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  1. Thanks for the ride lads was a blast thanks for the lead pepper and ian and thanks to stinky and badger for sweeping all day and andy for the snag cheers guys till next time we meet
  2. Thanks for the number plate to frank cheers
  3. Great report mr noddle from the private box ha ha
  4. Thanks stinky for your hard work today loading and cutting and splitting 4 trailer loads of perfect timber for the shed cheers brother your the best
  5. Well again greasy and slippery at noj but thats how we like it down here .Lindon found that out early in the ride on the first corner welcome to noojee al says to him with a chuckle .after a nice 60km loop it was back for a bbq at the shed then another loop after lunch down to nerrim of 50km minus one rider . So all up 110km for the day was great meeting Frank and Lindon thanks for coming up and good to see dave and al as allways happy birthday stinky al .hope to see you all soon cheers
  6. Yep your on the money there andy ha ha
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