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  1. I don't think I've ever heard or read a recall notice for any off road bike in my lifetime...road bikes yes but off-road?
  2. Before the update, in the Recent Topics section, it use to have any new posts as bold to signify that they were unread or read which was quick and convenient - any chance of bringing this back?
  3. So are you riding open stuff, technical trails or want to get into more hard enduro terrain? The setting you posted up seems to be more for open riding or high speed stuff...give it a shot, if it's too rich then you can always go smaller on the pilot and main jets probably run 50:1 or even 60:1 in the tight stuff where you rarely get out of 3rd gear.
  4. Cava454...what type of riding are you intending to do with the Sherco?
  5. If it helps, l have a B&B pipe guard and when l wash the bike, l lay it on it's side and give the pipe part a good blast and it takes 90% of the stuff out especially leaves and twigs but that clingy greyish clay mud can be difficult..probably take the pipe guard part off twice a year...maybe some strategic holes to allow better flow?
  6. You'll just make the bike heavier with steel wool , not the actual material but when the thing gets wet. Also, it won't filter out mud or sediments so that steel wool quickly becomes a sand bag!!! You can't escape taking the pipe guard off unfortunately .
  7. Yeah quads are burning, arm pump just trying to hold on but what l found was how quickly my energy was zapped just from picking up the bike on a 45degree, just one fall and that was it and struggle town had booked a room for me. No deer which is very surprising and didn't hear dogs at night! Quite a few ppl up here more 4wders and jetskis, never bumped into anyone on the techie tracks.
  8. Yes lve noticed some track clearing Cluffie!!! PS. The body feels like I've been riding here for 2 days and it's only been 5hrs lol
  9. Can report that Goughs is as usual - no block entrances to the lake.
  10. Interesting, understand the concept of intermittent fasting and benefits it would have if ,say, you have diabetes as it's burning stored fats - really interested in your progress especially how it effects your riding - thanks for sharing!!
  11. Have listened to a few Robb Beams podcast and that's pretty much what he advocates in carb loading but more specifically, increase in calories and trying to have good foods - found out the hard way that a large HSP with cheese the night before felt like a brick in the gut the next day and Noooo for riding😁 Watching the Sea to Sky and Romaniacs, notice the top guys at the service point hoeing into a large container of rice, beans and tuna before heading out again. Agree, good diet and fitness (physical and bike) make's a massive difference but Maccastrewth's intermittent fasting is qu
  12. Love for riders to share what you eat before a ride, during and after a hard day in the saddle? It would be great for the higher level guys to share what their ride day diet consists as l think lower level riders will get a great insight on how a good ride day diet and routine can help them combat fatigue, cramping etc even though some maybe physically fit - also when didn't it work? Now, younger guys can get away with an egg and bacon sandwich and a litre of water for the whole day...sadly, us older blokes have waved goodbye to those days.😒 So, an occasion when l didn't take my ride
  13. 15w50 will be fine for the 350 and the gearbox of the 2t. The reason KTM recommend a sae 60 is to protect the motor in the likelihood that the motor will be ridden at high rpms for a sustain period like desert or motocross. If you aren't spending 70% in 3/4 throttle then all you are doing is putting in a thick oil that will actually rob you of HP and even increase friction as the oil is never reaching the operating temperature that it is designed therefore causing more drag. But hey, KTM recommends 10w50 or 10w60 so...change oil and filter every 10-15hrs and the motor will be fine.
  14. Leave for the campfire...fingers crossed Lord Humungus lifts the burning ring of steel come Sunday!!