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  1. I was looking forward to seeing how the Alta bikes went too. So far so good. But the bikes they are riding are two that were cobbled together at the last minute; the race prepped bikes were stolen from Lyndon’s van on The way over to Austria this week. So the bikes he and his fellow rider have only have standard batteries, which won’t have the range for the full event. They were going to do the prologue only unless they could source long range batteries (24 hours ago this had still not happened). Addition. Lyndon has just announced that he will sacrifice his ride so they can do a battery sw
  2. Australian consumer law is pretty clear on the issue that you can’t change out of proportion for the cost of a service, or add charges for services not provided. The airlines were stung a few years back with online booking fees they were charging, and there has been a recent crackdown on vendors charging credit card fees out of proportion to the actual cost of the buyer paying via credit card. I would think a $30 booking fee clearly falls into this category. The shop cannot in any way justify $30 worth of labor or material to book your appointment. So demand a refund. If they refuse, complai
  3. Ah. Gotcha. Funny thing about those green whistles. Penthrane is the drug, it’s just ether. It used to be what everyone got for an anaesthetic. Also why a few operating theatres would explode each year back in the 1950s. It’s just like sucking on a can of “Start ya bastard”. It’s illegal in most developed countries, even for medical use, due to the rate of kidney and liver damage it causes. But it’s allowed in Australia because the damage is dose dependent, that is it only occurs with prolonged use.
  4. The green stick bit refers to bones that fracture with plastic deformation, rather than shattering. It is a property of children’s bones. By the time you hit your 20’s, bones are stronger but more brittle, so when they break, they don’t deform like plastic (or a green stick), they shatter.