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  1. Post it too me please lol
  2. Thanks for the day britts and egg was a super day of riding loved it . All did really well out there and a big good going to Dominic who stayed at it all day and he never complained about anything well done fella . Badbager a little less throttle required to dig holes lol and maybe launch control fitted to your bike next time ha ha . My bike had a bit of cosmetic work half way through loop two with a big crunch into a tree stoping me in my tracks but all fixable thanks again everyone and see you out there somewhere sometime cheers . Ps sorry for all the banter trails ha ha
  3. It was a great day out today with Ruger turning up keen to get out with stinky and myself . Started off with some level 1 bush roads and fire tracks then progressively made our way up to level 2 with some slippery up hills and downs . Was very impressed with Ruger having a go at everything and with only a few hours under his belt did really well . Good on you mate . And also thanks stinky for sweep and helping out with tips of the trade love yar work bro . Did i think about 40 or 50 km not sure after my speedo decided to fail . Again .ended with a sausage sizzle and beer and chat in the coolshed . Was a good day to be out and about cheers .
  4. Ask rider ha ha and there clutch lables lol
  5. Great ride mick you put a great loop together and must spend hours out there doing what you do thanks alot for looking after us 2 wheel warriors. Had a great cruisey day sweeping not much help required to anyone and smooth ride all round . Got back home and went out with my two girls on a 50 km ride around noojee but only did 30 km after my 17 year old broke a clutch lever . So with a bit of mc girvering and her going again on the main dirt ride home . Had a great day thanks everyone have a great new year cheers
  6. Just like to thank everyone who came up and enjoyed the weekend . The past posts somes it up . Thanks to stinky for sweeping both days the whole ride in the dust great job . Sandra and jose for backup . Without you we cant do it xx . Brain for lead . Keep doing what you do your a champion . And thanks to the people who surprised me with a unexpected Christmas preasent i was shocked . You know whst im taking about if you had somthing to do with it . Much appreciated love you guys xx
  7. It was a cracker day in noojee for a ride . After bravo posted he wanted a ride on sunday i took the opportunity to see if anybody was keen so we had 6 riders for the day cruising around the local area . We had bear from Borneo . Citrus dave .bravo .and a couple of mates big jim and his son will . And me . We did about 70km all up for the day with really not much drama at all . The tracks were a bit dryer than last ride witch made it a bit easyer and quicker for all . There was one close call thought when citrus dave didnt see a big branch on the track hitting him right in the googles smashing his lens and shaking him up for a while . This could of been so much worse .so lucky dave thank christ . O and a ripped seat dame dave who put all those sticks in the bush hay . I broke a stand bolt early so my stand had 60km in my back pack slacking off . Ended up back at the coolshed with a party pie and beer and a good chat .thanks for coming up my area of the world lads had a great day out See you all soon Cheers
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