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  1. Ignition Diode Question

    How many amp diode did u put in? I’d be making sure it’s the same amperage as the one u pulled out
  2. NEERIM LVL3 SAT 4th

    How smashed are all the lower end tracks, it’s nearly impassable threw fern gully atm not good
  3. NEERIM LVL3 SAT 4th

  4. NEERIM LVL3 SAT 4th

  5. NEERIM LVL3 SAT 4th

  6. NEERIM LVL3 SAT 4th

    I posted up this ride earlier on in the week hoping to get out for a ride and 3 others decided they’d tag along for my early start early finish ride, harrydaggers, stinky and adste450. As I pulled into the car park all the boys were already there itching to go which was good and we got away at 7.15 [emoji106][emoji106] I expected to do around 75kms today and we ended up just short of that with 68kms most of the riding was slow technical stuff and you had to be on your game today as it was wet wet wet and may have caught a few out at times hahahahha. I told the boys if they could get through the 1st 2 tracks I had lined up for them they’d get through anything, this is where I think adste450 spent all his petrol tickets...... over all those nice big logs, off camber sections, with a couple of nice hills thrown in for good measure, he decided to pull the pin at almost the halfway mark I do hope you enjoyed yourself mate keep at it and you’ll b killing it in no time. Then we were down to 3, where I decided to really pick up the pace and throw everything at them both stinky and his brother harrydaggers had a crack at everything and at the end of every track came out with smiles from ear to ear, hope you enjoyed yourselves boys it was an absolute pleasure to lead u guys around. Another top bunch of blokes off a great forum, this is what it’s all about [emoji106][emoji106] I’ll finish up now and post a few vids and pics of the day, top day out boys
  7. No no roady needed mate
  8. Tubeless tire sealants

    Last ride I had to buy a complete front system as no1 had tubes in stock, now I keep these in my garage as spares just in case and also have 1 spare red liner. Not many shops will fit tyres to tubliss so Im slowly getting better at the fronts but hold my breathe every time I do it. I use the motion pro tyre irons which I have found the easiest not to pinch the tube
  9. Tubeless tire sealants

    Hahahah glad I'm not the only one to have this problem. Rear tyre is a piece of piss to change, I've never damaged the red liner on a front tyre change u musta really gone to town on that lol, I have damaged the HP tube tho where it sticks out on the side of the rim lock [emoji35][emoji35]
  10. 350 exc top end rebuild issues

    I'd be checking that clutch adjustment andy

    I'm ready whenever u are Sean just let me know mate [emoji106][emoji106]

    Got a fair few around neerim but I'm assuming u riding the same as me out there anyway, still trying 2 sort out my glenmaggie loop, heading back down there grand final Friday to have another search n add some bits in then I'm going looking out Erica way found some mint tracks there the other week. I'm hearing ya with neerim tho joints getting pretty chopped out atm still good fun tho n nice n close 2 home. Im happy 2 lead, follow, sweep dnt mind aslong as I'm out on the bike it's happy times [emoji482][emoji482]

    Me me me lol, I'm always out n about sum where

    Yeah I'd rather just replace the tube seen as a new tube is only $17, dnt like the idea of patches

    Wouldn't patch a high pressure tube, I've got a spare coming incase I come across this again