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  1. Andy350

    Space Blankets

    I better add one to my backpack then [emoji12]
  2. These are the times I wish I still had my DRZ what a pisser [emoji12]Come across a couple of young locals at Wedderburn wearing there flanno armour and blunnies few years back they were nuckin futs on 2 wheels.
  3. Im gonna get more bling Michael cause I still can’t keep up with you.
  4. Gday Dazz,in answer to your question I first used Pythagoras Theorem to work out the required circumference then set up my specialist lathe which comes with heat/spark resistant paper towel bearing holder to create a new tool to avoid another frustrating gumby moment which involved some swearing a stubby grunting bit more swearing a cigie and then call BearMX to tell him how I failed to follow one of his instruction steps. So all banter aside it worked a treat.
  5. Haven’t tried it yet mate just unpacked and set it up. IanM has one and said it does the job apart from needing some leg extensions welded on,thats my next job on the list.
  6. Replace front wheel bearings/Oil change/Replace Gear Lever,{It is a known fact that anodized bling parts improve your riding well at least you look like you know what your doing},Air filter/Replace frame padding on bash plate/Assemble Torpedo7 bead breaker. Thanks to BearMX for his tip to remove my punch bearing due to not grinding it back before hand absolute Gumby moment and TrailZ for lending bearing slide hammer.
  7. Welcome Will [emoji106]
  8. Very nice Frank [emoji108]
  9. Thanks very much mate that will get us closer to our goal and I get to ride the Pines. I have dropped a link on your ride post.
  10. Ill second that,stop there quite often and they offered to fill my camelbak aswell. Outside seating makes it more comfortable with water leaking out of your boots too.
  11. I don’t wear that much mascara especially when i ride I find that it runs a bit when I sweat [emoji29]
  12. Sorry dont know what happened there tried to post individual vids but kept posting the channel oops