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  1. Thanks for all the responses,
  2. Yes! Just looking..........Bahaaaaaaa!
  3. Does anyone know if there are ant issues with the first of the TPI`S Thanks
  4. Is anyone able to tell me of there are any issues with the 2018 TPI models? Thanks
  5. Hello Everyone! Was a great weekend away, catching up to Dirtriderz members i haven`t seen for a long time and being a blackdog fund raiser ride was a very warming and down to earth experience, Thank You! I did Cruiser's level 3 ride. Really enjoyed the tracks, certainly sweated last nights shenanigans with in the first two tracks lol. Thank You once again to the organizers, track clearers, tailman and all the like minded people who make the weekend possible
  6. Thanking You Mr Mark and Mr Cruiser! It was great to catch up with some of my Dirtriderz family. I didn`t realized how much i missed eveyone until i was there. Hadn`t ridden for a long time so i was a bit nervous to begin with but as i suspected started off strong but petered out towards the end and pulled the pin early. The weekends ride has iginigted my passion for dirt bike riding so a Big Thank You to Everyone envolved
  7. Yes indeeed Dissa what a pissa! Great ride guys. Some of the tracks were dry and skatey but all in all a great ride.Really enjoy the long section of rocky section that Buzz was leading on, really made me appreciate the loamy stuff lol. Rider is a dirt bike riding machine! When we got back to the cars he hearaded out by him self and smashed out 30kys . Thanks guys! Going to enjoy my RDO tomorrow by sleeping in and dreaming about riding
  8. Thanks Guys! Well organized! Thank you Cruiser for a fantastic loop, to the tail man. Thank You to cooks, suppler of foods, the desserts were amazing. What a fantastic day organized by Dirtriderz. Thank You!
  9. Great pics! Ridge line track! Would of been nice and cool up there. Looks like you did some good work today
  10. Yes ! Thank you guys, with out people like your selves [organisers] people like myself [lazy in organising] would`nt ride as much. Thank you Thank you. It`s so nice spending the day with like minded people. Plenty of spills on my behalf, drowned my bike on Dazza`s rock. Haha! Thank you to everyone who chipped in for the fantastic feed!
  11. What a ride! Amazing tracks, Credit to Mick for his knowlegde and hard work to put on a ride for fellow Dirtriderz members. My hat off to you Sir. Haven`t had a decent ride for a while and this one certainly pushed my bike fitness, had some real gumby moments and some shiney ones. Loved it! I day dreamed about the conditions and challenges the ride had bought all day at work today, what a way to spend Monday! Thanks to the tail men, Thank You to who ever helped me man handle the bike in spots and Thanks Mick!
  12. Good on you Cruiser for putting this ride on a lot of work went into organizing the loop. There are so many tracks it was hard deciding which ones to do. Also a thanks to Toys R Us for the advice on the front brake issue i had, worked like a charm CHEERS! It was fairly cool on Saturday, to cold to stop and smell the roses. So it was a constant flow on some awesome tracks. 10 or so people pulled out! Missed out guys, the ride was number 1. The weather was perfect, even had a light sprinkling of snow or hail lol. Also don`t forget the tail man, great job young fella! Oh thats right it was me.
  13. The question i ask myself. Why has it taken so long to ride Dissa? Bloody Awesome! Thanks Dustin for all the hard work in organizing and leading the ride and too Mr Habs for his sterling work as tail man, making sure ervEryone is safe and accountant for. This place has many challenges to improve on ones skill set and look forward to the next Dissa ride. Thanks to the riders that heaved and hoed my bike at times, didn`t ride at my smoothest but had a great time. Great crew on the day. Cheers
  14. Thanks Mick, great work! Fun, Fun,Fun! The ride had everything, done hills, up hills, logs, off camber, rocky wet creek beds,drizzle, boggy sections,sand, gullies and even a dunny bowl lol. Great report Toysrus, Thanks to the tail men. I was tempted to open up the throttle in the creek bed and roost Sean [who was behind me] but lucky for him i am a nice guy. Lol