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  1. Here is my year end video folks I hope you all enjoy it was a ton of work to make, a blend of motorcycles and scenery! Please share it if its worthy happy new year!
  2. Learn How To Do Nose Wheelies

    For anyone that wants to learn nose wheelies here ya go, please share if you enjoy the series! I have 6 episodes so far and plan on doing lots more hopefully covering a little something for everyone!
  3. Enduro Riding Lessons Series

    Hi folks I started up a series on my YT channel for enduro riding lessons so I hope some of you can get something out of them, they are a ton of work filmed, edited and produced by myself I also ride in them! Here is EP 1 with EP 2 ready for release this coming Friday! Thx
  4. Newest video posted Friday hope you all enjoy..
  5. Good Youtube Channels To Subscribe Too?

    Try mine all filmed off bike no gopro stuff...
  6. New video is now live.. (Friday)! Hope you all enjoy some scenery from BC, Canada!
  7. Here is my newest video I released yesterday hope you all enjoy it, I put about 30-40 hours into making this 7 minute video! I really enjoy making these small films please like, comment, share and subscribe! Thx HeddleTown
  8. HeddleTown YT Channel

    Newest video was out Friday guys its more CR500 action with some previews for my next video on my KTM 300 XCW as well I give thanks for the unbelievable views my last video is getting holy moly over 77,500 views in 4 weeks! Also you may want to check out my Instagram if you like motorbikes you should just have a quick look all photos are by myself with a tripod and time-lapse app! - https://www.instagram.com/heddletown/
  9. HeddleTown YT Channel

    HaHa Thanks, yes most of my buddies with 4 strokes run and hide when I bring that bike out... hehe I do own 4 strokes as well and love them but there just not even in the same ballpark!
  10. HeddleTown YT Channel

    Scottland .. google 'The Okanagan' its an amazing area full of lakes and thanks for the compliments I sure appreciate that the average person has no idea the amount of work that goes into making my style of videos I film it all alone EVERY shot not an easy task on a 500cc kick start bike (set up the camera.. push record run and start your bike..get off bike run to camera to keep file sizes to a minimum all while battling insane bugs and sweat)! lol If it were only as easy as the video PeteV posted above those videos are as easy as pushing the record button and going for a ride a task I tried multiple times and couldn't even break over 100 views I ended up deleting most of them from the channel they just don't show the beautiful scenery and the riding areas there a little like playing a video game..lol Not to take anything away from kids giving it 100% thats great I'm talking about the general population won't go for those videos.. I believe a combination with off bike and on bike filming shows whats going on best time will tell! Thx.
  11. HeddleTown YT Channel

    Thanks for the compliments Pete.. Ya that works I just saw those first few channels when you back out of this thread and thought it made sense to keep everything organized with a pinned thread for the more seriuos YouTubers or returning video users made sense to me! I would agree some may not be more important than others but some may hope to offer the community thier 40+ years of riding experience and offer vast motorcycle knowledge at a professional level may be slightly more important than the kids filming garbage can crashes or chasing thier dogs with their GoPros on their first dirt bike ride! LOL
  12. HeddleTown YT Channel

    Hi guys here is my most recent video on my Honda CR500AF. I wonder mods if I do lots of shares maybe could you pin a thread for me possibly!? http://bit.ly/HeddleTown_YT https://www.instagram.com/heddletown/ My newest vid..
  13. Canada Retired Pro FMX

    Howdy everyone just wanted to say hi from BC, Canada retired pro rider FMX'er that's now turning to YouTube to share my adventures in an Adam Riemann kind of way.. my newest video is doing very well with near 50,000 views in just a few weeks! See some of my antics at Instagram or YouTube Thanks and enjoy! YouTube - http://bit.ly/CR500AF Insta - https://www.instagram.com/heddletown/