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  1. Hey guys and girls just thought I'd try and boost the new TV deal ratings for the mx nats this Sunday from Wonthaggi.first time ever ,live coverage from 1pm till 3.30 pm this Sunday on sbs.its also on foxtel but not sure of details yet.this is if you can and boost the ratings.also the aorc series will have tv time but its delayed and highlights ,still something though.cheers.
  2. Hey damo ,welcome to dirtriderz mate,I don't have a wr200 but I am a ballarat lad,black hill.hope to ride with you soon mate.👍cheers.
  3. Scratched it and put a couple dents in the pipe.😆
  4. Is that you mate ,I just rode with.
  5. You were missed dazz. Catch up soon I hope.
  6. Mate it was awesome, I have the pleasure of being the only one to do a back-flip I reckon a 10.thanks to an amazing bunch of blokes for coming. Can't wait for the next one. Oh and raff I am kidding when I say a 1+ mate. 😂
  7. Welcome pat,i live in black hill.good advice ,jump on a whipsticks ride or 2 and see were your at.i do Creswick ,Enfield regular.hope to catch a ride with you soon.cheers.
  8. Mostly weet bix for brekky plus the occasional banana.water,a energy bar,and sometimes a tin of sardines during ride.get home wash bike then a 10 pack of Jim.but the healthy ones ,no sugar.😁
  9. Hey walkahz,bring that ex beta of mine up to Creswick sometime,i have a heap of tight ,with as many logs as you want mate.
  10. Yep agree.twin air no problems.
  11. Welcome,live in ballarat ,have riden ,or rode Enfield and lal lal heaps,know them well ,but not a level 4er I don't think .have fun riding with level 4ers .cheers mate.