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  1. ohmygewd

    Advice for a beginner

    G'day Chris hope the rehab is going well!! Start cycling and getting the knee and leg moving, there is a resident physio on the the forum who may give you advise or at least recommendations on doctors/specialist/physio's etc. As for a CRF250, if you are really wanting to aim for hard enduro then l would suggest going for a 200 2 stroke through to a 300 - 2T is the bike of choice it would seem for these Hard Enduro guys!!
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    Brad Scott [emoji23]
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    Offroad Register

    Interesting concept and read but l wonder if this will take off? https://transmoto.com.au/cleverly-combatting-bike-theft/ https://www.offroadregister.com.au/index.php
  9. Haven't been up this year but it would be bloody hot and bloody dusty as f... Grip levels would be slippery this time of year as the soil turns into powder. Rocks are rocks and great grip. With the storm that just passed...more obstacles to play with!!!
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  11. Great topic!!! I've been laughed at many times for stopping and doing the odd bit of track maintenance like clearing a fallen branch lying in a bad angle up a steep greasy hill or putting in a kicker before a large log instead of digging a trench in front of it or filling in deep ruts/ water erosion's with rocks or covering wombat holds with branches. As much as l love obstacles on a trail, it really irks me that a technical trail is ruined by multiple ruts by inexperience riders digging trenches when they can't get over things instead of stopping, thinking about it an maybe ask for assistance or just bulldog it over it - over time these multi ruts turn into deep water erosion's and the track is ruined!!
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    What you watching.

    Just finished watching The Punisher S2 on Netflix...
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    Get on the pi$$ the night before[emoji12]
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