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  1. Won’t hurt to check the TPS setting and clean the MAF sensor.
  2. That 890 still running strong mate? Any issues at all? Cheers
  3. I spent an hour or more trying on boots at MCAS a month ago. I tried the sg12 sg10 and GX1 and I also have a pair of Gaerne React boots I brought from the states. All of the boots were the same size and fit perfectly. I ended up with a new pair of SG12 to replace my old ones. I agree with others about trying them on. I recon the 12 has the widest toe box and that can affect fit.
  4. Got over to Peter Stevens today to find out about the Aprilia 660, 890R and Tenere. Yamaha has just increased the price of the T7 to 19,399 ride away, so thats what I did. I rode away, way overpriced now.
  5. Josh you can drill file or use a reamer on the spoke nipple holes from the inside out to keep from damaging the chrome and use silver paint on a brush to keep the bare edge from corroding.
  6. I’ll chime in here. I have a KTM 1190 which is so much fun with 150 hp on tap. It’s very easy to ride on more open gravel tracks but it’s way to easy to get in over your head by picking the wrong track. I’m looking at what’s on offer with the T7 being an attractive option. Everyone whose moved up or down to the T7 seem to rave about it. There is a rumor of an Africa Twin 800, there’s the new Ducati, and there’s Aprilias Touareg. Italian bikes and remote trips don’t mix if you ask me so again it’s back to the T7. I haven’t found a tight cylinder adv bike that can truly do big k bitumen duty. I’ll be curious to see what the manufacturers come up with. Back home in California there is talk of banning dirt bikes completely other than closed course so you can see the roadworthy bike market will continue to expand.
  7. SWM are coming out with a V twin lightweight adventure bike using the Shineray Chinese engine. I’m still not quite ready to ride a Chinese made adv bike let alone fuel China’s economy. But thats just me.
  8. Covid got me committed to get some big Adventure rides in ASAP. Update the Berg with a Rally tower, highway dirt bike mirrors and a graphics freshen up on the 20 liter tank. Set me free Danny boy.
  9. Probably pensioners rates[emoji51]
  10. Stinky, does that mean no more 300 or Husky?
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