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  1. If bleeding doesn't work, the other thing you should do is inspect the clutch basket. If the basket is grooved it won't allow the plates to slide freely and cause the clutch to stick.
  2. Hey Pete, thanks for the offer! I would love to, but I still have to organise rec reg for my bike. Hopefully I'll get it done sometime this week!
  3. Hey Guys, My name is Dan and im a 34 yo guy from Yarraville in Melbourne. I recently bought a '05 KTM 450 exc which I've rebuilt from the ground up and it's my first bike in 10 years! Back in the day I had an XR250, so I feel this will be a lot nicer in the bush! Long story short, the day I completed the rebuild on the bike, it got stolen without even getting to ride it! Thankfully it was recovered last week so I'm looking forward to getting out for a blast! None of my mates have bikes, so it would be great to connect with other people and learn some tricks from here along the way!
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