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  1. Change of plan. Black zip up hoodie. Size large please
  2. Hey Geoffro Ill just be buying a jersey this year. Cheers
  3. Sounde exactly like my first time there Cruiser. Great ride report and makes me want to return for another go at it. That creek run is definitely a work out haha [emoji106]
  4. Welcome Chippa, you were lucky in finding [mention=1346]IanM[/mention] to lead you around mate as I did when he called me last minute few years ago when no one could ride with me and have done many awesome rides with him and Kuller since. Hes a bloody champion and pretty handy on the throttle. You can pay me later for the kudos Ian [emoji3]
  5. I was right behind you on your most impressive CONTROLLED off and after asking are you ok your reply was I know when to let go of the bike, one word come to mind “Experience”[emoji106]
  6. Youtube Playlist/7 VIDEOS
  7. Currently enjoying some fine wine and cheese so Ill post them up 2moro. [mention=3102]Gypsy501[/mention]. [emoji23]
  8. Forgot to mention it was good to finally meet[mention=652]Fab[/mention] and [mention=3218]Kmatts55[/mention] dropped through the camp with ghost rider followed by ghost rider coming back for a beer and snag its been a long time. Footage to come 2moro [emoji106]
  9. Arriving very early as I normally do first item of business was getting a fire going then taking my time to gear up as everyone made there way to the ride. After meets and greats signing off the attendance list to save the who else is coming moment and a quite a lot of banter I decided to go for a warm up ride and after hitting the deck just past the camp with a full audience and slightly dislocating my thumb the words (its always the little rides) ringing in my ears [emoji3]. The loop all in all was some of the best bits Wombat has to offer with little transport if only my brain wasn’t working in reverse for the first half our then kicking into drive there after thank christ which will explain one of my vids where im in no mans land listening to the boys asking how i got there. Thank you to Pepperjack and IanM for lead duties Badger for sweep and beers and Stinky for elso eating mud all day
  10. I think coerced would be a better term [emoji3]
  11. Looked like a lot of fun Riles. Spewing I had to work all weekend,last Cobaw ride I did was one of Dakotas. I hope to jump on your next one there [emoji106]
  12. Great write ups and pics guys,cool to read and view when you couldn’t be there [emoji108]
  13. PAID $60 Transferred to Geoffro [emoji106]
  14. Me too please x1 jersey. Size: XL Member: Andy350 Name on jersey: ANDY Number: 350 Price $60. will pay Geoffro tonight and confirm payment. Thanks Noods [emoji106]
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