coast.

    Welcome, you came to the right place to look for rides!
  13. Ummm, ouch

    Or those of us who would lay on the ground convinced we were dying. [emoji12]
  14. Ummm, ouch A Victorian farmer has dealt with a fractured neck in a truly Aussie fashion, jumping on his bike and riding back home while holding his head up by his hair.[emoji30]
  15. Neerim 14/1/2018

    Great day at Neerim, started when my new to me car dashboard decided to mimic a pinball machine but after a few restarts it was all good so continued on and was the first to arrive. There were just three of us which allowed us to cover some distance. We did about 35k of mixed trails. Weather was perfect as was the freshly watered terrain. Pmac was having some mechanical issues so he pulled the pin to get them sorted. Brian and I did another 25 or so exploring some areas neither of us had been to. Finished up around 2 with no dramas or interesting stories. Lessons learned, Should have probably posted up the ride earlier, get everyone’s mobile number in case there’s an issue the morning of. Thanks boys for a great day of trails.