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  1. Can't wait to hear your plan for that log pete lol.we have also gone down that hill with the same effect .
  2. not bragging pete but I have a bigger log than that lol.i call it superman log because one of the guys on a ride one day went over it and ended up with his legs spread straight back 2 feet above the seat.he saved it though.its up from the smiths camp ground,just before you go up that snotty rocky beast that takes you to the top of powerline.if your looking up powerline its to the right.love it up there.hope to make the next one.great report.
  3. Lol.nah I figure my heads worth a grand,some would say it's not.
  4. Recently bought the airoh ,1000 dollar job,cairoli replica.few bucks but don't know it's on your head so light,but more noticeable the fit is amazing.
  5. Please forgive me ian ,thanks so much for sweeping in the dust all day,awesome job.hey macca ,great effort mate ,iron man.
  6. Start this off with a bow to bear for an awesome tallarook ride.true to your word as always mate a great level. 2+.little bit of dust ,couple of flats ,a magnificent couple of stops at lookouts(what a view),and most of all the best bunch of blokes to ride with.some faces not seen for awhile ,and some new ones.thanks all for the BBQ.thanks again bear ,great to catch up ,been awhile.for sure going back there again,even if it is a fair drive.cheers.
  7. Not sure of your hight sporto ,but I am on the shorter side so the beta fits me(still fall over a lot doh).my local ballarat dealer has the 20 beta in stock now .totally new bike ,with counter balancer ,he will have a demo ready at end of week.bad for short guys the new one has a higher seat height..bugger.
  8. God damn guys that's looks like sooooo much fun,think I might have to get a dr650 .mmmm
  9. Hey bud ,my dad 2years ago , well done ,awesome .I will donate tomorrow ,fantastic.cheers.
  10. Is there anything you can't do bear lol.have to get on the next one up there ,it sounds awesome.w as that bear riding a husky.??
  11. If anyone's interested ,just watching the great escape with a couple frothys ,Steve McQueen in that scene on the bike ,awesome.a dirt biker classic.cheers.
  12. Just a heads up for anyone interested.toby price racing side by side championship this sat at Monza park ballarat10am.free entry.
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