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  1. Sweet trails about 90 km of goodness ...Great company fellas everyone rode awesome thanks.. Big thanks to Habs and stef aka the burger with the lot for lead and sweep duties also the fast old man for sweeping the last loop...Will always be on the lookout for another ride up here.
  2. Pick it was Andy love to tag along next time on the dominator
  3. Good ride with mostly nice tight tracks . Dust wasn't to bad no sweep duties to perform all day with all riders more than capable at that level . Thanks greasa for posting yet another great ride.
  4. Massive thanks Jay for putting on a awesome weekend to all the riders thanks it was great riding by all. But my highlight was listening to Andy at the top of track 13 hill well done solid riding all weekend mate
  5. Thanks Andy for a great day on the bikes. .Also thanks to all riders pace was good all day no real sweep duties.Dust was heavy in some spots and a couple of times a complete white out. thanks to the guys that supplied food and drinks.
  6. Thanks for a great ride guys was a little dusty down back. The only time i ventured to the front to get some clean air i almost took out the lead rider...PS loved your bike citrus Dave....
  7. What a great day no rain and not that cold but in true noojee fashion tracks were slick this time of year good time to get your drift on.Thanks harry for leading a great ride and also the use of your riding ranch.To all the riders thanks for a trouble free ride with good pace all day and no bike dramas. haha sweep did nothing all day because skill level was good so no assistance was needed.Thanks again cant wait for the next one maybe i will summit the widow maker when it drys out .
  8. simple run a grading day were you turn up at a location which has all 4 levels go out and try certain tracks and if you are able to ride the level well that is the level you are.
  9. Great ride mate had a ball got hung up a few times and a flip .But sick tracks and good company O also thanks for that massive fill in still got grit in me mouth hahaha.Well lead ride
  10. wow saw you limping when changing tube shit mate hope all heals up for you
  11. sweet hoff300 all good catch up for some more banter soon
  12. can i do level 3 or to hard whats the difference from Sunday
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