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  1. Andy350

    Strathbogie L2+ 15/9th

    Cograts on your first post aswell,it seems the 350 has already increased your technorogy abirity [emoji3]
  2. Andy350

    Strathbogie L2+ 15/9th

    Hey buddy,Congrats on the bike,you'll love the treefitty apart from your colour choice which I will try and forgive you for over time. Rossco better fit some side mirrors to see you coming.
  3. Andy350

    Strathbogie L2+ 15/9th

    Thank you to Ross Coops for organising this ride and sharing lead duties with Glen. 11 of us met at Violet Town once again for breaky and Sherco headed straight to unloading spot from Mansfield. Ross gave us a brief warm up through some open track passing through a quarry with some odd but fun obstacles and then on a rocky whooped uphill climb to the the summit of Mount Buggery which is the big bloody rock you see in the pics. Not long after IanM and Kuller got a work call with bad news forcing them to head home poor buggers. We then headed to some challenging tracks up and down gullies mountain sides with a heap of added log jumps and rutted hill climbs,all and all everything you want in a loop with one rider saying post ride (one of the best rides he's been on). Weather forecast was isolated showers with a bit of hail and for once the weather boffins were correct unfortunately leading to us getting a bit drenched before our lunch break and eventually drying out by the Violet Town Pub fireplace with Ross Cam and Mick. Oh and there were a couple of play hills one of which I made a shambles of aaarwell [emoji3]
  4. Andy350

    G’day Dirtriderz

    Oh ok. Bit of a drive to Beechworth then.
  5. Andy350

    G’day Dirtriderz

    Welcome Steve. Jump on the GF ride and BBQ mate,good start to meet some riders.
  6. Andy350

    2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

    Pretty FLASH mate [emoji108]
  7. Andy350

    2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

  8. Andy350

    2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

    1 Large please Mr Fro.
  9. Andy350

    new guy

    Welcome [emoji106]
  10. Andy350

    End of an era (for me)

    Nice choice Scottland,I love my 350 and anything bigger would be a bit of a waste on me although I did have a brief squirt on IanM 's Sherco 3002T and I have to apologise to my 4T brethren but I got a little excited.
  11. Great submission walkahz, I will definitely be writing one myself.
  12. Andy350

    Wombat Closure

    Same present ha ha
  13. Andy350

    Wombat Closure

    Yes which makes all this even more ludicrous. Two party system AKA dictatorship Happy fathers day by the way Vince hope your having a good morning [emoji108]
  14. Andy350

    Wombat Closure

    My 2 cents.... Wow...!!! Nothing like taking another free outlet off society. Somewhere to get away from it all or take your partner mates or family out especially on Fathers Day riding bikes. In an age of child obesity social media playstations and all the other ass warming activities bring back the 80.s. By the way Im sure the government profited considerably in part from all the left over mining damage to the forests and uncapped mine shafts that don't seam to matter. That is all [emoji3]
  15. Welcome Flow. Your in a pretty central spot to some good riding. Look out for BearMX L1 rides at Anglesea. Also Mt Disappointment Wombat Forest and especially Whipstix (Bungal) Forest which has good novice tracks for you to ease your way in. If your ability is more than what you thought Coggs does a great L2 loop at Mt Dissa. Ride park has a 50cc/125/Supercross track and a Flat track from memory with pies and hotdogs at the office. Distance from you is probably around half an hour. Good luck see you on a ride somewhere [emoji106]