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  1. You can disconnect the condenser to test if it will start. Also Check to see if your wiring to the coil isn’t open circuit or shorted to the frame. I’ve got 2 old Yamaha’s with points they are fun to work on!
  2. That’s a great bike and not too bad condition. Try kedo parts mate. They have heaps of xt stuff. Was this the first 250?
  3. It was supposed to be wet but conditions couldn’t have been better. Bit foggy on the way and only had one altercation with the wildlife on the drive. Met farmerbrown and james got geared up and off at 9. Took the guys down some tracks they hadn’t been on before which were great until I lost the track. No dramas we searched around and with a bit of bashing we were off again. It was around 11 and after 8kms when the main drama happened. Down one of the tracks “400” think it’s called james bike stopped. Seemed dead no elec starter, blown fuses. Had to push it out and tow it back to the car. Luc
  4. Hi mate I did and put a higher pressure cap on. Made a huge difference.
  5. Forgot to mention quality not quantity!
  6. Thanks PeteV for the day. Perfect conditions at the always great Mt Cole. The ride definitely started from the car park! It was on and no track was any different. Definitely the hill we did after ‘500’ was my favourite. Everyone had to get 2 others to help drag their bike up. Summary Sweet smelling bikes Awesome riders And no RAV4s. Great setup for the weekend.
  7. Yes. Just go back and try again.
  8. I think it's a new WR450f with a big bore kit. To keep up with the KTM and huskys.