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  1. The physio pops your vertebrae in place aswell which is what they do to me
  2. I have a intermittent bludging disc. The first physio I saw 10 years ago told me forget chiros,they sign you up for an ongoing program where we can help you quickly. He wasn’t wrong I walked out of his clinic 2inches taller all fixed. I see them every couple years and bingo bango every time.
  3. KTM are one of few that have made consistent major engineering changes to each model regarding weight loss and handling rather than as you said graphics changes. Gotta give them that much [emoji106]
  4. [mention=326]splints[/mention] I reckon a 250tpi would be great for you. The 300tpi has a shite load of power as [mention=1186]Bear[/mention] pointed out to me. My whiskey throttle moments would not work out well im thinking as an old mate found out when he instantly turned a dry creek bed wall into a MX jump and the only way we found him was due to his unconscious koala mating sounds after he became good friends with a wooden DSE fence. The front wheel was moulded into the wire. Bloody dirt bikes hey [emoji23] One more thing Geoff,I have had a go on the 300 and 250 but I do long distance high country riding as well as tight stuff. If your looking at doing some fast long haul destination rides then the 2t will be revving its butt off. Your 350 does both buddy. All hail the treefiddy [emoji23]
  5. No problem Jeff will do [emoji106]
  6. Glad you had fun and wanting to come back for another ride Jeff/Geoff not sure on the spelling haha. Good to meet you [emoji106]
  7. I arrived early as I normally do so I can take my time gearing up. The rest of the crew filtering in one after the other seeing past and many new DirtriderZ members which was great. I spent Saturday arvo prepping the bike and fitting a new shoe to the front wheel. After all that the lithium battery come ride day in 0 degrees didn’t want a bar of it so jumper leads onto the ute followed by [mention=6516]Ruger[/mention] bike both firing hallelujah. I started doing a head count before departure we were down one rider so waited 20 minutes then I asked who has reception to check DirtriderZ seeing a late PM that they cant make it. Off we went into a slippery tight Whipstix testing some riders tyres and brakes with the usual slippery roots along the way. [mention=3299]Kennyb[/mention] generously offered Saturday night to sweep the ride thanks very much mate [emoji108] The crew flowed really well with minimal hiccups considering some sections were verging on L2 due to conditions. We had a few breaks to have a chin wag over a 41k loop returning to the cars. There were many bike/riding related questions yesterday which was great and all part of these rides. [mention=3299]Kennyb[/mention] [mention=5126]ktm3002t[/mention]/speed racer and myself headed back out following Kennyb/Jarvis (at what point did you turn into a fast mountain goat [emoji3]) putting down 17ks in a fast blast with creek tight and play hills. The day was to test my shoulder out which is great but came home with a corked leg. Great day out though and thanks all for coming for a ride. See yas out there [emoji106]
  8. Welcome to DirtriderZ,plenty of Tallarook rides to join in the fun [emoji106]
  9. Im recovering from a seperated AC joint @toysrus maybe karma applies here. I remember handing you a beer post ride that day but didn’t realise the extent of the injury.
  10. It was me,and ill be buying a tug strap this weekend. So sorry mate...!!!!!
  11. Great vid mate,love the tracks [emoji106]
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