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  1. Looks like it was a great ride weekend sorry i had to pull out hope you run one real soon
  2. Good luck with your recovery from a fellow 449 rider .DONT FORGET LIFE IS FINE ON A 449
  3. Thanks Harry for leading a top ride no real sweep duties to be done with more than capable riders attending.Big thanks for the riders giving me a chop out with sweep duties on some of the hills you guys know who you are so thanks..First up citrus Dave's bike failed to start on the button so it was kick start all day got it sorted next day tho which was good news ...Start of ride proved tricky for some with greasy conditions on the first hill as we got to the top there was Badger with a gearbox issue so it was a tow back to main road ...hope all goes well for the repair mate we owe you a return ride next time so you will be a automatic starter mate ...Once harry returned we were off again with the group moving well through the tracks.At the bottom of Lego hill there is a tricky part were you go around a log across the track and to my surprise i watched citrus Dave launch his kato right over it well done style points..Then it was off to a level 3 optional hill which most guys had a go at well done to all for getting to the top.A couple of tracks later we came upon a section with heaps of shallow water crossings all was fine until i heard RIDER say that may be deep on the left almost had to deploy the floaties on that one. One guy ran out of rear brakes so we headed back to Harrys .Thanks to all for coming it was a great day and a ripper night i took myself to bed fairly early and left the rest of the boys to enjoy there night.
  4. stinky

    WOMBAT 2+

    Thanks Andy for staging a ripper ride great tracks and that nice hill climb that i didn't quite get ,As soon as i can stand on me pegs im gunna go back and ride all of those 3 hills this wrist is giving me trouble since goughs bay.. Thanks badger for sweeping and Ian for the early escort back to the cars..Well done krusty for piloting his kato to the top not once but twice.Big thanks to all riders for making it a great day ..last of all thanks Harry for the snags and the cooking it was good to have a chat with you boys after the ride till next time
  5. Thanks all for a great ride perfect day with no sweep duties too be done...I did enjoy watching badgers yammi doing 360s on the ground thanks mate for helping out with sweep duties..Great effort pepper for running this ride very organised thanks Ian for leading also ..thought the contact numbers page you did is a must and big thanks to Andy for the cookout....
  6. haha need to have a tech share ride were riders can share and help others with stuff like go-pros,radios,GPS,plb and other stuff
  7. Im keen also... got two 5 watt hand held units and a garmin 650 rino
  8. Had a great ride with great company no dramas all day .My wrist is still keeping me firmly planted on the seat atm over 2 months and still sore ..But thanks to gypsy's shinko tyre i got traction all day long in all conditions will be getting some more of those. Big thanks to harry for posting a ride from his property its so good to relax after a ride in front of a nice fire. Thanks all for my birthday wishes...
  9. Nice footage Andy catch you on the next one ....lol shame file
  10. Bummer about ride this is a great ride we have done heaps of times and is a great level two blast
  11. Sweet trails about 90 km of goodness ...Great company fellas everyone rode awesome thanks.. Big thanks to Habs and stef aka the burger with the lot for lead and sweep duties also the fast old man for sweeping the last loop...Will always be on the lookout for another ride up here.
  12. Pick it was Andy love to tag along next time on the dominator
  13. Good ride with mostly nice tight tracks . Dust wasn't to bad no sweep duties to perform all day with all riders more than capable at that level . Thanks greasa for posting yet another great ride.
  14. Massive thanks Jay for putting on a awesome weekend to all the riders thanks it was great riding by all. But my highlight was listening to Andy at the top of track 13 hill well done solid riding all weekend mate
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