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  1. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Good on ya fellas. I wish i had the talent and experience to attempt Romaniacs. I ran into a plumber on site called Dean Fitzsimons who finished i think 7th iron class. Not bad for a bloke in his early forties,he said he was chasing three younger blokes with not much success but at the end of the day he finished the course and had a holiday afterwards. Very Jealous Best of luck [emoji108]
  2. Goldentyre 216AA

    I'll have to keep an eye out for Roman and Teasdale. It would be an awesome feeling to overtake Jarvis. Not in my lifetime thats for sure.
  3. Goldentyre 216AA

    No issues there ha ha
  4. Goldentyre 216AA

    Graheme Jarvis uses Golden Tyre but i think he could use trolley tyres and still impress [emoji3]
  5. Hi everyone

    Welcome Mark [emoji106]
  6. Forgot to mention choice originally did my suspension set up which included lowering/heavy duty valves in front and heavier weight rear spring set to my weight.
  7. Its coming up to 50 hrs now with original oil. Beau at choice suspension told me will basically be foam instead of oil and im due for a service as you said. Im comfortable with other servicing except for suspension. He reckons $550.00 front and rear. Thanks for the tips on cleaning the forks mate,much appreciated [emoji106]and ill have to buy some dust covers [emoji3]
  8. Ive gotta blame someone [emoji4]
  9. That larger stain next to it is the rest of the oil. Stupid me has never cleaned the seals. The suspension hasnt been touched for 3 years so im gonna book a service due to my past experiments with adjusting this stuff hasnt gone well. Never had these issues my tank (DRZ). [emoji2]
  10. Got home with new chain sprockets chain guard only to find my fork oil was now in my concrete not the fork. As Bear Mx said(KTM ride on sunday eftpos on monday ha ha
  11. Inspiring Mini Documentary

    Like he said. (Get on with ridin or get on with diein). BRAAAAP..!!!
  12. Inspiring Mini Documentary

    I just took my kids to training and joined in. I was feeling a bit inadequate ofter watching those two legends. [emoji2]
  13. Inspiring Mini Documentary

    Just found this pearler on Traction Erag. These two blokes are my new enduro gurus. Well worth a watch. [emoji108]
  14. Too true Noodle. Too true. Lovin the hot weather but bring on autumn [emoji106]