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  1. Maybe on the next tour Klaus will drag bikes down the bitumen while the riders are still on them? The guy is so dodgy... he promised a refund to everyone for lift tickets that weren't used at Thredbo to check out the views. Nobody ever saw any money but one of the guys emailed to say he's been constantly emailing Klaus to push the issue. If he keeps that money and makes another $400+ from us poor suckers then that would be the icing on the cake.
  2. Yep I remember meeting Tone out there. Our group was feeling pretty down after Klaus dragged the bikes down the road AND made us ride 140km of bitumen the day before. It sounds like your crew are much better with not insisting injured riders simply ride themselves out to help. Or just expect the SES or someone else to rescue them because Klaus provides no support or backup. We didn't realise that if your bike breaks down then Klaus just abandons it... it is completely up to us to get it going again or organise our own rescue of the bike.
  3. ENDURO TRAINING VIDS - basic to advanced

    a huge thanks to ruben chadwick for this vid on how to do berms, our motley crew essentially have no idea how to rail a berm (among many other things) and ruben has offered to help out with some more advanced techniques in the coming months, woohoo.
  4. Ktm electric start won't engage

    chances are it will be the bendix, here's a diagnostics vid i made a few years back after pulling mine apart for the 10th time trying to figure out what was wrong with it. the redesigned 2T starter motor for 2017 has been long long overdue!
  5. ENDURO TRAINING VIDS - basic to advanced

    thanks scottie, always good to hear the vids are useful! can you change gears without using the clutch? sure! should you? well that depends... once you get the hang of it then it places very little extra stress on the gearbox. and there are plenty of guys who do clutchless gear changes for years without any gearbox issues.
  6. EOI Airoh Helmets

    the suomy mr jump is the same weight as the airoh and worth looking at if you have trouble accessing one. mine was $400 18 months back but with the fall our dollar they are around $490 now.
  7. Gripping the bars too tight

    being an old coot i love my steg pegz, they take all the pressure off the upper body including the hands. but top riders usually discourage their use (except for desert racing). in his coaching, birchy recommends gripping with your lower legs, or even your ankles... try pointing your toes inward to see if this helps. some bikes are easier than others, i was just riding a 400EXC this weekend without steg pegz and there was nowhere for the legs to lock into the bike which makes it harder.... other bikes your lower legs might lock against the frame or side panels. deliberately ride bumpy sections and focus on holding the bars as loosely as possible. eventually it becomes second nature. and even if steg pegz are so 'wrong' they certainly make you focus on gripping the bike with your legs which is great for the long term.
  8. ENDURO TRAINING VIDS - basic to advanced

    the vids seem to have backfired on me 5EXC-F, originally they were my evil plan to make myself look better by lowering everyone else's riding skills with misinformation and feeding them bad techniques... but the opposite seems to have happened lol! glad you enjoy the vids, i have a ball putting them together.
  9. ENDURO TRAINING VIDS - basic to advanced

