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  1. Yep they suck big time three broken and 12 fractures and six months off work, they said i was lucky not to puncture a lung. they still give me pain a few years downs the road 2 of the broken ones did not aline themselves.
  2. The main one I've looked into the ride is for 9 days so we would be looking min 2 weeks holiday over there possible 3 weeks to check out other stuff.
  3. Ah the old forgotten swing arm bolt no body ever grease's them up, Even a brand spanking bike should have there full suspension parts pulled apart and greased properly.
  4. Ive been checking out cambodia motorcycle tours as well we are looking at going sept-dec 18 or jan -feb 19 if anyone wants to come along.
  5. Hi all, Has anyone been to Cambodia lately for a dirt bike ride tour just after any tips on who to go with for the tours. Cheers
  6. Just make a booking the your local office and take the bike there just make sure it is all setup for REC REG as they will go over it and job done Everytime that i ring for a booking they say make sure you have a RWC, Dumb ass on phone don't know the rules sometimes.
  7. Sweet so throw what you like at em and call it a + ride
  8. Copied from ride grading section In addition to these, we will use the + symbol to indicate that the ride may be harder than the described base level. An example of this is 2+, meaning mostly level 2 terrain with parts level 3. Now i would just like to know how much level 3 terrain make it a 2+ ? one or two up/down hills, At a quicker pace , Would a level 3 at slower pace be a 2+ ride ? Or would a level 2 ride at a faster pace be a 2+ ?
  9. damige

    Big River ride

    Just in case your wondering what the empty paddock its thats where the Air Ambo came to pick me up at cumberland reserve
  10. WOW 12 months ago i was leading Cruiser's big river beginner ride and i never got to finish it due to a heart attack, A lot of things happened that day and a BIG thanks goes out to all as i was air lifted out to the Alfred. Well 12 months later i got to finish the ride and i had a ball, I've been out on the bike about half a dozen times since june and Thanks goes out to Rob for helping out with the tracks and Thank you to everyone that came out today as the weather improved and tracks dried out it was great, Some of the hills where above beginner level but everyone made it and i got a group pic at a tree that has become famous for me and the family So thank you for coming and heres a few pics.
  11. If your going for rec reg just make sure all the lights and horn work just in case the rego guy wants to see them working otherwise you will be going back you just never know, sometimes they don't look but if they do best be sure they work. Good luck
  12. Hi guys and gals its great reading all the reports and great to see you all picked up something from the ride, the real wet and slippery conditions really does teach riders a thing or two, Sometimes it can be a simple thing like looking further up a head and seeing someone stuck but looking around them and keep going instead of the old ride straight for them and get stuck, And down hills looking to the edges of the track can give more grip along with a bit more momentum helps to control the bike but the dreaded front brake on slippery stuff can be the worst enemy. I hope to be putting up another ride in a few weeks with some different trails in mind just hope the rain gods are better to us next time and i might change things about a bit. cheers damige And Thanks again Cruiser, Greasa, Paul, Luke and Aron and all the guys that helped out on the day and of course all the beginners
  13. As 2t4me said the basic tools for the your bike, double end axle spanners save weight and the air box can be used for storing some of your tools.
  14. Im just thinking it will help knowing for the few people running beginner rides to know who is who and it will help those as well just something i pick up on, On the the ride talking to people as beginners like to know who's who. Only trying help the beginners don't have to worry about the upper ride levels as they do there own stuff anyway
  15. Why not gust keep it to L1 and L2 anything above dosnt matter its more for the newbies ?
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