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  1. Welcome Ant Man [emoji106]
  2. I still have heaps Vince and ill be bringing them [emoji106]
  3. I have an Airoh and swear by them.love it.
  4. After receiving an anonymous call this morning@eagle I have one question does@Gengis still have your tooth [emoji3]
  5. Welcome Randall, wow lot of new members all at once and 2 new south welshman. Bloody great people come from NSW. [mention=1186]Bear[/mention] holds rides at Pyrenees and [mention=3088]Rossco[/mention] out of Strathbogie also Goughs Bay with [mention=497]Ohmygewd[/mention]. See you out there [emoji106]
  6. Welcome to DirtriderZ Nate,pretty cool you found out about us on MXTV. I put on rides at Wombat myself and others lead at Cobaw. Go to rider grading videos and start on a ride lower to what you rate yourself to get a feel for it. See you out there [emoji106]
  7. Welcome to DirtriderZ Gav [emoji106]
  8. Hope nothing too serious macca and a speedy recovery.
  9. Thanks for the kind words fellas ill pay you later[emoji3] The rocky hill was optional and other hill climb was due to detour because of tree over track and a couple unforeseen track blockages elsewhere which meant some group track maintenance. All 4 riders had a choice to have a crack which they all did with some bikes being ridden up. After the ride I told the boys well done youve just ridden a L2[emoji108]
  10. Ill have some more slimy hill footage up tonight.
  11. Gday Dan,fancy seeing you here. Welcome to DirtriderZ mate. Ill see you on site 2moro [emoji3]
  12. My old so called mates got me into riding with only one intention which was to take me too the deepest steepest gullies and hill climbs on my Drz400 and watch me front and back flip cartwheel for there entertainment. They no longer ride and I’m still going. Not the best way to learn but Im the one laughing now. Not at others but the fact they didnt have the cohones to keep plugging away. Too common a story[emoji23]
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