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  1. Lal lal

    Nice one fellas. [emoji106]
  2. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    Great day today thank you all.
  3. New to the forum

    You beat me by 100km. Yeah bit far for you [emoji3]
  4. New to the forum

    Camp at sheepyard flat with 2-3 loops over 2to 3 days. Level will be 2 on 2loops and 2.5 on the last. Not sure exactly when. We have the annual weekender cup weekend so ill put a E.O.i post up. [emoji106]
  5. New to the forum

    Gday Tim. Im planning on a medium level high country weekend so might be a bit closer for you mate. [emoji106]
  6. 2017 dirtriderZ Annual T Shirt Order

    EFT payment this morning.
  7. Melb West Dirt Bike Social Group

    Can do Wednesday fellas but that doesnt work for ian so ill catch up week after. [emoji106]
  8. 2017 dirtriderZ Annual T Shirt Order

    1 size large thanks geoffro
  9. 2017 dirtriderZ Annual T Shirt Order

    Looks great. Ill grab 1.
  10. Blackwood to Pig and Whistle Sunday 10 Sep

    I was sorry i didnt see the cancellation post earlier,my phone didnt refresh the forum updates. Bloody technology. Ill put up a Blackwood ride soon Bear. [emoji106]
  11. Blackwood to Pig and Whistle Sunday 10 Sep

    Me too. I was lucky to join IanM's ride today and definitely do it again if possible.
  12. After heading out this morning solo due to a ride cancellation. (Hope your knees alright Pepperjack )and wondering what loop i was going to do,I had a last second call from a fellow dirtriderz member IanM who saw my posts and let me know he and his son Scott are up the road and you don't need to be riding on your own. After introductions and sorting out who's who in zoo we headed out on a bloody great 93km loop with couple of transport sections lot of creeks a river roast lunch cold beer at The Pig and Whistle Pub and heaps of those Challenging Tracks. Big shout out to IanM and Scott for a cracker day out and Dirtriderz That is all [emoji106]
  13. Melb West Dirt Bike Social Group

    I can do Wednesday. Im in [emoji106]