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  1. Chop

    Hillclimb racing ? In vic?

    Wildrock extreme has a hill climb event.
  2. Chop

    Winter gloves

    That's what a couple of guys did on our ride to Blackwood on Saturday, black mechanics rubber gloves under their riding gloves, and they swear by it.
  3. Chop

    Forma boots sale

    Lucky cos I was going to take that last pair of 10s on Friday but found them a little squishy, and it didn't look like the had any 11s left... Till we found one lucky last pair! He also told me not to tell anyone else about the boots because the sale was long over and their trying to wrap things up, but come on, a sell is a sell! Great boots can't wait to try them out!
  4. Chop

    Kid Bikes

    Their never too young to get them started, my daughter is four in that picture and the only reason I put the training wheels on was for the fact she can't touch the ground on that bike, my fault for getting the bigger bike, and yes they have had a couple of stacks on it but with it governed down so much they have never been high speed offs and nothing more worse than stacking it with out the training wheels on. And with the bike app it has a kill switch so I can cut the power to the bike if it looks to be getting away. I'd say still consider getting the a bike for your lad, especially one of the E-bikes, either gasgas or one of the other brands, but don't do what I did, you should size them up for the bike first and make sure they can touch the ground on the bike.
  5. Chop

    Kid Bikes

    Hey mate I've got a E12 for my kids and even though it is a tad more expensive than the petrol burners it's been a fantastic bike. I got for my son on his 5th birthday and it has been a little too tall for him (the E10 would have been a better size) but I sorted it out with some home made training wheel and now they love it. If you decide on the E10 then make sure to ask for the blue tooth module, this enables you to adjust the power of the bike through an app on your phone, and believe me these bikes aren't for beginners at 100% power... It'll rip their little arms off! Also don't stress about the kids out growing the E10 because it's the same bike as the E12 just the wheel size is different, 10" vs 12". So when they get big enough you could just get a bigger set of wheels and then get another 4 years out of it, I'm pretty sure the kids will keep riding this bike untill their 12. Anyway there a great bike and a very quiet bike so it's perfect for riding in your backyard, or out on our quiet street like us, of built up areas!
  6. Chop

    Forma boots sale

    Cheers Marko, got on to them and they still have some boots in stock at that great price.
  7. Chop

    Forma boots sale

    Has anyone got an address and phone number for this place???
  8. Yep, did my ribs on both sides in an off at last years Kenda. Then got sick with a cold followed by a chest infection a week later. Sneezing and deep rooted coughing with fractured ribs is not pleasant at all, took me 6 weeks to get over that.
  9. Chop

    Smokers Lounge

    I know it's a love/hate topic but have you considered a Lectron carby? They do impoved fuel economy and they never piss out fuel when the bikes on its side, I'm not the best rider out there so my bike does end up on its side a bit but with this carb my bike is just as happy idling on its side as it is up right!
  10. Chop

    Show Us Your Bike

    Here's my girl... She's a good ride[emoji6]
  11. Chop

    2018 Gas Gas EC 300

    This is what I'll hold out for, the next model with a whole new engine!
  12. Chop

    2018 Gas Gas EC 300

    Apparently their only $200 more than the 17s and a did get a call from Raceway to tell me their getting in a 6 days! If only I had the cash and a wife who'd understand why I'd need to spend it on another new bike.
  13. There made of the new spaceage shit that's coming out in the body suits, it's soft and flexible but hardens on impact!
  14. But more seriously I'm keen to try a pair of these...
  15. Get some of these rad guards!