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  1. Fearless Whetu


    Excellent topic mate and one we should all be aware of. Truthfully I had paid little attention to this until a very dear friends son - Who I had looked after as a little boy and in many ways treated as my own son took his life three months ago at just 23. I will never ever not act when someone tells me they are struggling again. 8 people a day take their own lives in Australia. Over 3,000 a year. - Just let that sink in for a moment... The government has a policy of not reporting suicide as there can be an effect that makes others more likely to follow suit once they hear others have done it so it is often hidden and not discussed until it is too late. Joel's death has made me question lots of things and my heart goes out to any other family who has experienced loss from suicide. If you are in this place remember you are not alone, many don't care but many more do.
  2. Fearless Whetu


    I used to have an "86 KX 125, I'd love a 250 or even a 500. They aren't cheap even now. Do you have any pics of one you have restored ?
  3. Fearless Whetu

    Dvmcc Pony X Wedderburn 2Nd Aug Sunday

    As cluffie says, no -more tear offs at any MA events. Thanks but I am doing the Ironman, my partner pulled out. I was more wondering who might be up there, it looks like it will be good fun.
  4. Fearless Whetu

    Rain x for plastic

    I've been using the dual layer goggles for a while and I wouldn't go back. Fab I'd never dismantle them and clean the layers but occasionally I have had to wipe the inside because of a small amount of mist or rain getting in after I've taken them off. I use a microfibre towel and it's been fine although I have noticed some light scratches on the inside lately (After about 12 months) . I've been using a silicone spray on the outer lense which seems to help the water to bead off, I'd give this stuff a go though.
  5. Fearless Whetu

    Dvmcc Pony X Wedderburn 2Nd Aug Sunday

    My Buddy has pulled out so I've changed my entry to the three hour ironman. Is anyone else doing this event ?
  6. Fearless Whetu

    Dvmcc Pony X Wedderburn 2Nd Aug Sunday

    So I've entered the PX ! I have emailed DVMCC with some questions but no reply so far. I'm wondering if anyone here can help me understand how the license works. I have paid $70 bucks for the "Day license" on the form, I'm assuming this is a day MA license, is this right ? I don't have an MA license yet as I was just going to have a bash and see if I still enjoyed all this. before I paid the full $320 buckaroos. Also, If I hurt myself does the MA license cover me for hospital costs and so on ? What is the deal with insurance in one of these events. I'd just like to understand everything before I go setting lap records - NOT hahaha ! Thanks in advance fellas and fellesses. Also, what is a sprint event ?
  7. Fearless Whetu

    How to go faster in rocky technical terrain.

    Lol you don't sound slow to me if you have four foot logs pegged....
  8. Fearless Whetu

    Proshot Cam Mount group buy

    Cammo what camera etc do you use ? I'm just learning about this stuff and was looking at the Go Pro sesson, the audio on yours is great and I didn't think they would pick it up so well.
  9. Fearless Whetu

    Pivot Pegz

    I tried them on a mates adventure bike and hated them. Why you want movement in an area you are relying on to be fixed is beyond me. Having said that, he loves them but he is much more a road rider. I have found that amongst my mates the ones who like them are from a road background and not ultra confident off road so maybe there is something that helps them position their feet in rough terrain with the Pivot Pegs. Not saying your are not confident off road Chris ! haha
  10. Fearless Whetu

    2nd Bike Checklist

    I thought the same I guess you don't know until you ride for a while.
  11. Fearless Whetu

    Show Us Your Bike

    Spot the Husky
  12. Fearless Whetu

    Property Investment

    Hahahaha ! Well that is obviously the main motivation for building wealth - MOTORBIKES ! You have given good advice here and the first thing I do before listening to someone's financial advice is to look at their lifestyle.... If they are well off and have it together I will listen but I have many mates with no real assets giving "expert" advice on money. I know we need to buy here but it's deciding where and wether to buy a home or an investment property. The homes in this area are almost out of our reach but we could invest... and are also researching other areas that may not have had the big jump yet but are in potential growth zones. We are not afraid of taking the jump so to speak but it is not easy to decide what to do.
  13. Fearless Whetu

    Property Investment

    This has been a very interesting read and as a young family who has sold a house in the outer suburbs to move inwards we are seeing the prices increase in average suburbs (ie Greensborough, Watsonia) at near on 75k a year. I keep campaigning to leave the city, take our deposit and buy land in the country. We could have a castle for the same price as a shitty war era home in the city.
  14. Fearless Whetu

    Selling my bike maybe...

    I know a couple of people with the Grom or similar smaller bikes and they both love them and say they are great fun. They handle well and are fun to ride ( I haven't ridden one) but this is what they say. It sounds like it would be a better choice for you as long as you can accept their limitations. You can also accessorise them out the wazoo if this is your thing. Yes this is a Grom Steve at Moto GC is a top bloke and they stock the Groms if that dealerhip is close to you.
  15. Fearless Whetu

    Please, Pick up Ya Rubbish !

    Hahaha ! No worries man