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  1. Yeah I wouldn’t say I enjoy using one but until I know a loop well enough I have to rely on it
  2. Thanks guys was a good day only a few wrong turns so pretty successful day. It’s amazing how much quicker you can ride with a small group rather than say 10 running cornerman. I look forward to throwing up some more rides
  3. Thanks everyone for coming along and for the sweepers. I was a bit nervous leading my first ride running cornerman with dirtriderz but mostly went okay couple of wrong turns. I have to admit i was finding it difficult to focus on my GPS while pointing out corners but I’ll get better at this with each ride. Also will help me once I have a set loop that I get to know so relying less on the GPS. Thanks for everyone’s feedback during the day was good to hear your thoughts. I will definitely be throwing some more rides on next year so hopefully will see some of you again. Have a good Christmas and
  4. Thanks boys was a good day will definitely be putting up some more rides might struggle his year with all the Christmas shenanigans. The hardest bit I found was trying to link all the tracks so that it flows smoothly I do have a few other tracks I want to add but no way to loop them yet. I guess I Might do an explore ride to find a way.