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  1. Great day out everyone awesome track ..... thanks Pepperjack for arranging
  2. Great ride guys loved the banter ..... hoff it wasn’t a Yamaha 2 stroke but thanks for your help now I have to find out what is wrong. Thank you Bear, great leading
  3. I will never not wear goggles again..... I took them off after hours of fighting with fogging up...... a main track (wide track) hill climb at ‘The Pines’ ...... lots of rocks and the bikes bounces around a lot ...... almost at the top deflected off a rock and branch sticking out from the side of the track catches my eye and scratches the lens ...... that was the end of that days riding and the next. Extremely lucky I didn’t lose my eye that day.
  4. Hello all, I am a 45 year old living in Caulfield. I ride regularly with a mate out the east and north east of the city (Toolangi, Neerim, Labertouche) and I ride a 2015 Sherco 300 SER. Love the tighter stuff and love riding!