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  1. Good back brace when riding and if you at the office, be really conscience of your posture and every 30mins to 1hr, stand up and stretch...heck even go for a walk to fill up a water bottle or cup of coffee. For back exercises, lay on your stomach, and raise your front half on your elbows, keeping your head and neck up (like your puffing your chest) whilst keeping your hips on the ground - hold for 5 secs before gradually holding for 30secs at 10 reps. Next is the same as above but instead of elbows, raise yourself with your arms straight. Also for office workers, in your seat, grab both hands on one side of the arm rest and if you are say facing left, pull out with the left arm whilst pulling in with the right arm - you should feel the lower back sides stretching (careful not to strain your neck muscles) - be sure to keep your bum planted and knees/feet straight.
  2. G'day Jcyall, See ImNotSure's topic/post on the very same topic As for your short height, the best advice is to seek a suspension tuner in Perth/WA (Note: forum sponsor Tracrite makes regular trips to WA, PM him for advice) and have the bike professionally lowered and setup for your height and weight - doesn't matter what bike you get, if you aren't comfortable with it then it will turn you off the sport!!! PS. YZ85 for a beginner is too peaky of a bike, and yes, a lighter bike with electric start is more confident inspiring to a new/beginner than a heavy bike that is difficult to kick start.
  3. Gezz Buzz, a mousse to install is a PITA itself how did you squeeze the tubliss in!!! Have you tries this on the front?
  4. Bloody good, cheap pump when doing auto transmission oil changes!!!
  5. Excellent stuff!! There is one tricky bit when installing which is the requiring of drilling open two existing frame holes where the pipeguard mounting plate is needed. You may not have to drill them open but it makes lining up the pipeguard mounting plate holes easier. Also, when mounting this up, use a couple of g-clamps to help hold, line up and compress the foam on the bashplate and especially the pipeguard mount as the foam is quite thick and hard - wish l thought of this before l really opened up the existing frame holes.
  6. You don't have to bend it but it was easier to access with a t-bar rather than a regular allen key...doesn't effect it!! Informed B&B and they are aware of it and may slot it in next model but it isn't an 'issue' per se.
  7. Yeah Youtube does that Vince....some songs/artist on a certain channel have these copyrighted.
  8. LoL...don't worry, l've tested the pipeguard and rad guards ..not a ding on the pipe!!! It does collect a bit a mud but it's not too difficult to unbolt (4 x allen bolts) the pipeguard to clean, l found the actual case/sump guard doesn't collect too much mud either, heaps easier to clean/blast with a pressure washer and l rarely pull this off. As for the rad guards, slight bending of the metal louvres to access the bolts apart from that, super tough - BTW, l have a 19 300 tpi as well.
  9. Got B&B rad and bash/pipeguards and IMO, much better than the force stuff!
  10. Not on your utoob page either?
  11. http://jrocproducts.com.au/jrp003.html http://jrocproducts.com.au/jrp001.html < I have this unit and they are awesome!!
  12. Correct Mick....but you should not be carrying tools for everyone!!! I have met so many riders who carry tools that they don't know how to use so what is the point of carrying a heavy tool kit if you don't know how to use them - no point in carrying tyre levers if you have never taken off a tyre!!! And this goes to a bit of a bug bear of mine which is expecting others to carry the tools, spare levers, bolts etc or the know-how - if you are riding out in the bush and a minimum LV2 rider, you got to know how to change a tyre - or run mousses
  13. Or run a mousse and never have that problem? Seriously, l always have a bicycle puncture repair kit...hardest is find the puncture but it's a pretty quick process.
  14. PM Gypsy501 for a Shinko 525 cheater rear - longest lasting gummy rear (IMO) on the market!! As for wet, slick red clay - no tyre outside of spikes handle that shite ....only throttle control. Front - love the Michelin Starcross Soft in any terrain.
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