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  1. Welcome to DirtriderZ Jim and awesome to offer leading a ride. Top bike BTW HAHA [emoji106]
  2. Great reports guys,sounds like a top ride and thank you so much for your effort and time to put it together much appreciated. What a spew splints long way to go you poor bugger. Bear and myself are heading up next Saturday to run the 2+ again depending if you can be bothered two weeks in a row. Awesome guys @Harrydaggers @Splints @stinky , not long to go now [emoji108][emoji106]
  3. Hello @Baldeagle_89 are you there [emoji3]
  4. Welcome to DirtriderZ Pat,Planning on posting up a beginner ride at Whipstix again. Probably wont be till after the BD ride in March. I know theres some other riders around your level who may offer to run you around Whipstix for the day. Hope they see this thread [emoji106]
  5. New rear break disc,chain sprockets. Credit: Break cleaner part cleaning idea @Bear [emoji108]
  6. Looks like fun [emoji106]
  7. 3rd vote for Twin Air, I run 4 filters so I dont have to clean them as often. Only had one slight tear off to the side from aggressive cleaning I use kero instead of petrol as its too harsh on the filters. No Toil is a great product but they suggest starting to use the product with fresh filters as its not a petroleum based cleaner. Not gonna buy another filter lol [emoji106] You can borrow my glasses Vince [emoji23]
  8. Andy350


    Apparently share prices went from $17.40 to over $300
  9. Andy350


    Ok now I see. He is the chosen one. Otherwise known as Neo from the MATRIX. I will be following closely [emoji6]
  10. Andy350


    Apocalypse.....WHAT THA.... Please divulge? Curious 🤨
  11. Agree with Gypsy, been using this chain for years [emoji106] im due for chain and sprockets and will be buying the same.
  12. Love ya work bro [emoji123][emoji108][emoji3]
  13. Well as always I had an awesome outlet to be free of the everyday grind whether it be riding socialising or heading off with [mention=6067]Murdoch[/mention] Friday arvo to gather firewood for the weekend which was a release in itself. While gathering wood at one of many spots,this time it was a valley where I threw the logs down to save carrying them. Unfortunately Murdochs ute was parked at the bottom and one log flew straight towards his ute with a bang,Me stressing like hell and Murdoch cacking himself saying dont stress it all ended with the log underneath and us pissing ourselves while e
  14. No sorry mate,youtube or if your not sure take to qualified mechanic [emoji106]