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  1. dim sims go down ok i heard
  2. Great video loved the end it flew so gracefully.
  3. Yes that last section was awesome until that little tree jumped out in front of me no damaged so got straight back into it.Thanks britto and egg for a fantastic day also for the higher level riders for getting on board it lifts the pace also a chance to check out the gun riders.All riders rode awesome and it was a great benefit to everyone.Had a couple of stacks one into a tight left hand turn and the other poor line choice and lack of skills saw me snapping a tree in half as i rolled down the hill.After rolling down the hill for another crack i heard Harry Daggers laughing his arse off.By the way hats off bro great hill climb up that rocky hill.Last of all thanks gypsy for trying all day to stay with the beta 300 now i know why you hate them so much.
  4. Gettin a tugger strap and staying away from ANDY
  5. Done about 6 4day high country rides on two bangers.Went out and got a 450 like cluffie said the engine braking on the big decents helps also the vibrations and high speeds over a long distance wears you out we average about 180 km per day. Fuel has never been a issue because we have a fuel drop half way around.each day.I also find its more stable at higher speeds but i think its got to do with the weight of the bike
  6. No spoke tension with standard wheels need to be re laced and hand finished imo
  7. The guy who owns the property said norm watts cut a heap in with his son
  8. Had six rides on my 2020 300 rr rode this weekend at valencia creek rocky and step terrain rode with some very good riders thank god this bike is so good it help me out a few times...
  9. DEUTER are the go had mine for many years then updated for no reason gave my old one to Harry and its still going strong cant fault them.
  10. Put out the good silverware the Worthingtons are coming...lol
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