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  1. Lol good luck finding a place to camp
  2. Welcome aboard hoping to see you out there soon
  3. Did my 25 km radius ride Friday tracks were good couple of other groups out .Thanks to my riding buddy for coming with me shoulders were sore after 2 hrs tho need more riding time to get ride fit again hopefully all members will be on the bike in the next week or two.
  4. Its a massive shire almost reaching woods point
  5. The only thing is up to 10 people outside but must be from no more than two households. This sucks most of us don't live with each other therefore only two can ride and if someone gets hurt no one can wait with injured rider while other person seeks help. Really hamstringing us with all these rules. Also cant ride with anyone out side of metro in my 25 km radius wow wow might play tennis instead
  6. I've got a rider coming out with me on Friday. Will be an explore ride haven't ridden that area for a while.
  7. Just looked up vic gov web site for my 25 km radius from my house. Looks like i will be riding Friday for sure can get to Hackett's rd. and from there get heaps of tracks all the way down pass Gembrook ..
  8. Agree with Cruiser on parking some good tight stuff on right hand side and some training enduro stuff further down on the left.
  9. I've turned in to a alcoholic over covid just doing jobs around the house and knocking back cans all day
  10. lost 10 kegs over covid but last 3 weeks slacked off put on 3 kilos need to get back on it to be in ship shape for the return of riding more jds over the weekends
  11. Think that was the ride when cruiser had no pants on and was ready to ride away lol funny as.....
  12. Sure that was me ... Can remember the ride almost took out Cruiser .But cant recall me eating all the dim sims
  13. 5 bikes rego 1 trailer and caravan plus insurances not to mention 2020 warranty just ticking away .Oh well try to think about something else
  14. Good for all those one eyed KTM lovers
  15. We will run one as soon as this madness is over