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  1. Okay ,so I've had a few ,just watching an old favourite, the wanderers ,what's your favourite. 😀
  2. Hey tracey ,haven't had the chance to ride with you yet but enjoy reading your organise rides and reports.get well asap .👍
  3. You guys are so right everything you say.ive put flyers on walls at work ,told everyone i know to tell everyone.a quote from an old movie ,I'd piss on a spark plug if I thought it would do any good.so frustrating .slipping this under the covid radar I think ,less media attention.
  4. You haven't aged well you look older.good on ya buddy.😆
  5. Hey happy bloody 40th birthday dazz.🤣
  6. I hope everyone is following this.come on this is huge ,it won't stop here.think about the locals .I've been telling anybody I know ,spread the word.
  7. Am I correct,this is devastating.this will destroy lives in many ways.its bloody madness.
  8. Hey there Vic,broke my tib just below the knee and just above ankle ,also the fib ,about 2half years ago.i was back on the bike in 5half months.the hardest part is learning to walk again ,it feels weird.once I started riding there was no problems (ride nearly every weekend).got a rod in it like yourself ,only thing I wouldn't like to do is smack that rod against a tree ,might hurt.just do everything the physio says and it will be a distant memory.good luck to you buddy,that first ride will feel good.cheers.i was 54 as well.
  9. Why are people so unkind vince.😀
  10. Yeah that one out enfield ,remember.
  11. 🤣Oh I see ,I better get out and make some harder stuff.i think we need a log off.
  12. I thought we had been training.🤣
  13. Hey happy birthday ,what a way to spend it.at least you both went down ,you can stir each other.😁.hey that 3rd photo ,is that the hill you went up last time qbanger,it looks messy around there compared to last time.hope to do next one bear.
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