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  1. Summer merchandise

    2 singlets black/teal size 2xl thanks
  2. Summer merchandise

  3. Property Investment

    stay away from tourist areas and stick to your capital cities. The longer you wait the more deposit you will need.
  4. Word Association...

  5. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    Great ride today guys, perfect was it 26 or 25 riders? Too many riders to count i think. Special thanks to the helpers today Dusty Mike Dazz Cruiser Sink Toys. A ride with a group this large would not run smoothly without your assistance Thanks to everyone who contributed to the BBQ and drinks and to our head chef Andy who volunteered for cooking duties We didn’t get through all of what i had planned today but with such a large group anything can happen, Highlight of the day was the creek section, we ended up doing 58km total Toys i hope your finger heals up quickly, did it need stiches? A ride BBQ and beer it dosent get much better really, but im thinking next time we can all pitch in and get a couple of strippers for post ride entertainment.... See you on the next one
  6. Sidi, crossfire boots

    pm sent
  7. Sidi, crossfire boots

    Cobra ive just purchased a pair and have done 2 rides with them now. got them online $470 took 2 weeks to arrive, they were $650 in the shop here when i was looking.
  8. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Biggie
  9. Fun lal lal

  10. Fun lal lal

    Great vids Dannoxx
  11. Fun lal lal

    Thanks Cobra for leading us around Lal Lal. Very cold start for the day but the sun was out and it was near a perfect day for riding. A few challenges today and a creek which i think we wisely decided not to go through Thanks to Lindon for sweeping, great day on the bikes and the couple of beers at the Lal Lal pub afterwards went down a treat
  12. got the stickers today thanks Geoffro
  13. the yellow and green look cool
  14. ill grab a couple thanks Geoffro
  15. Ogio flight vest

    poor quality fine tooth zips are the downfall of all these types of products unfortunately, coarse teeth zips are much more durable and easier to keep clean but they are also more expensive so manufacturers wont use them if they can get away with it. As Cluffie said in my experience silicon spray leaves a sticky film that attracts dust and dirt, i use dry glide and it seems to work ok. If you have an expensive piece of kit and you want the zips to last they need regular cleaning.