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  1. ohmygewd

    Ute tie down options

    Just get a bike carrier mate...hate loading bikes on a dual cab - too friggin high. If you have too, those tie down anchor rails are great. Bolt on in the middle, load the bike and use the corner as a chock, tie down from one of the front corner tie down, the other on the anchor rail, shift the rear horizontal and tie it down and then close the tray if you can. You can also get those cargo ladder looking extenders to stop ya gear from scattering all over the highway.
  2. ohmygewd

    Ute tie down options

    Dual cab or Ute Ute? l’d go a Motow or RackNRoll but if you want to use the the tray, use the factory anchors but place an anchor point in the middle that way you get better purchase when strapping the bike down and also you can load two bike using the same middle anchor point - just place a larger steel or aluminium plate behind the anchor point as it will rip straight out of that filmsy thin steel skin.
  3. ohmygewd

    Best online store for parts

    OS is cheaper but postage is a killer especially from eBay....if you go direct to the online store like bto or rmatv postage is via airfreight so slightly bit more expensive but faster. Do the 14’s TE300 fit cos AMX have one for $400?
  4. ohmygewd

    2018 ISDE Chile

    In this day in age of highlighting women sport.....OUR women’s team have won in 6 times yet zilch coverage - friggin poor!!
  5. ohmygewd

    2018 ISDE Chile

    Overall Day 4 Results:
  6. ohmygewd

    2018 ISDE Chile

    Trophy Teams Day 4 Results: Women ARE killing it AGAIN!!
  7. Oh there is but to mix camping, 4wding, swimming and techincal, hilly riding...there is no better place than the The Pines!!!
  8. ohmygewd

    riding bush unlicensed

    Brucie's spot on, majority of the time an unlicensed trail rider will get a fine however, if he hasn't got a helmet on that's when he coughs up 3 points...and if the copper is on his monthly blues and catches your son popping standup mono's then he could charge him with a hoon offence. Also, if the bike has been unloaded, the copper will ask who owns it and do a licence check and if your son is the owner and unlicensed, they will be waiting for him to jump on the bike and start it....you don't have to be moving to cop an unlicensed fine, you just have to sit on the bike and it to be operating - l've seen this happen so many times at The Pines/Goughs Bay during quota long weekends!!
  9. You’ll be right...if you riding with a group of no more than 4 and keep moving even in the technical stuff, you can ride in 30+ weather, bit of conditioning and it OK. The place is huge and there are plenty of camp spots, majority of peopl will pack the front part but drive in 16-20kms and you’ll find great spots...check my post in this section and it explains it all. PS. Great fireworks during that time
  10. Extremely busy mate!!! Heaps of campers with caravans, boats or jet ski's and with the lake level relatively high, you might have to travel a fair bit in to get a decent spot if you want a bit a space between you and your group and other campers - majority will camp down close to the water so you might find the campsites closer to road less crowded. We've camped out during the times you are planning on many occasions and we've always been prepared to travel further in and never been disappointed heading the the furtherest camp grounds called Maintongoon North and South (or the area we call the wastelands:) ) as there is less traffic meaning less dust. Anyway, prepare for dust and super hot weather, wood is becoming hard to find unless you go up the 4wd tracks and find some dead trees and cut a few trailer loads for the time you are staying (if there isn't a TFB)...as for riding, get up earlier and ride out like 7am or 8am latest, if the forecast is for 30+...better off heading out at 6am to 11am then grab the camp chair, sunnies, sunscreen and ya esky and sit in the water!!!
  11. Yeah, on the named tracks only!!! Here's a link to the Kinglake NP visitors guide from Parks https://parkweb.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/314059/KinglakeNP-visitor-guide.pdf
  12. If you stick to the named tracks you are but, as you know, you can’t ride on unnamed tracks in a National Park.
  13. ohmygewd

    Seat cover ripping

    Yeah the OEM KTM seat covers have a habit of doing this...you can apply some silicone or duct tape if you want to keep the cover...easier to get new cover from places like topline.
  14. ohmygewd

    Ktm Handlebars

    I’ve always used pro tapers in the 1 1/8th or 25.4mm (fat bars) and take from me, they crash well!! You can’t go wrong with pro tapers or rentals or tag bars...never tried nekan or odi bars so can’t comment on them. Majority of the brands have the KTM factory bends, Edit: Should be 28.6 not 25.4!!
  15. ohmygewd

    2015 KTM 350 excf Oil Residue

    Looks like the valve cover gasket is slightly leaking..pop the valve cover off (might as well check ya valves) and either replace valve cover gasket (# 772 36 053 000) and run a thin bit of automotive silicone to insure it doesn't leak again.