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  1. Yep, they wedge in the google frame a few mm behind the goggle lens.
  2. I have a set of goggleman lenses in some 100% frames, with the anti fog treatment & fog wise i reckon they are as good as standard goggles. Heaps better than mucking around with otg goggles & fogged up glasses.
  3. I may be the rider biggie mentioned above... unmarked fox titan pro guards after a fall that caused grade 6 tibia plateau fracture & ligament damage. That was June 18 & still another month to go on crutches. A good set of braces may have prevented this, surgeon suspects fracture was caused by hypertension/ femur impact. In my case I have now bought braces for when I can get back on the bike & won't be riding without them. Regarding mud / water down boots, I was wearing fox OTB pants at the time partially to keep mud out of the boots & can't help thinking they may have contributed to the off by getting snagged on foot peg when dropping foot off the peg on a gentle left hander. Apologies for the long rant, for my 2 cents knee braces are well worth the outlay. Pete.
  4. Nice Gully footage centralvic, John: hope you have a speedy recovery bloke. (Sent from sunny downtown Bendigo ortho ward)
  5. Conversations so far haven't been confident, they are thinking 3 plates at this stage as the plateau is shattered too. Good question cujo, fox titan pro guards & I am wondering if they may have made it worse too, will see what docs thoughts are.
  6. hi lads, this pic shows some of the damage & why that left boot was a bit painful to remove.
  7. Thanks for all the help yesterday guys & apologies For the dramas. Tibia plateau is fractured & caused dramas with joint, waiting for swelling to go down & doc to get back from Bunnings with some screws & bits of plate before they can operate. Thanks biggie & riderz for a great ride up until that point. You blokes did a great job & so glad a wasn't out there on my own. Great to ride with a few different blokes & different bikes. Great to see rider rocket up that hill[emoji106] - looking forward to the next ride.
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