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  1. Thanks riles - ripper morning!
  2. Geoffro you’ve got me down as an order in your first post as 2xl But I’d also like a Small Both In Gunmetal / orange please Great work we plebs appreciate the time and effort that is put in!
  3. 2 please Gunmetal / orange 1x Xxl And 1x Small
  4. Wishy


    Oooooooo jerseys?! I’d be in for a couple of them and a jumper or two. Although it may clash with the lead / tail riders hi vis vest-Brightly coloured jerseys for visibility in the bush might be something to consider?
  5. Actually upon review.....The invitation stated there will be an ec250 and ec 300 to ride and then staff bikes available to view the accessories available The ride meet spot is just out of three bridges. Does anyone know of any good riding areas to explore afterwards?
  6. Bayside gas gas in Moorabin a.k.a. online racing spares (see photo) is holding a ride day up near three bridges in North East Victoria this Sunday They will have the 250 and 300 models - not sure which ones though. Although they do have the Gp 300 model as a demo in their shop I got onto it as I have been tyre kicking in their shop dreaming of a new bike and they mentioned it to me.
  7. Anyone else doing the bayside gas gas ride day this weekend? IMG_2175.HEIC
  8. Thanks for everyone's input above - so appreciated, just amazing. Update: checked float, cleaned jets and carbie again, went for a ride on sunday with the needle positioned one clip leaner and AS at 1.5 turns out. played with this a little and found 1.5 to be a good middle. bike def seemed to run better. Spoke with the mechanic who recommended and installed the jets / needle today. He advised to run a NECJ needle (keep the 168 main) and apologized as he got the year of the bike mixed up. He was quite good about it actually. FYI i only dropped the carbie off - not the bike as a whole. Going to throw the NECJ in and try again this weekend. On a side note, i have def learn a lot during this process. cheers wishy
  9. I just double checked my float level and from I can tell it was wrong. Ie hanging too low in the bowl Under no weight the float now sits flush - pic after setting it correctly (Also I cannot thank you enough for your assistance)
  10. Just checked. The needle is on three clips from the top. Not worth putting it on the forth from the top?
  11. Def keen on a hoodie / jacket and beanie
  12. So I’ve at least got the right jets as a general starting place. Will do, Thanks Cluffie!!!!!
  13. Just had my carbie cleaned and jetted with NECW needle (3rd position) 168 main 38 pilot jet - 2 turns out New Br7es plug (see photos of two new plugs after two rides this weekend) Motorex oil at 60:1 But it’s just not running right Oddly runs better when it’s warming up (ie first 10mins) Not responsive start to mid throttle, like it bogs, especially after slow riding, seems to run better after I can rev it out. So open fire trails Also cleaned out my tank and new fuel filter. Anyone had better luck tuning their 300-What settings should I start from? I’m a L3 hack who runs tighter trails, low revving rider, not on the pipe a lot.
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