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  1. cobraone

    Bayside Gas gas ride day

    Matt has 1 gp 300 model in shop ,no demo brand new.raceline ballarat.very nice.
  2. cobraone

    KTM Rubbish

    That first line says it all bear.
  3. not to sure if you just mean pictures on dirt riderz,but for what its worth my favourite all time photo was i think in an early australasian dirt was jeff emig at the mxdn in perth on a yz 125.he was railing a berm ,the left grip was dragging the ground ,but he was bum off seat with both feet on the pegs.unreal.
  4. cobraone

    E.O.I For Winter Merchandise

    keen on hoodie,maybe jacket.
  5. cobraone

    Hey Dirtriderz

    Welcome at84 nice bike.look out for wombat ,lal lal, Creswick,and if you don't mind a little longer drive mount Cole(awesome place). Cheers.
  6. cobraone

    350 riders

    300 2 banger 300 2 banger 300 2 banger 300 2 banger.just sayin, lol
  7. I rode it at neerim,mon and Tues for the first place.
  8. cobraone

    350 riders

    Hey frank just curious why you think a 2s won't work for you.. for what it's worth (not much) I will never go back to 4s.just saying.cheers.
  9. cobraone

    New knee braces.

    Thanks mate .could be heading thru that way soon.sounds great.much appreciated.thanks.
  10. cobraone

    New knee braces.

  11. cobraone

    New knee braces.

    Hi people.looking at purchasing new knee braces.only 1 shop that will have good stock in Ballarat ,but I would rather go elsewhere.can anybody suggest a shop that have a good range and are good at helping to fit them.prefer about a hundred K's from Ballarat roughly.cheers.
  12. cobraone


    Awesome .will be in touch.cheers.
  13. cobraone


    Hey there bush wood welcome.few of us do 5ways Creswick often.just did a couple of Enfield rides last couple weeks.will again shortly watch this space.cheers.
  14. cobraone

    Careful out there lads n ladies

    hey fully sick i reckon you hit the nail on the head .you read somewere there jump ,i say theres no theres or ours .its everybodys bush (long as your legal).i dont make a habit of riding the real obvious mtb tracks on the mb (i ride mtb to) but it belongs to all )the bush).the stupi thing is if it was a mtbiker he is putting other ones at risk.hope i see the loser doing something out there one day.cheers.doe typing error the word jump should not be in there.
  15. cobraone

    Cobras Creswick

    Yeah you shouldnt have that issue so soon mate ,good luck.