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  1. Josh, seems like you’ve covered all the bases. Maybe it’s back to checking some of the basic stuff. Perhaps it’s a vibration induced problem. Double check all electrical connections by removing, inspecting and adding dialectic grease. Inspect the loom. I still can’t understand why it’s fuel usage has increased? Hang in there, as my old boss used to say “you just have to be smarter than the motorcycle.”
  2. SG12 for the win
  3. If my memory serves me 2012 350 was a roller bearing crank, every year after and the 12 500 was plain bearings
  4. Holy crap, that’s a hell of a COVID purchase. Must be like riding on air. Nice.
  5. Nice bike Ric! Once we get let loose we’ll get out for a ride[emoji109]i I
  6. I have the Zacspeed Dakar for adventure riding. I reckon it’s just to big for bush bashing. I like the modular design as well but adding the front pouch straps would make it similar to the Ogio flight vest which was way too hot for summer riding. I also didn’t like the fact that the pouch front add on would take the vest from a quick 2 buckle affair to a 4 buckle vest. I opted for the USWE no dance monkey for bush riding. It’s a tight strap and has all the bells and whistles. Once it’s adjusted to fit you can take it on and if in 2 seconds. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t move around at all.
  7. Don’t expect much mate. I tracked an item from Bendigo to Sydney for sorting then to me in Berwick. 21 days standard post[emoji2359]
  8. Pushy and TRX for me, cardio is good but strength is waning without heavy weights.
  9. My vision is fine for distance which is why I needed glasses in the first place but my arms aren’t long enough anymore to read small print so I’m wearing them again. I got it done relatively late in life but I managed 25 years of not wearing glasses. [emoji851]
  10. I had it done in my early forties. I’d worn glasses since I was 8. Better than 20/20 in both eyes after the procedure. First things first, you have to be a candidate for the surgery. Astigmatism, if it is severe will prevent you from having the surgery as will abnormal pressure in the eye or too thin of a lens (genetic). I was told that regardless of the surgery as I get older I will still need reading glasses and that was true. Lastly, I did have some issues with night vision, halos around lighting and such. It seems to have diminished as it’s no longer a problem. Do your research, check the
  11. On the up side, there shouldn’t be any break downs from a lack of maintenance at the GF ride. We’ve had 6 months to lube the chain and check the tyres [emoji23]
  12. Spot on Bear, the KX crank kit from ProX works in the 300 4t.
  13. The force guards do flatten the rad hose a bit but it doesn’t seem to cause any issues.