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  1. coggs

    2018 dirtriderZ Annual Weekend Beechworth

    the vids arent working Trailz you cant have the permissions set properly?
  2. stick with the DRZ Sheepy anything you buy for $1500 will need money thrown at it
  3. coggs

    Air filter oiling.. enough?

    if filter A is tacky then it will work fine. Product A probably dosent have as much dye in it as B.
  4. coggs

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    The wombat was sunbaking out on the track until we disturbed him.
  5. coggs

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday i think the day was a great success. Special thanks goes to Gypsy Buzz Dusty and Cruiser for their efforts with the organisation. There hasn't been any rain at Dissa for 3 weeks or longer in the lead up to this ride, it was very dry dusty and powdery out on the trails. 19 riders started on the level 2 ride and 3 people having to retire early with bike problems. Thanks to Macca Dan and 99% for sweep duties, at one point we got mixed up with the level 3 group and we both had a cornerman on the same corner pointing in different directions which made things a little confusing but it all worked out. The boys in blue were checking us for license and rego with no problems there we all met that requirement. The rain held off for the ride but set in about 4pm, we had a few gazebos set up which were great shelter, Riders BBQ hotplate is a ripper, Cruiser i cant believe you got blisters on your legs from cooking! My BBQ was struggling to cook not sure whats wrong with it, its worked well previously. Thanks to Buzz and Chris for bringing firewood,we had a decent fire going pumping out some heat which was nice between rain showers. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the BBQ with meat drinks and fruit, with 50 riders in attendance for the day no one went home hungry. Dusty i know you were dissapointed there were no vegie burgers for you! you'll have to BYO next year. Dissa is a great place to ride it has something for everyone whether you are level 1 or 4 catch you on the next one!
  6. coggs

    Coggs' Mt Dissa Lvl 2 Friday 14/9

    Thanks to Lindon Macca Grant and Sheepy for making up a fun group yesterday, on bikes at 9am and finsihing just after 2pm with 57km covered. Perfect weather and the ground was dry and powdery in some places. There are a few new trees down on the tracks which is always fun! catch you on the next one guys
  7. coggs

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Hoodies are great. thanks Geoffro
  8. coggs

    Dylantopp’s Blackwood blast

    All good Sink, that bike can take a lot of punishment!
  9. This is fraud. racv taking your money for a policy thats no longer valid.
  10. coggs

    Romainiacs 2018

    do the typical farmers fix Buzz, some fencing wire and hay bail twine!
  11. coggs

    Romainiacs 2018

    Buzz is well practiced at slapping it!
  12. coggs

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    can i please order 1 gunmetal/aqua 1 black/orange size 2xl thanks
  13. coggs

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    Thanks Frank ill check out that site, no i havent looked into it, i just dont like the idea of someone sticking lasers in your eyes.