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  1. cobraone

    mount cole 2 weeks in a row

    3 of us set off for mount cole for the 2nd sat in a row.(didn't get a report done for the 1st one).unlike the 1st sat we didn't have the advantage of trailmaker300 and his gps ,but an explore was sooo much fun.(I am getting some reasonable knowledge up there.)few bits of transition but some great favourites and some new tracks found for us awesome.started bit after 9 got back around 3.30 with around 60 on the clock.the last section was a quite rocky uphill I had wanted to achieve,so up I went with the other guys taking the rut that avoided the rocks(wish I had).but up I went over the first half easily(to my surprise).second half not so easy.but after a nice little flip and a bit of a nudge from the others the top was achieved .one other funny little incident.myself and the guy who bought my wr450 before switching to my beta 300,decided to swap bikes just before a great long rocky hill,with us both feeling out of sorts on other bikes ,we both failed.then swapped back and got up ok.(I don't miss the old girl).anyway thanks mojo and camo68 for a great that place for the tracks but also the awesome views at the top.cheers.
  2. cobraone

    Pyreenes rider seeking same.

    Welcome harry .good choice of bike .I have a 17 model .great bike.i am from ballarat ,3 of us went to mount Cole today.its awesome up there.if your ever keen send me a pm .cheers.
  3. cobraone

    Creswick 29/8

    Ah yeah an old favourite that one.
  4. cobraone

    Creswick 29/8

    Sounds like not.
  5. cobraone

    Creswick 29/8

    Boy you guys had a perfect day.which big hole we talking about.
  6. cobraone

    Barclay's sailors falls fun

    Thanks Barclay had a absolute ball mate.bit of everything,the views were as good as the ride.greasy as but sooo much fun.glad you know your way around ,I didn't know were we were.cheers again .
  7. cobraone

    Lal lal no rain ,almost.

    Not from me sorry.
  8. cobraone

    Lal lal no rain ,almost.

    Hate to say it but I think your right.we will do one soon.havent rode with you for awhile.
  9. cobraone

    Lal lal no rain ,almost.

    Hey there people.just a quick note,not really a ride report.but a few of us went out to lal lal Saturday ,despite the weather prodiction there were 2 five minute showers.a top day riding.but my point is in winter for some reason lal lal seems to miss a lot of the bad weather ,not sure why but it does.still a bit wet and greasy .to those that haven't been there ,give it a go .it's an awesome place to ride.and if it does rain heaps it's drains really well .just saying .cheers.
  10. cobraone

    Bayside Gas gas ride day

    Matt has 1 gp 300 model in shop ,no demo brand new.raceline ballarat.very nice.
  11. cobraone

    KTM Rubbish

    That first line says it all bear.
  12. not to sure if you just mean pictures on dirt riderz,but for what its worth my favourite all time photo was i think in an early australasian dirt was jeff emig at the mxdn in perth on a yz 125.he was railing a berm ,the left grip was dragging the ground ,but he was bum off seat with both feet on the pegs.unreal.
  13. cobraone

    E.O.I For Winter Merchandise

    keen on hoodie,maybe jacket.
  14. cobraone

    Hey Dirtriderz

    Welcome at84 nice bike.look out for wombat ,lal lal, Creswick,and if you don't mind a little longer drive mount Cole(awesome place). Cheers.
  15. cobraone

    350 riders

    300 2 banger 300 2 banger 300 2 banger 300 2 banger.just sayin, lol