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  1. cobraone

    Word Association...

  2. cobraone

    Get well soon Cobraone

    Thanks kindly Scott and bearmx,sorry just have to wait a bit longer to ride with you will happen.cheers.
  3. cobraone

    Get well soon Cobraone

    Thanks guys.just updated to a 19beta pete.o only got 30k in before this happened ,but a noticeable difference in the power and front hill yet.
  4. cobraone

    Get well soon Cobraone

    Thanks very much guys.broke the tib,and fib.had better days.just for the record the new bike felt awesome.thanks again much.
  5. cobraone

    Sailors Falls

    As always ian you attract the best group of guys on your rides.and the ride gets better everyone.little bit of bad luck with bear and pudmud,hope you guys will make the next one ,you will love it.thanks very much to sweeps.great day ,great tracks,great guys,thats all you need.cheers.
  6. cobraone

    Hello Sailor

  7. cobraone

    Dirtbike riders busted Herald/Sun

    It's just frustrating I guess.i spend a lot of time when not riding in the bush and the biggest things I see is rubbish(lots around my area) massive 4wd bog holes ,oh yeah and soany burnt out can't even notice were bikes have been.and we are the biggest problem,yeah right.i love the bush as we all do,wish they would realise that.
  8. cobraone

    Dirtbike riders busted Herald/Sun

    Never good when you have underworld word associated with you.i was just listening to Neil Mitchell in the car and he had a quick segment on it.been listening to him for few years and it's obvious he has never liked bikes ,that doesn't help.then about 4 or5 guys rang in to talk about the article.they all ride bikes.the first couple didn't do a real good job on our behalf.but the last 49 year old guy from Otway's did a great job explaining things .have to say I live on the edge of ballarat and 10 minutes from me in the bush there are so many spots ,some hard to get to of those push bike spots were they dig up huge holes to get the dirt to build those 20foot high square edge jumps,a and makeshift lean twos were they drink and party.then evevtually abandon them and leave a mess.never hear about that.just saying.
  9. cobraone

    Lal lal this Sunday 21st.very social lvl 3

    Top job tom.despite the incident it was a really fun guys are ace.okay Ryan you are now known as guys.a also tom that big hill we have all done but your first time up you made it look easier than I have see.ryan how were you so fast with bent bars and no front brake, job getting up that little rocky hill later on Phil.i intend to get up that next time ,hopefully lol.awesome job on the snags to ,thanks very much.
  10. cobraone

    Sailers Flows

    Another top sailors falls ride much fun mate.what a great bunch of guys ,some familiar faces couple new ones.nothin but fun all day.doin well Dave ,keep at it mate ,great attitude .that water hole did stink.still can't figure how trailz,went around it but still great day.
  11. cobraone

    Avoca ,big hills and bike issues .

    Zoom in on the first photo of Lindon being towed,the look on your face mate you look stuffed,how
  12. A shout out to bear for a pearl of a ride as always.12 turned up and what a great group of guys.also a ripper of a day,although bit dusty but still awesome .big long up hills and downhills ooh so great.t he last very long uphill seen 13 fwd s coming down , that was interesting.c couple of bike issues,one a lack of maintenance maybe (sprocket).one clutch issue ,one Yamaha 2stroke issue,(get a beta lol).best part of the day the zebra ,you are the funniest bloke ,thanks .thanks to all,especially stx for sweeping on a very dusty day.thanks don for the beer.until next time cheers.
  13. cobraone

    mount cole 2 weeks in a row

    3 of us set off for mount cole for the 2nd sat in a row.(didn't get a report done for the 1st one).unlike the 1st sat we didn't have the advantage of trailmaker300 and his gps ,but an explore was sooo much fun.(I am getting some reasonable knowledge up there.)few bits of transition but some great favourites and some new tracks found for us awesome.started bit after 9 got back around 3.30 with around 60 on the clock.the last section was a quite rocky uphill I had wanted to achieve,so up I went with the other guys taking the rut that avoided the rocks(wish I had).but up I went over the first half easily(to my surprise).second half not so easy.but after a nice little flip and a bit of a nudge from the others the top was achieved .one other funny little incident.myself and the guy who bought my wr450 before switching to my beta 300,decided to swap bikes just before a great long rocky hill,with us both feeling out of sorts on other bikes ,we both failed.then swapped back and got up ok.(I don't miss the old girl).anyway thanks mojo and camo68 for a great that place for the tracks but also the awesome views at the top.cheers.
  14. cobraone

    Pyreenes rider seeking same.

    Welcome harry .good choice of bike .I have a 17 model .great bike.i am from ballarat ,3 of us went to mount Cole today.its awesome up there.if your ever keen send me a pm .cheers.
  15. cobraone

    Creswick 29/8

    Ah yeah an old favourite that one.