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  1. My 501 is a great Ag bike. And if the cost of the bike is totally written off you may have a tax bill on the “profit “ when you sell it.
  2. You have to phone vic roads and book and pay for an appointment. Once you get a time and date (about 2 weeks) you take your full rego plates in to them and swap the rego over. A new rec reg plate is given to you there. No inspection is needed. Thanks mate I'll check it out.
  3. I want to go the other way, transfer full rego to rec rego. Anyone done this? Bugger all info on Vicroads website, might have to give them a visit. Anyone know the process?
  4. From memory Cam Taylor is a former Australian ( early 90s 125 champ)? and multi state MX champion, from juniors to seniors. He is the sort of rider that will make good use of a MX bike in the bush. I rest my case....
  5. From my experience with MX bikes back in the day, they are great in the bush if you are both very fast and very fit. They are not great in technical going and will punish any mistakes or fatigue. If you can ride full noise all day well and good, not so good for the average casual trailrider. It might be fine for 3-5 hours and as you get tired and slow down the bike will punish you and fatigue you. And the slower you get the more it will punish you... This applies to open going as well. If you check out the pro class at an enduro, there is a reason mostly only the very fast guys ride MXers,
  6. Knoxs Hillclimb I think they called it. Diamond Valley MCC used to run one up near Seymour. Not sure if either event is still running.
  7. Vsc10

    TAC Question

    A few years back I did some track days with Honda Riders Club at Phillip Island and Sandown. They would not allow slicks and enforced having mirrors and blinkers in place and you had to have full rego - the theory being you had to be fully street legal and therefore having TAC cover. Was a few years ago but could be worth asking the question. Plan b is that you crashed on a gazetted 4wd track....
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