    a new vid.... you can't legally ride a motocross bike in the state forests in most states, but thought this info could be useful the lucky ones who get recreational registration.
  10. Doesn't look that way, at least not for 2017. I just confirmed with the owner whose bike i got a test ride on, it's the TX300 that gets the air forks this year and hopefully they'll wind up on the TE300 and 300EXC next year... i thought i was riding a TE300 with a number plate slapped on for racing. out of interest the owner has just won enduro series in the over 40s class in BC canada on the husky. his long term comments are the suspension was perfect out of the box for him and he didn't even adjust the clickers. loved the air forks and not a hint of a problem so far other than just check the air pressure every fortnight and top them up if needed. and the stock jetting on the new mikuni carb didn't cope with the extreme elevation changes of BC's mountain ranges so he put a JD kit in and all good since then.
  11. if they were around the same price that could well be true lol! must admit i'd like this husky but at around $4500 more than a beta xtrainer i suspect i'll stay italian unless i rob a bank.
  12. I got a short test ride on the 2017 Husqvarna TX300 and also a long chat with the guy who owns it and has done a fair bit of racing. He loves it and hasn't touched a thing on it yet... hasn't even played with the suspension because it suited him perfectly out of the box. some first impressions at the three minute mark in this vid. What I liked? They have finally decided to put a proper starter motor in the two stroke TE300 and TX300, I had a lot of problems in this regard with my old 250EXC which is why I ditched KTMs for the past three years. The air forks on this TX300 were incredible. The Husqvarna rode over rocks as if they weren't there (no air forks on the TE300 or KTM 300EXC for 2017). That low slung exhaust has finally been raised out of the way like other European two strokes. The sixth gear on my old 250EXC was barely different to fifth but it seems there was a change of ratios over the past few years and I prefer the new ones (unchanged from 2016 models apparently). The new KTM and Husqvarna engine is brilliant and just as smooth and linear as the Betas. And they are even lighter now, around the same as a Beta Xtrainer. Until now I've always felt the KTM and Husqvarnas probably have the edge for the aggressive or very talented rider, while the very user-friendly nature of the Beta probably suits the everyday dirt rider a tad better. But my first impressions on riding riding this new Husqvarna TE300 suggest the reworked design, lighter weight and new engine mean it is probably at least equal to Beta for the everyday rider as well. Potential drawbacks? The price. In Australia the Husqvarna TE300 is almost $3000 more than the Betas. While the air forks on the TX300 work beautifully, only time will tell how reliable they are in the long term for the TE300 and 300EXC. I don't have any reports on the WP forks for the other models. And as with any major overhaul, we can't be sure what issues might arise, such as the recent recall on the Brembo brake issue for the 2017 KTM and Husqvarna models. But overall the new line up from KTM and Husqvarna look very impressive.
  13. Thanks to a whole bunch of guys for helping with these vids, but especially the guys who let us ride on their properties, and Ruben Chadwick, Tim Coleman, Chris Birch and Graham Jarvis.... hope the vids are useful. BEFORE YOU RIDE Cross training - an introductionWhich is the best bike for cross training?Making an endurocross track Bike setup for cross trainingReducing arm pumpProtective gearBike setup for shorter ridersSetting up your suspensionThe most important technique you'll ever learnMotocross to enduro bike conversion BASIC CROSS TRAINING TECHNIQUES Develop your balancing skills Full lock turns Body positioning for cross training Basic clutch control Feathering & dropping the clutch When to stand or sit on the bike Footpeg positioning Riding in wet or muddy terrain Cornering in the seated position Cornering in the standing position INTERMEDIATE CROSS TRAINING TECHNIQUES Dropping the clutch (but keeping traction) How to rail berms Covering the rear brake for wheelies Stand up wheelies U-turns & tight corners How to jump your enduro bike How to ride in ruts Riding in rocky creek beds Hill climbs Hopping over logs Advanced u-turn techniques Balancing at a stand still Hill climbs Short sharp inclines Using a kicker Down hills and descents How to leg paddle in tough terrain Traction tips when you're stuck Changing gears without the clutch ADVANCED CROSS TRAINING TECHNIQUES Walking the bike down steep descents Slow sit down wheelies Jarvis-style Pivot turns & floater turns Jumping gaps, ditches and ruts Weighting & deweighting Flat track turns & power slides Spotting for each other on tough obstacles Bunny hops over two logs How to splat (or splatter)
  14. YZ250 Enduro/Bush Review

    just got to ride one for a few hours yesterday, it has a flywheel weight, modified head and a bills pipe & muffler for more grunt, 18 inch rear wheel, suspension modified by FFRC at the sunshine coast. very sweet bike to ride, just makes me wish they'd ADR it and throw in an electric start, hydraulic clutch and a sixth gear.
  15. 4 strokes vs 2 strokes

    lol i thought it was going to be a serious debate like this vid