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  1. These Husky/Husaberg/KTM brembo's are notorious for loosing pressure and hard to get bleed 100% and l've had many a time where l take the bike off the trailer and have no brake lever pressure at all - after rebuilding exactly as you Silent!! Here's what l found: Thoroughly insure that the return line bleed hole is not blocked - remove the plastic filter and suck all the fluid out, poke some wire down the return line bleed hole and then preform a reverse bleed - the fluid should shoot out (might what to cover it with a rag). Tap the caliper, lines and around the master cylinder for any air bubbles. Put a set of fresh pads in. After bleeding, push the caliper piston in and repeat forward or reverse bleed. Top up the reservoir, screw cap and squeeze the lever until it hits the bar and zip tie it (can repeat step 4 and 5 in a couple days) - this pressurizes the system and forces any microbubbles back up the system and in to the reservoir which escapes in the small air pocket of the reservoir. I now regular zip tie the lever to the bar when the bike is home and in storage - mates have gone from 'your brakes are spongy' to 'shite your brakes are touchy'.
  2. Jammed throttle cable

    Yep a mate bike had the same issue (10hrs old), in fact the bike kept running even though the kill switch was pressed mutiple times and it still revved it's tits off (had to pull the plu boot off and running stock hand guards....warranty issue. I wasn't allowed to pull it apart as he wanted the dealer to go through it untouched as he was on the phone to them straight away ontop on the mountains. My advise was to tell the dealer to swap the mikuni out with a Keihin pwk 36 or 38as from the ktm150's or the 16 models.
  3. Flipping a rear tyre.

    Like Kage said, flip the tyre you get back the bite back but the flip side is you lose braking grip - grinder trick does the job if you could be stuffed or buy a knobby knife if you want to extend the life of tyres?
  4. Bruised / Fractured Ribs

    Yep, did 2 ribs a few years ago, slept up right for around 2-3 weeks in a recliner!! You'll be on some decent painkillers (targin is good) and use laxatives straight a way to avoid painkiller constipation and as you'll soon know, farting and going to the bogger is an effort in itself with busted ribs so being blocked up is as painful as the ribs.....also start stretching like raising your arms (at least slowly)
  5. Beta 300 top end how many hours ??

    Wow 80hrs? Serious? I've gotten on average 150hrs and 160hrs respectively on a 16yo Husky WR250 (2x top ends and 1 full bottom) and 20yo Husky WR360 (4x top ends and 2 full bottom)...used a wossner piston everytime. Sometimes you need to use that kicker to get a good gauge of where you're compression is at?
  6. Cleaning under ktm seat around battery

    If you go down the degreaser path, blow everything down dry with an air gun and make sure you give everything a good dose of contact cleaner...apply some dielectric grease around the contacts for the battery (old fashion grease or vasoline does the trick too) and the fuse box, ecu connectors etc.
  7. Camping spots in Victoria to take the kids

    The Pines, Vince....then take them to the Eildon pondage to catch some trout!!
  8. 350 exc top end rebuild issues

    Same as Noods...off the trailer and after warming it up, it will stall. Reverse bleed the system and that makes a difference so does putting a thicker outer steel clutch plate....still after it's really cold, it will stall if l don't rev it and click into gear. Could also be a different brand/weight of oil, Andy? Also, pull the clutch pack out and give them a good wipe down...they tend to bind.
  9. In kneed of feedback on knee pads

    Vince if you want my Evs r8 braces (sz L) their yours for $50?

    Nah, a 'decent' tyre patch can handle up to about 120psi!!! Suffered a puncture on my road bike (cycling), applied a simple vulcanised patch and pumped it backup to 115psi got home no issues. The tyre patches l carried were simple cheap ones from Big W...if you want to be ultra safe, pour some slime into the tube.

    You can't patch it mate?
  12. Beading Tyres

    Rimlock!!! Make sure you push the rimlock in or up and push the bead into the well both sides - when mounting the tyre always make sure sure that the rimlock can be pushed in and yu can still press the tyre bead down in the the well. Spray soapy water around both sides, the valve core out pump up the tyre and the you should see the bead rise should be a visible line about 5-10mm above the rim - won't necessarily 'pop' like a road bike tyre. Once it's popped, let the air out, bounce it a few a times, put the valve core in, pump to 10-15psi, tighten up the rimlock and then adjust your pressures accordingly.
  13. Mo-tow (or similar generic carriers)

    Lusky's on the money!! I have a Versa and it's crap compared to the racknroll system.
  14. Fmf gnarly pipe

    Did you mate up the Gnarly to the stock muffler or go the whole system Gypsy?
  15. 2018 KTM/HUSQVARNA TPI 250/300

    Nahh...probably got the wrong pilot jet and possibly factory needle is crap or clip height set too high .....One word Dellorto!! For the released RRP price of around 15-16k on a KTM or Husky TPI...don't think l'll be buying one TBO!!! Itching for a 2 banger so it might be a Beta300 with a lectron ...at least with the pennies saved l can afford Gypsy's bling products