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  1. interested in a couple of beanies, and t shirts if they are able to be ordered
  2. Jake you should post these rides up in future, im sure you would get a few people interested. Heal up well
  3. coggs


    it looks like his car and bike, just needs chains for the tie downs!
  4. i think someone gave Gypsy a haircut in the carpark
  5. Thanks to everyone who attended the ride, it was a great day out about 55km covered through some fun tracks, its still pretty dusty out there. Thanks to Bushy Browns for sweeping and thanks to Dusty for offering a few harder options for those wanting to have a go. Special mention to Hoff for the only bloke to make it up 3rd gear hill, well done mate Thanks to Habs for taking all the great photos, you were very lucky with that stump that could have been a whole lot worse License and rego check from our mates in blue with no problem there
  6. coggs

    Space Blankets

    ive got 2 in mine
  7. coggs

    Space Blankets

    All space cadets should carry a space blanket!
  8. coggs

    Angelsea 11/3

    Thanks to BearMX for organising this ride pretty much perfect weather low 20s overcast with a few showers to cool us down. Fun tracks some sand and whoops 65km covered Thanks to BA Wayneo and ovros for making up a fun small group. i would encourage anyone to jump on this ride as a part of the RCHA rides coming up soon.
  9. Thanks for your hard work Cruiser and ride leaders Geoffer Murdoch Chris C
  10. looks the goods Frank
  11. Hey Andy i can do Level 2 at Dissa Sunday 21st April
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