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  1. Heading back up there soon .can't wait.its an amazing place.got a 100k of yours on GPS.
  2. Sorry dazz I couldn't make it.
  3. I don't blame you.bugger.lol.
  4. All good mate ,it was funny.lol.already had 3 rides ,done 50k of st at green Dale last weekend.oh man it felt good ,I hope we all ride for as long as possible cos it was crap not riding.we will catch up very soon I hope.
  5. Bit more detail please bear.
  6. Welcome Derek ,you will love it mate.
  7. Great job frank.i know your gonna love it.you will never go back to the dark side.trust me.awesome.
  8. Just been put back from 2 crutch to 1 today mate.going really well but will be at least couple weeks yet.have a good ride ,catch you soon.
  9. Hopefully join you Andy and coggs ,providing I have a couple rides under my belt by then.
  10. Black hill ,ballarat ,vic
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