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  1. Awsome ladies, can't wait till I am back in action to get out on a ride with you all!
  2. I am in pending timing (still in a moon boot). If the stars align and I can make it I can volunteer Paul as sweep...
  3. Level 1-2. Prefer a no pressure pace. Out for a few more weeks due to injury, but can't wait to get back into it!
  4. Yep, I have been thinking this for a few years now...who wants to go into business?
  5. I need new Jersey and pants. Unimpressed with the narrow range available in Aus. Absolutely cannot fit men's pants, to tight on the bum and thighs and just to huge everywhere else! I am looking OS and wondering if I'll take a chance on a set of Women's Klim jersey/pants...
  6. Stalled going up a steep techy hill. Foot got stuck between bike and rut, my body rolled opposite way to where my foot was pointing due to steepness then.....pop
  7. I can't wear men's boots because I have a small foot, and junior boots don't have a big enough calf. I am using the alpine stars Stella tech 3s which are ace and have a nice big calf. When I got them I had to take a chance and order them from over seas, but I saw them in AMX a few weeks ago, so maybe they are worth a look and a try on. I use the plain old fox knee guards and they fit in with room to spare. I am also using the Alpine Stars Stella pressure suit which is fairly comfy. I am a 12-14 and wear the M/L in this. Its exy though. Getting the right combo of gear is really challenging fo
  8. Wahhhh! First ride back since lifting of restrictions this weekend....Broken leg, need surgery for some pins/plates, now out for ages. PS. I regret nothing! It was bloody fun...up to a point .
  9. My days are random due to rotating roster, I know kinglake pretty well, anywhere else I'd need a map!
  10. It's Brilliant, I went to both last year, plus and extra flat track coaching day, which was both men and women. Best thing I have done for my riding. It's not expensive so you have nothing to loose really...
  11. You guilted me into it. Just paid...whoot!