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  1. Great job frank.i know your gonna love will never go back to the dark me.awesome.
  2. Just been put back from 2 crutch to 1 today mate.going really well but will be at least couple weeks yet.have a good ride ,catch you soon.
  3. Hopefully join you Andy and coggs ,providing I have a couple rides under my belt by then.
  4. Black hill ,ballarat ,vic
  5. Hi Chris my name is Paul welcome.i have been on drz for about 2and half years riding almost every weekend.just want to say glad your healing well ,that looked nasty.i am still using crutches but got rid of my moon boot 2 days ago.i snapped my tib in 2 places and my fib 3 months ago ,and hope to be walking proper in a couple weeks.and back on bike very just to say I feel your pain mate.whatever bike you get ride it heaps(lots of rides going all the time)and enjoy.oh yeah I am 54 and it's my first broke bone ,it's crap whatever age hey.cheers.