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  1. RCHA Wombat 1+ 8/4

    Busy tonight so i will make donation 2moro including bbq donation.
  2. RCHA Wombat 1+ 8/4

  3. RCHA Wombat 1+ 8/4

    Wombat didn't disappoint again today with top weather and loops. Thank you Barclay for putting in the extra hours this week to surprise us with a flowing return loop with little transport sections. Thanks Coggs for the burgers and beers much appreciated and to all the riders who supported the cause today. You missed out today Bear but Rainbow would be nice [emoji3]. The ride flowed very well considering talcum powder dust bit like riding on clay in parts. After the Bbq and froffies Barclay and i headed out for an arvo loop of 25ks to explore some future 2+ tracks which included a visit to the bowl and some additional scratches on Barclays bike and i realised the second beer may have been the reason I clipped a tree and shot off the track and then jumped what i thought was an invisible tree stump that didnt end well. Oh and i hit a track gate. I blame Dale for telling me my bike looked new before the ride [emoji23] [emoji106]
  4. Newbie

    Probably not your ride then clarky. Look at the level 3 to 3+ rides.
  5. Newbie

    Gday Clarky welcome. There is a lower level ride at Wombat to start on this Sunday.
  6. Wombat L1+

    Even though DRZ,s are water cooled lol
  7. Wombat L1+

    The DRZ legend lives on ...!!!!
  8. Wombat L1+

    You should have dropped in for a taste.
  9. Wombat L1+

    Great pics Trailz. Thanks buddy [emoji106]
  10. Wombat L1+

    its a Happy Easter so far. Happy Easter to you to Thumper thanks mate. Ill have to organise a winter camping trip and bring the little spit. Aaaaaah spit [emoji106][emoji324][emoji481][emoji481][emoji481]
  11. Wombat L1+

    I own a orange kettle
  12. Wombat L1+

    Yes i have to thank Bear and Barclay for helping with the loop. Great posts fellas. What a brilliant enduro community.
  13. Wombat L1+

    Thanks Cluffie. My first posted ride and hopefully more to come [emoji106]
  14. Wombat L1+

  15. Wombat L1+

    This was the unfortunately I must be getting older and I need to buy a GPS ride. 12 of us headed out this morning in great weather with a sightseeing stop at Colbrook reservoir and check Geoffro,s rear brake issue, from there we stayed on track through to Nolans picnic ground for a break then IanM showed us an enjoyable bonus hill which a few of us tried and conquered. Now from here is when I started to realise that my memory isn't what it used to be and after a couple dead ends wrong turns and a gully thrown in we ended up making our way home with 60k's down and a couple of beers to finish. Good to catch up with some members and also meet some new ones. Thank you BesrMX for sweep duties today. We should be ok next Sunday Ha Ha