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  1. ohmygewd

    Romainiacs 2018

    That's bollocks!!!!
  2. ohmygewd

    Romainiacs 2018

    Get a local to buy ya a GoPro 4 or 5 (new or second hand) , spare battery, few 64GB mem cards, portable usb charger, chest mount and film the ride of a life time!!! I'm sure you can get help with other competitors or Aussies and l agree, you got to film just for yourself, capture your thoughts etc. Good luck and happy donate....shite, you shoulda yelled out earlier as l have GP4 gear sitting home doing nothing atm!!!
  3. ohmygewd

    Linkage needle bearing replacement

    Try and clean off as much grease on the last needle bearing position and fit that last needle bearing dry....it should press in with a bit of pressure on the bench. Worst case scenario is to unpack 1/4 of the cage, clean off any grease in there and on the needle and reassemble...it's the compression of grease between the needles that are causing your issue.
  4. ohmygewd

    False start, carnage and some prime tracks

    Bastids Any footage...will lessen my spew for missing this ride!!
  5. ohmygewd

    After market slip on pipe

    Simple answer is you should check your jetting after making mods to the exhaust system on a 2 banger, especially with the Powercore2 shorty as they are less restrictive than the OEM muffler....you can get away without changing but it's up to the rider really. Do a back to back test on the same trail and you'll answer your question
  6. ohmygewd

    Old Boots No love :(

    Size 10 AU or US 10.5/11
  7. ohmygewd

    Old Boots No love :(

    44...they were spares
  8. With my current boots out being resoled, l thought l'll pull out my 15+ old Axo RC5's that's been sitting in the shed for the last 4 years or so. When l replaced them they were still in good nick, even shoved some paper in the boot and gave them a coat of silicone however, l don't think they liked being put back into service whilst up at Eildon - literally started to disintegrate enough so that l thought l'd be riding in my socks!!! Dunno if this could have been prevented but...just hope my boots are ready for next weekend!!!
  9. ohmygewd

    Lvl 3 rides

  10. ohmygewd

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    I miss dual lenses, been running single lenses for a while now and even with the quikstraps l still find fogging during the winter months but when condensation and you don't have a dry rag that's when l take the safety glasses out and just run with them until l can get to a transport section and clean them properly. Old trick was to use a .5mm drill bit and drill 2-3 holes above and below the eyes and just below/above the frame...sh@thouse in the dust but great in winter and rain never got in.
  11. ohmygewd

    Lvl 3 rides

    Not necessarily Gypsy, l’m of the same view as 2t4me in that if the terrain is 80% L3 but the yours truly’s fitness is just above L2 and pace just below L3, then I’ll probably post it as like a Cruisy L3 or the good old L3 @ 2.5 pace There are some riders who can do L3 terrain but can’t sustain the pace or fitness due to a variety of reasons. PS. Full credit to all those who organise rides!
  12. ohmygewd

    Recreation registration requirements

    Have a read of this thread rec reg white license plate light
  13. ohmygewd

    Lvl 3 rides

    So you wanna post a ride at L3 terrain/obstacles but at L2 pace/breaks, how would you post this up?
  14. ohmygewd

    BearMX and the Big Desert Adventure

    Faster than what l ever did out there Frank, need to give me tips....heard you bumped in someone on a KTM500
  15. ohmygewd

    Bears Satdy Tallarook ride

    Lol...done deal...over the weekend