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  1. Welcome Barry [emoji106]
  2. After hearing the news and texting you earlier mate I didnt tealise the severity of your injuries until reading this post. Let me know if you need anything brother. More than happy to drop off anything you need. [emoji123][emoji173]️
  3. Gday mate, I contacted Wyndham council couple weeks back and there reply was its a no go zone and patrolled by police.
  4. Fingers crossed 🤞 Dazzler. Be good to catch up [emoji106]
  5. Welcome Fabio[emoji106]
  6. Cleaned all my air filters-Silicone sprayed-Dropped old fuel-Pumped up tyres-Oiled chain. Took it for a street rap and nice to twist the throttle [emoji106]
  7. Welcome to DirtriderZ Ty [emoji106]
  8. There is a detailed explanation on the net I found from a fella a while back that explains the whole process and what you need to buy if you enter the key words from @2t4me link.
  9. That is a good option Dusty especially using Locus maps with directional arrows so you dont reverse loop when crossing over your path and full colour with big touch screen [emoji106]
  10. I use a Garmin Ettex 30x but would like @maccastrewth 64 model.
  11. Welcome Rob [emoji106]
  12. Welcome [emoji106]
  13. We can’t wait bro [emoji41]