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  1. Monski

    Tell ya what at Tallarook

    Yeah I wouldn't mind having a squiz at it sometime trailz
  2. Monski

    Finke 2018

    Yeah I am thinking of going up and camping spectating as well I think it will be awesome
  3. Monski

    Tell ya what at Tallarook

    Hey trailz on a side topic do you use Midwest engineering levers and if so are they good
  4. Monski

    Social in the West

    Sounds like a good idea
  5. Monski

    Beachport 2018 - Go Pro

    We did it a couple of months ago it is awesome down there
  6. Monski

    Big Desert Ride 30/6 - 2/7

    Only timing issue is the reason I couldn't make it but please count me in for your next desert trip !
  7. Monski

    Anglesea Saturday 1 July - Paddys Swamp

    When you gotta go !
  8. Monski

    Anglesea Saturday 1 July - Paddys Swamp

    Good write up guys the guy that swept first got sacked as sweep rider !
  9. Monski

    Mt Cole level 3+ ride Queens Birthday

    Glad you guys had a ripper day
  10. Hi 

    If you would like to give me a call on 0410035559