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  1. HuskyT

    Wet boots

    That's clever, got to ask if the other 2 uprights are for stability, they look like they are plugged up, or in case you grow an extra 2 feet?
  2. Hi Ripperz I lost that bit out of my Ram Mount too. I rang Johnny Appleseed to order another one and they asked why. When I said I lost it, they told me to send the mount back and they send me a new bracket.
  3. Have a look in the latest ADB Mag. It had a write up with a Husky, KTM, Sherco and I think it was a Beta all 300 2T. As far as I know Beta parts are cheaper than the others. I would be seriously looking at the one with the closest dealer or the color you like. Can't go to wrong with any of them.
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