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  1. What a great day fantastic to see so many riders Firstly thanks Bruce for your help all day down back and giving out valuable advice when required.. Not much to do down back on this ride all very capable riders...big thanks to egg,splints,macca and the mods for the meat and bread well done. Special mentions to the two guys on dr650 and the mad guy on the Honda Africa what great riders this trio was..I hope the two gentlemen that retired because of injury hope your back is ok and your recovery is swift. Lastly let's all have a fantastic christmas give freely to your fellow man stay healthy ride safe and most of all let's all take a deep breath regroup and once again become one happy riding group this is my wish for Christmas..All members and riders i love and enjoy your company hopefully see everyone real soon...
  2. Quick update on new bike 121 km ride all within local gov restrictions . Bike went well mix of tech tracks and open stuff. Pros good on fuel 121 km with out running out tank is 9.1 lt yet to top up tank so don't know exactly how far I can go yet.Power well there a hand full in certain areas but the delivery of power is smooth and predictable. Cons tyres are a bit sketchy and will be changed soon.Suspension is a little hard atm but should settle in after a few more rides. All in all very happy with bike
  3. Well the beta 2022 480 has landed and I must say pretty happy so far have done a 130 km break in ride all inside my radius of course. One thing I notice was a lack of engine breaking compared to my old 449 husky . I found this out quickly in the first couple of corners but maybe this will be a good thing and will make it faster and smoother in the tighter stuff. Can't wait to give it a proper ride as soon as lockdown ends.
  4. I just ask my brother for a push strapless
  5. You won it in my camp site mate I will take the back tyre thanks
  6. Two weeks to go and will be on a beta 480 trail hack
  7. stinky

    2T Suspension

    Just keep your feet on the pegs and ride the thing honestly if ya not racing just leave it
  8. Great report Harry great day on the bikes.This ride will have some challenges for some I hope. A few long descents good level 2.5 plus hill climbs a couple of harder section which can be a option if needed but will be satisfying if completed. Good tyres are a must and perfect bikes .brake pads tools and the ability to fix flat tyre if required .
  9. Big shout out to Murdoch for putting on ride ...Great company of people with a range of riding skills which surprisingly suits the whole area we were in something for everyone there...Great ride on Saturday well led by bushy and sweeping all day by a good fellow in Andy 350. Sunday had a go at Murdoch's track first attempt not that good but the second go had me up and around the log and my eye fixed on getting to the top .but forgot my skills and flipped my bike i prefer to call it a pivot turn .... i will get that track next time .Then it was off with Splits on his 1.5 route this was a terrific ride with some really great tracks .... there will be some challenging tracks throughout this ride .But what really stood out was the skill level of the riders on this ride... i was lucky enough to sweep and saw two lady riders just riding perfect lines all day well done girls you smashed it ..ALL in all a great weekend with awesome people thanks to everyone who attended you make dirt bike riding fun. Until next time stay safe..
  10. Just a quick shout out to all of my dirtriderz family have a awesome Christmas and a safe new year see you all on the bikes soon
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