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  1. Thanks heaps mate
  2. Cheers mate, I was thinking around 30nm for some reason so was close [emoji106]
  3. Does anyone know what the torque specs are for a ktm 2016 ktm300 head and cylinder?
  4. Ripperz

    KTM 300 Piston Type

    Thought so I already ordered it and will pick up in the morning just thought I’d put the question out there
  5. Ripperz

    KTM 300 Piston Type

  6. Just pulled my top end down at 106hrs, wish I didn’t now as everything was in mint condition I recon I coulda got another 100hrs out of it. Anyway question is does anyone know if this 2 on my cylinder means I need a No2 piston? Cheers
  7. Ripperz

    NEERIM ride RCH GFA 2018 report

    Glad you walked away from this one frank, was thinking oh shit when I was coming up behind you
  8. Ripperz

    NEERIM ride RCH GFA 2018 report

  9. Ripperz

    NEERIM ride RCH GFA 2018 report

    Cheers mick for posting up the ride and to all the other riders who attended was a awesome day had by all, good people, good pace, good cause [emoji106][emoji106]
  10. Ripperz

    Plastic kits and where to buy?

    I got a set of UFO plastics from mcas from memory was $170, then went to Ktm n brought the dhl racing graphics kit n came up a treat. Dnt go cheap eBay decals they r garbage n dnt stick properly spend the xtra n get from Ktm or get a custom graphics kit made
  11. Ripperz

    Neerim - 16/12 - Level 2+

    Hahhaha the wet weather edition will b hit n miss lol I’ve stumbled up that thing many of times in the wet
  12. Ripperz

    Tubliss and worn rim

    Nice work, only drama I have from time 2 time is front tyre removal as there’s not much room, I always keep a spare set of tubes in the shed 4 this reason
  13. Ripperz

    Neerim - 16/12 - Level 2+

    Well, my day started off at 6am thought I’d do a sneaky pre ride on my own n smash out a few kms full noise which was great [emoji106][emoji106], got till around 7.15 then I thought I better head back to the carpark to meet everyone, get to the cars n meet a few new faces then we head out on a warm up lap which iconic lead threw a bit of open free flowing stuff, then we decided it was time 4 me to take the reigns lol............ Well not much more to say lol it was a 2+++++ wasn’t it??? Hahahaha After the 1st few tight tracks Scotty decided it was time to head back so I took him back to the cars, U did real well mate keep at it n ull b killing it in no time all comes down to time in the saddle [emoji106][emoji482] Then there was 5 of us well I could say 6 if u count andys husky issues every 10mins n hmmmm just give me 5mins now I’m just shitting in the bush, when ya Gota go ya Gota go lmao. From this point we done around 50kms of tight techy tracks when eagle n Andy decide it’s time 2 go home must admit it was bloody hot n I wasn’t too far off!! Down 2 3 now so I decide 2 turn up the pace as the other 2 were more than capable, we smashed out another 30kms of tight, non fire trail, overgrown tracks some of neerims finest n the boys smashed it, hope u all had a good time.... By the time we decided it was time 2 head back to the cars I 4got about my little squirt in the morning n hit reserve half way back bonus is I know my bike will do 110kms now lol, good ride boys u all done really well in the hot conditions [emoji106][emoji106] Only vid I have atm is a quick one of the rock wall earlier on in the day which I’ll throw up now, trying not 2 post too many vids at the moment sorry ☹️☹️ Another great bunch of bloke of the forum like usual
  14. Ripperz

    Tubliss and worn rim

    Ull b fine frank, rim tape down tubliss in n never look back [emoji106][emoji106]
  15. Ripperz

    Ignition Diode Question

    How many amp diode did u put in? I’d be making sure it’s the same amperage as the one u pulled out