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  1. The folding hand saw has become quite popular as i carry one myself and most of the rides on here have hopefully been scouted by ride leaders within DELWP regulations prior to posting a ride. In other words the loop has been prepared for the days riding. Definitely appreciate your thoughts and ideals. If the loop hasn’t been investigated the leader will generally receive instant feedback in the way of banter/OMFG and a very tired disgruntled sweep rider [emoji1787][emoji106]
  2. Thank you for your hard work Bruce and Co,Please say hi to (Co) for me i haven’t seen him for a few years [emoji108][emoji106]
  3. Very Niiiiice congrats Miranda [emoji108]
  4. Well bloody done brother,very sexy [emoji108]
  5. The Tyre Fairy aka @Geoffro payed me a visit today. Now we just need to be released so i can use em [emoji106]
  6. Best of luck mate,you’ve worked bloody hard and i wish my life circumstances were different because I would love to join you in ticking this event off my midlife bucket list aswell. Believe in yourself and you will succeed BOOYAA [emoji108]
  7. YEAH BABY WOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much dirtriderZ/Geoffro and Shinko for your sponsorship and awesome tyres much appreciated. My old 350 Princess will love a new set of shinko shoes. The Emelda Marcos of Katos now [emoji38][emoji106][emoji108]
  8. Welcome to DirtriderZ Ned,you will find plenty of experienced riders here to help you out and if we ever get out of lockdown [mention=1186]Bear[/mention] and I have some more L1 L2 rides planned [emoji106]
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