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  1. I loved how Billy Bolt looked like he could have climbed Green Hell in one shot and then, like last year, just helped his fellow competitor's like it was a weekend ride ...amazing!!
  2. This, to me, sums up how great this sport is!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07Cnuqm4_qE&ab_channel=rethbe
  3. Agree with ya Noodles's!! Garcia, Watson and Ryan Sipes are all great 4 and 6 days riders but l love how Garcia, in particular, is starting to evolve as a hard enduro rider. Taddy even said it himself, concentrating on other disciplines doesn't prepare you to win these hard enduro events anymore such as the evolution of the hard enduro rider and the events themselves. Still....would love to see Toni Bou do Erzberg!!!
  4. Somehow Cluffie, don't think anyone can outsmart Jarvis at Erzberg...did you see how much time he lost in that pile up!!! Imagine if he got through the start cleanly... l mean, Josip Garcia or Nathan Watson up front on the open stuff no Hard Enduro rider was going to keep up with these blokes until the techie bits!!! Romaniacs should be good viewing now that they are televising it live!!
  5. Did ya do the Kosi Killer Cluffie?
  6. Great effort by Tim Coleman to finish 28th at Grune Holle - best placed finish of any Aussie ever? If Tim comes back again next year, at least he'll start 28th in the prologue and at least give himself a great chance to start this race in the first or second row....maybe crack a finish? His mate Chris Perry, finished 44th at Carls Dinner (CP19) . Adam Giles, finished 117th at Burping Stone (CP17). Shane Moss and Mark Arnts managed to get pass Ludwigs Land (CP7) Tim Gibson unknown...didn't see his name in any CP. Great effort by these guys!!!!
  7. You should have some spare bolts that come in the box with the mirror's and wiring harness and one of them should be a replacement for the handguard bolt. I kept the chainguard cos l can't be stuff taking it off
  8. What a rider Jarvis is!!!!
  9. Coleman 45th after CP14 Elevator!!!
  10. They should just rename Carl Dinner into Jarvis
  11. Tim Coleman in 50th after Machine...must have got caught up in that pile at the start line funnel!!
  12. I shake my head at Jarvis...44yo and running in sight of Young and Manny!!!
  13. Die Grune Holle is going to be hell!!!
  14. They are mad c@#ts!!! Motogp...erzberg= Ahhhhh
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