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  1. God damn guys that's looks like sooooo much fun,think I might have to get a dr650 .mmmm
  2. Hey bud ,my dad 2years ago , well done ,awesome .I will donate tomorrow ,fantastic.cheers.
  3. Is there anything you can't do bear lol.have to get on the next one up there ,it sounds awesome.w as that bear riding a husky.??
  4. If anyone's interested ,just watching the great escape with a couple frothys ,Steve McQueen in that scene on the bike ,awesome.a dirt biker classic.cheers.
  5. Just a heads up for anyone interested.toby price racing side by side championship this sat at Monza park ballarat10am.free entry.
  6. Absolute top day.weather ,ride,group,awesome.thanks ian for putting it on,riles for the lead ,kiwi for a great job of sweep.loved it,first time at cobaw,sure am going back there.worth the extra distance for me.thanks everybody.
  7. It's an awesome place to ride ian.
  8. the new beta race versions.kyb.
  9. Man ,gotta join you on the next one.
  10. Can't imagine how hard that must be..fantastic job.
  11. 4 of us headed off from opposite green Dale pub today.trailmaker300 lead us thru some of wombats finest.some very greasy tracks just staying upright was a challenge .met up with a motley looking crew at 3 sisters,some rough lookers but a nice bunch.lol.great to see you guys.finished the day with 80 under the belt and sore arms(the young bucks I was with maybe done it easier lol)wombat always delivers.cheers.
  12. Hope to get it before the weekend .for the ballarat dealer my bike is number 7 ,not good.feel bad for the dealers not getting full reimbursement for the full hours.
  13. Yeah I just hate missing a weekend of riding but least it's covered.i will question them about your idea frank.only done about 50 hours.
  14. Not sure how many have seen the YouTube vids or info on the main bearing failures on betas ,but mine went today about an hour and a half into the ride.it started quite mild but got real bad the 5ks back to the cars.in Monday for a fix under warranty.buggger ,but that's life.hope not to many others have the problem.cheers.
  15. No the one with the long dark hair and black dress.
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