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  1. Resto

    All I want is a 125a7.

    great vid mate thanks for that.8 guys turned out for this ride.temp was pleasant at 9 when we took off.did a bit of flowing that soon turned to some tight into a gully which challenged some but also got everybody a bit onto some open to cool off.some great tracks a good 35 in and 3 decided it was getting a bit hot.(good call).the rest trucked on for awhile ,we stopped and had a bite to was decided we would head back via some nice tracks as the heat was getting up there .hope you all had fun and will return on a cooler day as i had much more planned.thanks to a top bunch.thanks troy sweep job well done.
  3. 2t oil injection

    just thought i would update after what happened to my bike however long ago that was.the oil injection incident happened at 20 hrs.since then i have just clocked a little over 100 more hours.hitting creswicksaturday then to the shop monday for refresh.have to say not a problem since.i do carry a saringe to draw out oil if needed ,and i am for sure more aware and check the oil line regular.but hey love the bike .um still love the oil inje despite.i guess some guys like it and some dont.cheers.katoman it was behind the left rear side(number)plate.
  4. just a short note on acouple rides done lately.3 of us did a mount cole trip i think boxing day.1st time for all we got hold of a 100k loop but decided 1st time cut it in half.what an awesome awesome place .you leave the car park and into hills in 30 seconds.some very rough steep down hills and awesome rock and tree root infested up hills.highlighted by beautiful views from the top.very challenging but oh so fun.a bit far for some but highly recommended.back to do the other 50k soon.also couple days later a mix of elaine and lal lal if you dont know elaine i would give it a go .compact area but lots of nice hills to practice on just a really fun area.cheers.
  5. Anyone keen for a ride tomorrow?

    Done Anglesea today mate doe
  6. new to site

    Welcome jenko,i can't believe it I watch mx TV every week .the one time I stuff up the record time was today.ahhhh.
  7. Newbie - Gerald

    Welcome buddy.there will be no shortage of rides.cheers.
  8. The "Is How It Is" Thread

    for what its worth geoffro and admins lifes journey can sometimes not be easy but what you guys have created here is a great thing.for me personaly the last twelve months or so has been nothing short of awesome.a sight like this goes beyond just the riding(although still the best part).thank you geoffro and all the guys and girls i have met.only 1 regret.i didnt discover this sooner.cheers.
  9. Adding an (S)

    Very clever dazz.i like it.
  10. TBRiders Out West ride, Sat 18th

    Think you hit the nail on the head ,dont think about it just do it yeah.
  11. What are you watching on TV

    Walking dead all the way.westworld is great although bit hard to follow.fargo awesome.watching 2 sbs shows at the moment I highly recommend .Bosch ,top show.also cardinal.also do yourself. A favour and watch a British mini series river.theres an awesome twist 5 minutes into the first show.
  12. TBRiders Out West ride, Sat 18th

    I must say it surprised me a bit to that all went up that steep descent and all did it easy ,awesome job done by all.
  13. TBRiders Out West ride, Sat 18th

    Okay yes it was me who stuffed up deception hill .thank God you dropped it once dazz I was feeling lonely on the dropped it side of things lol.bugger noods, next time hey.thanks to all.hey dazz your right dazz great couple of fast sections in the middle there what a hoot .cheers.
  14. Resto

    hey there know i dont collect bikes but i have always said if i ever find a kx125a7 i gotta have it.not sure why but thats the only one i want.i have a t@t advert on the wall for the 125 250 420 a7 models ,they look awesome.going to broadford for the big vmx race this weekend .might find one,i reckon there the rarest model to get.cheers.