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  1. Hi Just wondering if anyone knows if the Otways is still a hotspot with Parks Vic? I was 4x4 down there and noticed some signs around Cecil’s track saying the area was monitored. Have heard stories about cameras in the trees??? Any truth to this. Cheers guys
  2. Hi I have the same issue, L5 / S1 I find clinical Pilates works for me. It’s core strength exercises done on a reformer machine.
  3. Hi Cobraone sorry I know that this is an old post but just wanted to see how you are finding the Beta now. Im in much the same situation as you were and I'm thinking of getting either a new Beta 300 or the KTM 350. Have you opened it up a bit more now that you have been riding it for a while? I'm hoping that if I get the 300 while it might take a while to get used to the power and changing from a 4st, I will grow into it rather than out of it. cheers
  4. Thanks for the ride guys, I had a blast. Thanks for all the help and thanks to dazzrmx for helping me out at the start of the ride when I'd fouled a plug, thought my ride may have been over before it even started! Looking forward to the next one already. Cheers
  5. Hi all, I'm a new member to the forum from Geelong and am hoping to find some new people to ride with, Im riding a TE 310 at the moment and looking forward to hopefully jumping on a few rides. Cheers Brendan
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