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  1. dollar

    Tyres.... recommendations

    I really like it. When its wet I just keep letting air out til im happy with the amount of grip I have. The tubliss certainly helps in the wet.
  2. dollar

    Tyres.... recommendations

    Yep I use the battlcross X30 up front and the X40 in the rear. The bike is a 250 exc and I think this combo gives good grip and wear life for general vic riding.
  3. dollar

    Tyres.... recommendations

    I also recently switched to a tubliss and have to say being able to run low pressures when needed is a game changer. Lower pressure = more grip no matter what tyre or how worn. I didn't get one for the front as can't really see the benefit. I have the Bridgestone battlex intermediate in front and the harder one in the back and this works well for me