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  1. coggs

    Space Blankets

    ive got 2 in mine
  2. coggs

    Space Blankets

    All space cadets should carry a space blanket!
  3. coggs

    Angelsea 11/3

    Thanks to BearMX for organising this ride pretty much perfect weather low 20s overcast with a few showers to cool us down. Fun tracks some sand and whoops 65km covered Thanks to BA Wayneo and ovros for making up a fun small group. i would encourage anyone to jump on this ride as a part of the RCHA rides coming up soon.
  4. Thanks for your hard work Cruiser and ride leaders Geoffer Murdoch Chris C
  5. looks the goods Frank
  6. Hey Andy i can do Level 2 at Dissa Sunday 21st April
  7. coggs

    Monday Dissa

    Thanks to all that came along today it was a good to meet some new faces and a good turn out for a weekday ride. The weather was kind to us after a pretty hot week, 62km covered. We had a short guest appearance from Buzz and then later on from Brownballs and we also met a solo rider Jason out on the tracks who joined our group and is going to join the forum. I forgot to take my camera so no photos from me today, we finished off the ride back at the cars with a beer and a chat. See you on the next one