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  1. GoPro 4 onwards seems to do well in dust meaning these cameras (and perhaps the Sony's as well) run a CCD sensor which adjust faster than the older CMOS sensor. Also, GP4 and above can run at higher resolution and frame rates again, better in the dust as the image is clearer - you still need to wipe the lens as it will haze.
  2. Bloody did well on that DRZ250 BearMX...but then again the bloke piloting it wasn't too shabby Great video mate!!!
  3. LoL...what Badger66 is saying...do you have Friday's action?
  4. Shinko cheater, AT81, MX3s, StarX5 Soft...any decent soft tyre in the wet get grip there ..yes tricky but those rocks give plenty of grip and heaps more fun but they do hurt as well
  5. No worries mate, l know from personal experience that riding in a big group is pretty daunting especially at this place with maybe a handful of l rider's that you would know, worrying about if you're slowing people down etc. However, the best bit for me was seeing this group splinter off and explore the place, my intended loop was to cover the whole place but l think majority have a fair idea of these tracks so all l can say, head up there again and explore these tracks, hit them in reverse even ride them in the rain...you would be amazed at the grip levels!!!
  6. Excellent pics @Marko_FE250 ...should be Dirtriderz official photographer!!! Well done @Andy350 and all the lads having a crack at Firebreak 13 and getting to the top plus doing FB7 to FB9 loop...top effort!!! Speaking to you on Friday after you got up it...l reckon the smile at the sense of achievement, still can't be wiped off your face! Once again, great effort to all and welcome to The Pines/Goughs Bay - l'm sure l'll bump into some of you during the long weekends this year
  7. From the top..head left and there should be a surpise on the other side of that hill
  8. Just wanting to say straight up, big thanks to all that came up for the weekend!!! I know it's a long drive from Melbourne and l hope the ride lived up to expectations, l wanted to pull the pin on this ride last Sunday as the hand was still swollen and bruised but such was the interested, just had to grin and bare it (apologies if my leading was a little slow but it was a L2 pace!). Big thank you to BushbrowDBT for sweeping all day with the help of Stinky and big BruceKTMGuy...really could not have done this ride without you blokes eating dust throughout the day!! Big shout out for Splints and in particular Ouzo for recognising that the terrain may have been a little too difficult or outside your levels - takes an honest bloke to know when their in too deep so hat's off to you!!! Still l saw you blokes riding around the lake bed and up some of the firebreaks which is what it is all about at The Pines!! MarkC - hope the arm isn't too badly bruised and again, great stuff recognising that you couldn't continue which is always the best bet at Goughs!! Everos...get a bigger tank on that MX bike mate To the rest of the 20 riders, we started off a bit shakey with cornermens but l think it flowed at best it could considering the terrain and how spread out we were throughout the day and apologies if l couldn't ride after lunch as the hand/wrist was a little swollen after cooling down to much and thank you YZ250WR and BushBrowDBT for leading rides in the afternoon and Sunday!!! As l stated in the Organised Ride, l was apprehensive about grading this ride as a 2+ or 3 as it's majority main tracks of The Pines. However, l would encourage those who came up for the weekend, to comeback and do it again. In the meantime, l'm giving the wirst/hand a break for a few weeks and maybe later on in the year, post another ride. Thanks all that came up!!!
  9. It will look even more sexier when l get rid of all that orange!!
  10. Tested the hand with: - New hoops - New fork and rear spring - New handlebars (can't stand KTM bend) - New handguards
  11. CHeck out the Organise Rides Victoria section as there are plenty of rides at all levels coming up this month. Jump on a L1+ as starter to find out what level you think you are and then if that's too easy move up to L2 or L2+ - also read the levels posts at the start of the above section.
  12. all good mate, I spoke to cruiser, he said Ill be right, i have followed him around so I am more than competent...maybe I just read more into it being people I haven't ridden with before and don't want to look like a tool or slow blokes up....see ya early friday arvo...looking fwd to it

  13. Gumboots or Blundstones?
  14. OEM....ProX...Barnett...Hinson....EBC Make sure the basket fingers haven't grooved too much and don't get the Barnett's with the SS tabs as they will chew the crap out of the OEM baskets.