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  1. 350 riders

    Hey frank just curious why you think a 2s won't work for you.. for what it's worth (not much) I will never go back to 4s.just saying.cheers.
  2. New knee braces.

    Thanks mate .could be heading thru that way soon.sounds great.much appreciated.thanks.
  3. New knee braces.

  4. New knee braces.

    Hi people.looking at purchasing new knee braces.only 1 shop that will have good stock in Ballarat ,but I would rather go elsewhere.can anybody suggest a shop that have a good range and are good at helping to fit them.prefer about a hundred K's from Ballarat roughly.cheers.
  5. Newbie

    Awesome .will be in touch.cheers.
  6. Newbie

    Hey there bush wood welcome.few of us do 5ways Creswick often.just did a couple of Enfield rides last couple weeks.will again shortly watch this space.cheers.
  7. Careful out there lads n ladies

    hey fully sick i reckon you hit the nail on the head .you read somewere there jump ,i say theres no theres or ours .its everybodys bush (long as your legal).i dont make a habit of riding the real obvious mtb tracks on the mb (i ride mtb to) but it belongs to all )the bush).the stupi thing is if it was a mtbiker he is putting other ones at risk.hope i see the loser doing something out there one day.cheers.doe typing error the word jump should not be in there.
  8. Cobras Creswick

    Yeah you shouldnt have that issue so soon mate ,good luck.
  9. Cobras Creswick

    Top day mate good to catch up.yes the betas have had better days.nice flowing ride when you could see lol.great bunch thanks for coming.just not sure who that 4s rider was hmmm .just the smart ass in me mate lol.thanks guys.bring on the rain.
  10. Resto

    All I want is a 125a7.

    great vid mate thanks for that.8 guys turned out for this ride.temp was pleasant at 9 when we took off.did a bit of flowing that soon turned to some tight into a gully which challenged some but also got everybody a bit onto some open to cool off.some great tracks a good 35 in and 3 decided it was getting a bit hot.(good call).the rest trucked on for awhile ,we stopped and had a bite to was decided we would head back via some nice tracks as the heat was getting up there .hope you all had fun and will return on a cooler day as i had much more planned.thanks to a top bunch.thanks troy sweep job well done.
  12. 2t oil injection

    just thought i would update after what happened to my bike however long ago that was.the oil injection incident happened at 20 hrs.since then i have just clocked a little over 100 more hours.hitting creswicksaturday then to the shop monday for refresh.have to say not a problem since.i do carry a saringe to draw out oil if needed ,and i am for sure more aware and check the oil line regular.but hey love the bike .um still love the oil inje despite.i guess some guys like it and some dont.cheers.katoman it was behind the left rear side(number)plate.
  13. just a short note on acouple rides done lately.3 of us did a mount cole trip i think boxing day.1st time for all we got hold of a 100k loop but decided 1st time cut it in half.what an awesome awesome place .you leave the car park and into hills in 30 seconds.some very rough steep down hills and awesome rock and tree root infested up hills.highlighted by beautiful views from the top.very challenging but oh so fun.a bit far for some but highly recommended.back to do the other 50k soon.also couple days later a mix of elaine and lal lal if you dont know elaine i would give it a go .compact area but lots of nice hills to practice on just a really fun area.cheers.
  14. Anyone keen for a ride tomorrow?

    Done Anglesea today mate doe