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  1. Ravenswood bendigo yeah.?what an awesome track.i remember going up there early on to watch ashkenazi and company jump the creek ,unreal.
  2. Hey dazz I reckon you are so spot on mate.people dont want to wonder around a paddock, they want seats and cover and cafes ,not men like us who will walk around out in the weather all day hey.😁you are right though.
  3. Spot on with everything in your rant mate 😁,I think also if you look at road racing bikes(not that I do)and even some much less known sports ,the media love it when someone wins a world championship and then we can have a round here each year.so ,like reedy winning ama the media don't care it means nothing here,and even if reedy won the world's that time instead of coming 2nd I think in mx the cost would have been against a round in Oz every year.also like as mentioned when the 500s stopped here it started going downhill as the 250s took over.just a side not ,was anyone at Broadford the McFarland passed ,I was there with a nephew ,he was about 10 I think ,we were up the top of the hill not far from the spot ,pretty crap day.hate to say it but that was a rare time mx was in the media.not nice.
  4. great write up mate ,awesome stuff to have.ive got all trail n tracks thru that era ,love looking thru them.great names you listed there.one that always stood out at Broadford was in the a grade support class (500s early on)was ron dinsdale on a kx500, always won the class.the fastest a grader around that didn't race in the mr mx races.not early on anyway. Cheers.
  5. One of those guys would have either e or w .Eddie Warren i think he lives here.
  6. Yeah was pretty lucky to see it all when motocross in Australia was huge.im not aware of any video, but there's a couple vids on YouTube.a good one with Neil crompton voicing.he was the the man calling the races back then,pretty cool.
  7. Hey guys and girls ,just thought I'd start a post on mr mx for those old enough.so my 1st mr mx I think was maybe 1980,with the old man until I could drive myself in 83.it was a ritual for each year the drive to Broadford.wow ,Broadford was abuzz that weekend ,so many people, the bikes ,the riders ,the teams, the huge crowds.but the thing that I remember most ,the channel 7 Chopper overhead, and I got home by 6 o'clock to see it on the 7 news ,it was huge.those days are gone sadly, but the memories are there.i reckon some of you were probably standing near me on the fence yeah.cheers.
  8. I'm gonna say hopefully fact mate.but maybe furphy. But fact.🤣
  9. I'm the one with the open face.😁
  10. So ,i wish I had a mr mx photo from Broadford, loved going up there in early 80s.but do have this from Monza Park ballarat 81.i bought the new wcooled kx125,I think must have put new rings in ,but didn't realise you had to blead the air when filling coolant.it blew up on about lap2 I think.checkout the bikes ,the good old days hey.is that you dazz.
  11. I mean never have a tight problem.😁
  12. Mine has around 160 hours on it.never done anything but push the start button in all weather.warm it up for couple minutes take off and have fun.never had a tight problem.just sayin.cheers.
  13. Thats why I don't bring anything when I ride with you bear.🤣
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