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  1. I'm sure when they go throttle body injection there will be problems as well...not like a carb bike ever seized[emoji39]
  2. According the parts fiche thy do like every other KTM/Husky bike...you'd have to ring o the local dealer or even ask the KTM/Husky dealer if they can order it for you - dunno if you're from Alberta Canada or Alberta Qld ?
  3. Have a mate with a 19 TE300i since new and it's had more flips than Travis Pastrana...even l can't beleive he hasn't snapped a subframe yet let alone a composite unit.
  4. Just have Stinky on all your rides[emoji6] Never met a bloke that carries just about everything and saved me out on trail on my last ride when the oring in the fuel connector perished...who carries a small oring...Al does!!! So now l carry various orings in a zippy bag!!!
  5. Always a compromise Lance when you have suspension a) lowered and b) setup for techincal stuff...your suspension bloke could probably give you a setting for fast open riding where which would be a few clicks here and a bit preload there - the best bit that l picked up from your post is how confident you are on the bike now!!
  6. LOl..it is an italian Husky😁...the Beta's aren't that much better!!
  7. Combination of rider preference and a heavy leaning by the manufacturers to run 250F or 350F 4T's due to 2T's winning every hard enduro event including super enduro events which impacted the sales of these models.
  8. Check the electricals especially the kill switch button.
  9. Worst? Not much really, loss in compression, piston slap but that's more likely at 180hrs or 200/80-100hrs on that piston which you can stretch them out well over 120hrs. If you do a comp test after installation and store those figures away, you can check the comp at 50 or 60hrs, then at 80-100hrs vs the figure when new and that will tell the story. The quality of the piston kit, rod bearing and gaskets( use genuine), have a far bigger impact on the lifespan - l swear by Wossner pistons and genuine gaskets, if l can't get them, then Athena gaskets and OEM/Vertex piston...prefer a forged piston than a cast. Good luck
  10. I'm not 100% sure but if you take one of the PV covers off, you might findit stamped on there OR near the reed block as well.. You could take the top of the head off and sometimes the part # is on there which will tell you whether it is a type 1 or 2/A or B...if you've taken the head off might as well take the barrel off and be sure of it😉. On the C clip, thise slavens one are a bloody god send, tried one of these C clip tools, wasn't found and used a screwdriver instead like Riles and make sure you have a towel or rag covering...spent over 2 hrs triyng to find a C clip that went flying in the air!!
  11. Very tempted with. 2022 but might wait till the 2023s come out!!! Basically can't ride this year and 2020 was what, 20hrs of riding...hmmm
  12. Aprilia made dirt and Supermoto bikes too in the 2005ish period...bloody excellent Supermoto/motard bike but the 450 dirt bike as a real handful. Maybe these road bike companies will listen to RC and Cervantes to create decent bikes?
  13. Have to be close to $500-$800...a decent top end with gasket is around $300-$350..then you have coolant which isn't much unless you want liquid intelligence or evans etc, hot washing the cylinder and head and finally labour...what $80-100+ per hr. Much easier to do in your shed and garage Mick, all you need is a decent torque wrench and a few tools, workshop manual and patience.
  14. Bash won't be happy you jumping off KTM[emoji39]
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