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  1. ๐Ÿ˜.i could practice 10 hours everyday for 12 months and not do that.
  2. Just started watching Romaniacs day 1, onto day 2.absalutely insane. Are these guys human.
  3. Your right Frank.. Had glasses for about 15 years. Stigmatism the problem, got told pretty quick no surgery, no contacts. It's a pain with glasses on rides as many will know, you get used to it, if it rains to much, back to car. Such is life, cheers.
  4. Enfield, Friday.
  5. That is one nice looking bike mate, for a beta ๐Ÿ˜welcome
  6. Paul is my name Rob, cheers.
  7. Hey there Rob, welcome to dirtriderz mate, you know I'm not gonna tell you and your son what bike to ride. I reckon you guys will figure it out, but I live in black hill Ballarat, I know Creswick fairly well. It's awesome, most likely heading out next weekend, send me a pm if Interested mate, be good to meet you, cheers.
  8. Matt had a new 21 300 in raceline couple days ago, he said the only one he'll get for awhile.
  9. bugger I feel so bad for you mate..had big problems with my 19 ,hence I am on ktm now..not gonna bag the beta ,I loved the bikes ,but got to the stage of will I have a trouble free ride.just seen a 21 at matts raceline ,very slick bike.again sorry for your troubles,hope you have a good run when fixed.
  10. Thanks buzz, bit of talk about the reliability of the tpi model, but your post says so much. I don't do near the hard stuff you do, but it gives me confidence in the bike, cheers.
  11. Well said. Had a drz 400 once, loved it, it was heaven putting feet on the ground too. Lol. But now look at look at me on my 2020 ktm 300. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿคง Dam I can't get rid of those last 2 heads.
  12. I would do it mate, but it would have to be enough to retire on. Mmmm. Good luck.
  13. Ah stuff it, not In lock down yet, but may soon be, so I like a bit of chocolate, an accasional Maccas, love a beer, after a ride, a few actually. 55 years old, work Crappy shift work for the last 34 years, do 40 minutes exercise a day, eat lots of veggies, and drink lots of water. Most importantly go riding every weekend, I ain't anything great, not vying for a championship or anything, just enjoying riding and life. But having said that, anybody striving to be healthier , go for it, I'm with you. Just a thought, cheers. Good on you trailz.
  14. your right ,they wont be a euro bike for sure ,but great to see a jap brand finally having a go(besides Yamaha)>hope its a trend.
  15. Nowhere to sit all your tools and bits. Anyway still a good setup. With the full platform when you put the rear wheel back on I just use a bit of wood underneath wheel, lift and push axle thru. Easy as. ๐Ÿ˜