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  1. Adding an (S)

    Very clever dazz.i like it.
  2. TBRiders Out West ride, Sat 18th

    Think you hit the nail on the head ,dont think about it just do it yeah.
  3. What are you watching on TV

    Walking dead all the way.westworld is great although bit hard to follow.fargo awesome.watching 2 sbs shows at the moment I highly recommend .Bosch ,top show.also cardinal.also do yourself. A favour and watch a British mini series river.theres an awesome twist 5 minutes into the first show.
  4. TBRiders Out West ride, Sat 18th

    I must say it surprised me a bit to that all went up that steep descent and all did it easy ,awesome job done by all.
  5. TBRiders Out West ride, Sat 18th

    Okay yes it was me who stuffed up deception hill .thank God you dropped it once dazz I was feeling lonely on the dropped it side of things lol.bugger noods, next time hey.thanks to all.hey dazz your right dazz great couple of fast sections in the middle there what a hoot .cheers.
  6. Resto

    hey there know i dont collect bikes but i have always said if i ever find a kx125a7 i gotta have it.not sure why but thats the only one i want.i have a t@t advert on the wall for the 125 250 420 a7 models ,they look awesome.going to broadford for the big vmx race this weekend .might find one,i reckon there the rarest model to get.cheers.
  7. Sorry that probably wasn't much help.hey I had one and loved it.only worry just heavy.
  8. It's a Yamaha .that's why I went beta.
  9. Lal lal

    Awesome job Chris. Thanks mate.
  10. Lal lal

    Thanks. There will be a next time cheers.
  11. Lal lal

    Next time mate.
  12. Lal lal

    Just a quick note thanks very much Riles Pete Chris Graham,great ride thanks guys. Had 5 good paced(well 4 and me) today so flowed nicely, creek crossings were awesome. So clear you could see every rock. The old knee is quite swollen and stiff but I feel great. Love that last bit bear mx. Thanks again guys. Until next time.
  13. Ballarat noob

    hi there mate .welcome.i am in black hill.just did creswick saturday,been doing a few rides around the area lately.will see if a ride suitable can be done in the next couple weeks watch this space.cheers.paul.
  14. Creswick magic.

    totally right on all points mick,just a bummer the way the world turns sometimes mick said still great vid wes ,good to have you along mate .cheers.
  15. Okay so polso, is looking g after this Spanish guy who wanted to bring his forks and shock. 1st airlines wanted 4500 dollars. Ahhhhhhh. 2nd airlines quantas, stuffed his flight up. So 3rd airlines emirates all good he is here Friday. His mate asked to come. Polso, has a bike for him but he arrives 9.00pm Saturday and wants to fly out 10.30 pm Sunday. Spanish there crazy. Lol. Bye.