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  1. Performance comes at a cost [emoji3] Nice bike choice with the 3fiddy by the way [emoji108]
  2. Welcome aboard Ruttailer,I think the 2T’s are making a comeback and a swing of power is imminent. Go the 4T’s haha.
  3. Oh and I forgot to thank Uncle Keith for the use of his property [emoji108]
  4. Big shout out to Greasa15 for all his hard work and everyone else pre riding leads sweeps and participants who have donated time and money, also we just cracked the $3k mark thanks to members donations at the last BBQ....!!!! Keep up the good work because April isn't over yet.
  5. Happy Birthday Dusty [emoji106]
  6. Bloody great ride reports guys,ill fix you up with the cash next time I see ya’s [emoji3] I had a blast myself yesterday with a good bunch of DirtriderZ who all knew there way around a bike,thank you again IanM (human GPS) and I hope Mr Fox has some footage of my orange stallion rearing up on one of the hills. Theres always a lot of talk about not passing the lead on a ride but Harry got a surprise while sweeping when I passed him wearing the lead vest due to me exploring a nice track not on the loop while IanM continued on with the loop well thats my excuse. The festivities continued at the pub with a couple too many froffies which had to be absorbed with a schnitzel. I will definitely post some vid this time but it will be from Monday loop same same. Thank you to Harry for sweep duties and comedic abilities [emoji23] Thats all,see ya’s on the next ride peeps 🤙
  7. I see what you mean Frank,he seams to be having a terrible time on that brilliant piece of engineering [emoji3]
  8. Got some good footage just short of time to upload. I will try my best [emoji106]
  9. Grouse vid Mick [emoji108]
  10. Wow Frank,thanks for the compliments mate,you pretty much covered everything in your ride report. Couple things I will say is once again to everyone who attended and donated for this ride,Kuller for eating our dust all day in the sweep position and a big shout out to IanM who did the pre ride with me and shared his GPS brain oh and Pepperjack for bringing bread onions and WESTERN STAR butter. I also had a ball during and after the ride with fellow members. $45.00 raised from the BBQ plus online donations and in conclusion we get to do it all over again on ANZAC DAY to whoever is interested but this time without the BBQ as I will probably stop in for a couple froffies at the pub if anyone’s keen ☹️.
  11. Haha, probably few years away for me but at least we’re starting a ride list
  12. We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. George Bernard Shaw
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