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  1. rwcfrank

    Collar bone 2019

    Not going to miss it this time[emoji3]
  2. rwcfrank

    Broadford Dirt Track Day
  3. rwcfrank

    Broadford Dirt Track Day

    I have couple more to edit. Sad thing is as the day went on and we got quicker the battery died on the GoPro. Likely story right?[emoji23]
  4. rwcfrank

    Word Association...

  5. rwcfrank

    Broadford Dirt Track Day

    KX 500 for BearMX
  6. rwcfrank

    Broadford Dirt Track Day

    Met up with Eagle and Walkahz at the track around 8. Beautiful facility with a canteen that had one of the best burgers I've tasted. Sign in took 5 minutes, bike inspection 2 minutes and we were ready to go. Is was fairly hot but we were let out on the track for 5 minute sessions that came up about every 30 minutes so there was time to cool off in between runs. It was an absolute blast tearing around the track on the 501. Back straight speeds were high enough that I started to think that this is really f'ing fast for a dirt bike[emoji51]. I will be back for more it's great fun and sharpens the skills on an otherwise non riding day. GoPro footage to follow
  7. rwcfrank

    Broadford flat track come and try day

    Josh, at this stage it looks like I'll be giving it a go as well. 37 won't be comfy but for short track sessions it's doable. I'll be there early in my Silver Prado with the big Berg on a Motow. Eagle is out so it's you and I unless Anyone else plans on showing up. [emoji110]️[emoji110]️
  8. rwcfrank

    Broadford flat track come and try day

    Josh, do they keep the track open for the duration and you can stop/start whenever you like or are they timed sessions?
  9. rwcfrank

    Broadford flat track come and try day

    Looks like the weather may be on the high side for this ride. I will post up in the rides forum Midweek if the temps aren't too high so we can pit together and help each other out if needed. Since it's short runs around the track with cool off times in between 30 seems reasonable. I talked to the club rep and he said lighting is okay as is (my Berg has indicators) . Other than the trials tyre on the rear not much else is needed. Should be good fun!
  10. rwcfrank


    Starts his bike from dead cold then holds the throttle wide open until it clears out and revs clean (smoker of course).
  11. rwcfrank

    Dakar 2019

    I reckon Toby and Laia need to get together and make an Uber rider baby[emoji23][emoji23].
  12. rwcfrank

    KTM Hydraulic Clutch Issues

    Snow man, that’s why I asked if the fluid in the reservoir has gone down. It won’t necessarily leak because it goes inside the motor.
  13. rwcfrank

    KTM Hydraulic Clutch Issues

    Is the fluid level going down inside the reservoir?
  14. rwcfrank

    Dakar 2019

    Thanks for the updates Noods, way to much crap to sift through on social media. Seems like they're purposely ignoring Price and he's the only rider I really want to follow. Have you ever thought of changing careers to sports writer? [emoji51]