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  1. Until the end of June, ETG is offering Dirtriderz members FREE access to our ET Cross group class. All you need to do is sign up online (via www.etgymnasium.com.au) and use the promo code: ETRIDERZ We all know that Enduro riders are the fittest athletes on the planet and with this in mind, we have developed a training program that would support the strength, endurance and overall fitness of Dirtriderz everywhere. The benefits of this class translate to a lot of other adventure sports, but what YOU can expect after some regular ET Cross is increased riding fitness (ride longer and faster), less offs, reduced risk of injury when you do come off, quicker recovery and increased overall enjoyment of the sport. So what are you waiting for? Come and try ET Cross this Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday, with absolutely no obligation to continue if you don't want to. You have nothing to loose, and a whole lot to gain. Cheers Paul and Kate www.etgymnasium.com.au
  2. Well, it looks like me reply disappeared with the server change! Anyway, here it is again! ETG offers training and fitness programs in a few different areas, but the area that Dirtriderz members might be particularly interested in is small group or personal training focusing on riding fitness, and race preparation! You can read the rest of the official spiel at www.etgymnasium.com.au, but the premise of ETG is goal or event focused training to achieve fitness and health goals, rather than looking to the scales or focusing on what our bodies look like. Here is the exciting bit. ETG is offering Dirtriderz forum members a 20% discount off ALL services including Personal Training. (Promo Code: DIRTRIDERZ) ETG has particular speciality in the following areas: Off Road Motocycling Events Adventure Racing Obstacle/Mud Racing Mountain Biking Trail Running Fun Runs Combat Sports So, if you are local to Moorabbin, head on down to ETG for a trial session and say hi. If you are not local but would like some help training for your next off road adventure (Dirtriderz harescramble anyone?) give ETG a call regarding an online program. For daily updates check us out at https://www.facebook.com/ETGymnasium/ Please help us grow our business by liking and sharing our page!
  3. Tuna and beans, and an elcrolite drink
  4. Yup. Plan too. I always like a good reconnaissance mission first though
  5. Apparently TJM in Kilsyth South is a Beta dealer.... Anyone had dealings with these guys? Good blokes/gals or give them a miss and head to mornington?
  6. I have tried a few different levers due to small lady hands. Zeta- dont bother. No different from standard. MME - this is the lever i use for my brake, i like the shortness and it has a nice broad and smooth feel under my fingers. The reach is also good. The MME clutch however i just couldn't get the adjustments right for my bike (2016350excf). To get it close enough to the bar so i could pull it easy meant that the clutch wouldnt completely disengage, so there was heaps of creep, especially when cold. Also, this clutch for my model bike needed a longer pin, which was provided with the lever, and after much swearing and nashing of teeth i thought i had it sorted until i realised the clutch was slipping the whole time! You may not have this problem with man sized hands. I just needed it closer to the bar to reach it easily and it just wasnt cabable of this. I really liked the feel of the MME clutch lever, just couldnt get it set right. Then i put a Clake One light clutch on and i recon its about the best investment i have made on my bike. Easy pull, can set it really close to the bar, super easy to adjust. If you are interested in trying the MME clutch I have one for sale, if it fits your bike. PM me.
  7. Ill have one of each please!
  8. When i got my bike brand new it was a conditiin of the finance to have 'agreed value' insurance rather than market value. So double check the different pricing with that one if it applies to you. Also, once you start reading PDS's, you will be surprised how many do NOT cover theft if the bike was on the back of a ute/trailor, even if locked down. I ended up going with QBE. Bit expensive at approx $60/month, but agreed value coverage at the max limit which is $12000, plus coverage if your bike is stolen off your ute.
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