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  1. I'd say old mate is on the money, bendix maybe rooted or the bushes it sits in maybe flogged out making the bendix not engage properly.
  2. If I was you I'd go to the plantation, better riding there. Go down Black Forest Dr and turn down Blackwoods Rd (it's at the corner that the United servo is on), follow that back under the freeway until it turns to a dirt rd, follow it another 2km or so and you'll see an unloading area off to the left overlooking the cleared pine plantation. Unload and ride, were ever you like, however hard you want and for as long as you can last. There's plenty of fire trails out there with a good mix of flat or up and down. There's even a load of non kosher tracks out there if you catch my drift[emoji6] Just be mindful that the Wambat/Macedon mountain bike track is near by so keep an eye out for the posts marking their loop and keep off it. It's a great areas to ride and we don't want to f-that up. Enjoy.
  3. All good just checking... There is some tracks on the west side of Macedon town, just have to be careful because allot of the locals also do allot of walking there. They don't mind as long as your not screaming around like a c___t. Just take it easy there, and stay off the mt Macedon walking trail and you'll be fine.
  4. Nowhere flat in Macedon, nowhere to ride a MX bike there too unless rec reg'd.... Cops aplenty there.
  5. Liquid intelligence doesn't address the issue, it just masks it. Even though it's not boiling over doesn't mean it's not overheating, thanks to the higher boiling point, and creating hot spots. I'd be looking into your tuning for the overheating issue, sounds like it could be a little lean but also look into a fan to keep it cooler or cheaper once again is to get a higher pressure cap for the radiator. At the end of the day you'll find that the amount of boil over is marginal to how much actual loss of fluid you get during a hard ride. So easiest thing to do is just make topping up the radiator with fresh de-ionised water & coolant.
  6. This page should clear up what you can and can't on your L's. https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/licences/licence-and-permit-types/motorcycle-licence-and-learner-permit/approved-motorcycles-for-novice-riders Also general rule of thumb is that L platers can't ride MX bikes out bush because 1, the power to weight ratio is too high and 2, to get a MX bike rec rego'd it has to be modified and L platers cannot ride a modified bike.
  7. Here's a link to a vid of our ride up there earlier this year.
  8. Crooked River Track if you like river crossings, something like 40 odd crossings in 8km? Also do the Billy Goat Bluff track, Water Spur track, Cynthia Range track & Basalt S track just to name a few. Get yourself a Roof Top map of the area and just explore! Talbotville is a great place to set up base camp and head out where ever for day rides.
  9. As you can see the stitching was starting to peal away at the top of the heat shield. It shouldn't of happened because it's double stitched in that spot and especially when the boot was only 3 months old. Other than usual scuffing of 3 rides the rest of the boot still looks pretty new.
  10. Win win on Friday. Had to return my 3 month old predators for a warranty issue. I got the boots on the larger size because there was limited choices left at the end of the sale, since the boots were larger they felt bulky and I was never really comfortable riding in them, snagging the top on the bike and pealing the stitch away. Well, since these were the predator 1.0 and there was no more stock left the only other option was the Predator 2.0... UPGRADE for me!!! I was also able to get them in my size as well as the enduro model which was what I originally wanted. Being a size smaller they don't feel as bulky now and plus there is a huge weight reduction in the new model boots, so they even feel way lighter. Love it when things work out better than expected!
  11. Wildrock extreme has a hill climb event.
  12. That's what a couple of guys did on our ride to Blackwood on Saturday, black mechanics rubber gloves under their riding gloves, and they swear by it.
  13. Lucky cos I was going to take that last pair of 10s on Friday but found them a little squishy, and it didn't look like the had any 11s left... Till we found one lucky last pair! He also told me not to tell anyone else about the boots because the sale was long over and their trying to wrap things up, but come on, a sell is a sell! Great boots can't wait to try them out!
  14. Their never too young to get them started, my daughter is four in that picture and the only reason I put the training wheels on was for the fact she can't touch the ground on that bike, my fault for getting the bigger bike, and yes they have had a couple of stacks on it but with it governed down so much they have never been high speed offs and nothing more worse than stacking it with out the training wheels on. And with the bike app it has a kill switch so I can cut the power to the bike if it looks to be getting away. I'd say still consider getting the a bike for your lad, especially one of the E-bikes, either gasgas or one of the other brands, but don't do what I did, you should size them up for the bike first and make sure they can touch the ground on the bike.
  15. Hey mate I've got a E12 for my kids and even though it is a tad more expensive than the petrol burners it's been a fantastic bike. I got for my son on his 5th birthday and it has been a little too tall for him (the E10 would have been a better size) but I sorted it out with some home made training wheel and now they love it. If you decide on the E10 then make sure to ask for the blue tooth module, this enables you to adjust the power of the bike through an app on your phone, and believe me these bikes aren't for beginners at 100% power... It'll rip their little arms off! Also don't stress about the kids out growing the E10 because it's the same bike as the E12 just the wheel size is different, 10" vs 12". So when they get big enough you could just get a bigger set of wheels and then get another 4 years out of it, I'm pretty sure the kids will keep riding this bike untill their 12. Anyway there a great bike and a very quiet bike so it's perfect for riding in your backyard, or out on our quiet street like us, of built up areas!
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