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  1. ohmygewd

    Beta oil light

    I'd take it back to dealer and have them check and add dielectric grease on the connectors (speedo and oil pump).
  2. ohmygewd

    Husqvarna fe350

    Gezz Mike, l'd walk away if l were you as bent forks, triple clamps and wheel and very likely, a bent frame at the headstay is not cheap. Motor wise, you can turn the motor over by hand by taking the plug out and sticking it into 5th or 6th gear...if it can't then engine is seized - walk away. Unless you're getting this bike for free or around 3K...seriously not worth it if you don't know the history of the bike nor have knowledge on how to fully dissemble a 4T motor - then you have the electronics Seriously mate, walk away unless you know what you are getting yourself into!!
  3. ohmygewd

    Husqvarna fe350

    Check how much oil in there. Take the head cover off and squirt some oil onto the cam lobs and chain. Take the sparkplug off and replace if necessary but don't put it back in. Stick the thing in 4th or 5th gear and turn the wheel so you can spin the motor a few times whilst squirting a bit of oil on the cam lobes. Drain old oil and put in fresh oil, clean the oil/gearbox filters, clean the Fi filter. Put it all back together and fire her up. Triple clamp bolt i.e the one that the top clamps onto the steering stem..retap it and put in a new bolt?
  4. ohmygewd

    Bears whippin it at whipstix

    Cheers Bear for the ride!!! And great riding with fellow Dirtriderz!! Scotty that is one very nice 350 mate!!
  5. ohmygewd

    garmin etrex 30

    Waypoints are basically marking a point of reference on your GPS..it doesn't tell you how you got there or how to get there just marks a location: What you want to do is turn on the track log function which allows you to record the track you are current riding and then you can use the track back function to follow it back.
  6. ohmygewd

    garmin etrex 30

    Do you want to record a track or simply waypoints?
  7. ohmygewd

    2018 TE 150

    Tried an Xtrainer? Ring MotoGC they are pretty good in the way of test rides from what l hear?
  8. ohmygewd

    2018 TE 150

    Ring First Class moto, they have one for sale according to Bikesales?
  9. ohmygewd

    New Tyre advice KTM 350 Exc-F

    What do you weigh? No point spending money on tyres and stuff if the springs don't suit your weight front and rear!!! The front is so easy to change all you have to do is undo and move the bars over to access the fork caps, turn the clickers all the way out, remove the fork cap and undo the spring, replace, reassemble and turn your clickers back to factory or whatever you had them, all without taking the forks off the bike. If you've set the rear up correctly with your weight and sag but not the front, guess where the weight transfers when you braking? Wonder why the front bottoms out when landing off a jump? Why does the bike want to push when l give it gas exiting a corner? Buggered why my front gets bounced all over the place when l hit rocks or roots? 80/100, 90/100, 90/90 Shinko this, Michy that, Dunlop here...you're tyres and the height will make a slight difference in terms of grip and stability ( l pay more attention to pressures) but if the front end is too light for your weight then it will never steer right or soak up the bumps that the forks are designed to do even before you get into the clickers. Written and authorised by a 4CS owner
  10. ohmygewd

    Romainiacs 2018

    Well bloody done blokes!!! Silver class next year?
  11. ohmygewd


    FARK!!!! Gezzus christ, adrenaline would have dulled the pain but l hope you pulled up alright afterwards!!!
  12. ohmygewd

    Romainiacs 2018

  13. ohmygewd

    Romainiacs 2018

    lol..just keeping my eyes peeled on #426 & #414!! Pity the feed chopped to you and a bunch of others after the finish.
  14. ohmygewd

    Romainiacs 2018

    Well done Mevstar!!! Man you had the slop in the end...definitely deserve a slab looking at the condition of that hill to the finish!!!
  15. ohmygewd

    Romainiacs 2018

    That can of redbull never tasted better Buzz??? Well done on day 2 finish!!