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  1. Yep, did my ribs on both sides in an off at last years Kenda. Then got sick with a cold followed by a chest infection a week later. Sneezing and deep rooted coughing with fractured ribs is not pleasant at all, took me 6 weeks to get over that.
  2. Smokers Lounge

    I know it's a love/hate topic but have you considered a Lectron carby? They do impoved fuel economy and they never piss out fuel when the bikes on its side, I'm not the best rider out there so my bike does end up on its side a bit but with this carb my bike is just as happy idling on its side as it is up right!
  3. Show Us Your Bike

    Here's my girl... She's a good ride[emoji6]
  4. 2018 Gas Gas EC 300

    This is what I'll hold out for, the next model with a whole new engine!
  5. 2018 Gas Gas EC 300

    Apparently their only $200 more than the 17s and a did get a call from Raceway to tell me their getting in a 6 days! If only I had the cash and a wife who'd understand why I'd need to spend it on another new bike.
  6. There made of the new spaceage shit that's coming out in the body suits, it's soft and flexible but hardens on impact!
  7. But more seriously I'm keen to try a pair of these...
  8. Get some of these rad guards!
  9. My IT250K

    I would be too. Had one of these beasts when I was 16 and now at 42 I'd love to have one day. Truely a beautiful bike of the time.
  10. Bike Stand

    Got one the same for $50 at one of those dodgy damaged stock clearance sales in an industrial area of Campbellfield. Best workshop tool ever, can jack it right up and still would take some real effort to tip her over. I was lucky finding one by chance at the clearance sale, but even at the price you found it's still worth the coin. Only thing is I would loose the wheels on it, mine hasn't got them and I think it makes it more planted on the floor. But yeah they are awesome for working on the bike.
  11. I think it more the fact that thanks to other forms of social mediums such as FB forums are becoming less and less used.
  12. Vicroads and RWC FOR Rec Reg

    Call them up, same thing happened to me and after talking to the helpful person on the other end, it turned out that one of their special people didn't do their part right and **** it up for me. But he fixed it there and then on the phone.
  13. 2017 KTM 300 jetting

    Don't forget Gas Gas, vforce are stock standard on them as well as keeping with Keihin carbs and and fitting FMF exhaust systems too at a lesser price to the orange!? I mean what are you truely getting with a KTM when other brands like Sherco, Beta and Gas Gas are offering more bang for the buck!
  14. Smokers Lounge

    Hi Lez, I've got the 17 ec300 and I've been more than happy with it. Its been a great bike out on the tight stuff, plenty of chugga chugga and then when it's needed it'll I come to life with a twist of the right wrist. It climbs like a goat and doesn't feel as heavy as they say it is. It even keeps up with the orange breed no problem! The air box is a little tight but workable, and the suspension needs a little tweeking but what bike doesn't. So overall you've got a very descent bike for a fraction of the price, sure their resale isn't great but their a keeper and a bike you'll be very fond of for some time.
  15. KTM EXC 300 vs Beta 300rr

    Speak to Rob at Ballistic, apparently there are plenty of Guinea pigs out there sticking them in the 17s, even so there is a back order on the carbs for that model. And from all reports all that have done it are very happy to have. Previous tuning problems of the past have been ironed out, narrowing down the best metering rod for the 300s giving better power from bottom to top and great economy. Yes I have one and I love it on the gasser, and when you think about how much money people spend modding their bikes why is this no different? Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk