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  1. Vince...if you want to stick to a 4 stroke, l'd get the 2018+ KTM250f above or a 350f...maybe 250FX. I had a vortex ecu on my old 350 and whilst you could feel the differences in the 8 or so maps, only 4 were for a stock exhaust system and the other for a flowing system but it didn't really result in a superior ride, marginal at best in the tight stuff plus you can only select one map on the fly. Better option is to forget about maps and just buy a 2 stroke...2016 Beta250 or 300 is the least aggressive 2 banger out there with a button and probably the cheapest..eitherway, lighter, less maintanence, powervalve spring is your map, jetting is pretty straight forward (TPI would be better).
  2. 14 of 15 still run the OI the oldest being a 2016 with over 200hrs+. One decided to premix as he rides more sand /high speed.
  3. None from the sea of Beta boys that ride with.
  4. Nope...6 other mates with tpi's no failures, one had 130+ hrs never missed a beat. Are they fool proof..no..but put the right oil, clean around the filler before opening and all good. Beta's had issues but more related to the electrics than the pump themselves. Just do the air screw mod, fill with petrol, check you have oil, warm the bike properly and happy days.
  5. Those mechanical oil pumps where also found on KDX's, many just pulled the oil tube and ran premix as they driven by a cable in sync with the throttle but the most problematic thing about these were they are hard to bleed and really, not many had faith in these mechanical pumps - these pumps rarely failed just hard to bleed and adjust.
  6. Straight up to Goughs mate...work the body up, probably conk out the first 30mins and struggle for the next few days but at the end of it....ahhhhhh,
  7. Yeah use to that, the spur, great ocean..heck, industrial areas and freeways were a racetrack, there was never a day l would ride home from work that l wouldn't see 200 on the clock...it was only until l nearly had two head ons on the reefton spur on the same day that l decided the track was safer - l do miss the speed, rush and red mist!! Yet l cack myself doing 80km on the sand - go figure.
  8. Outta Siberia...would love to do a trackday there on the new surface...pity l'd be doing 2min in the slow group instead of the 48's
  9. Love to go there, own one of those this thing cos...not in covid-19 would come near it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDZV12iduyc Anyway....sticking with road racing - the most beautiful place.
  10. I'm with Murdoch...clean, no free advertising for a would be bike thief!!
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