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  1. You forgot your beer Andy great pic and Video fella cheers
  2. Thanks Jay for the super time mate great riding had a blast thanks for the fun around the fire and to Sasha Barron borret for you funny remarks .Was nice meeting everyone ps.sorry I didn't have an extra beer on me on top of firebreak 13 Andy ha ha and hope the wrist is ok stinky and thanks for taking me and the nice Kiev cheers
  3. Ended up leaving after a pause for a while and going to noojee and staying there then went riding today at narrbathong with a few mates and stinky was very dusty today
  4. Thanks for the ride lads was a blast and nice loop cruiser cheers . Always rembering to put your riding pants on over your skins too before you boot up cheers mate see you guys again
  5. We had a great day out around noojee , 5 starters in the end with a few late withdrawals . Stinky, Leakinghusky , Jof062 , Borkas and myself . Tracks were nice and slippery as usual around noojee in the wet , that red clay needs respect sometimes as a few found out including myself . We were on the bikes at 9.37 great loop around noj then back at my coolshed at about 12 ish for a quick bbq and drink , (thanks stinky for bringing the nice gourmet snags mate your always welcome cheers and drinks aswel ) . We lost one rider after lunch with a ill child at home , hope all is well Leakinghusy , while the 4 of us headed towards neerim with a quick loop of about 50km and a new single found , well done stinky maybe i should listen more carefully about pink ribbons hay lol . Then all arrived back at the house at around 3ish with a yarn and beer around the fire .all up was a terrific day and i hope everyone enjoyed themselves , ps i think Borkas is still trying to find his way out of the scrub on als eggs track , cheers guys till next one , rip it up , pss thanks for sweeping too stinky . photos coming
  6. Thanks for the day ripperz it was great
  7. wasa great day out guys thanks to all cheers