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    in hills at dissa
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  3. the video resolution is soup
  4. Another great GF ride day. So many options with the rides this year with the 5 different levels on offer there was something for everyone. These rides dont just happen there is a lot of planning behind the scenes and pre riding loops to make sure the tracks are suitable Thanks to Gypsy for organising the day, monitoring the thread and adding and deleting people from PMs as needed. Thanks to the ride leaders Rider, Bushy Brows, Cruiser, Dusty and Buzz Thanks to everyone who contributed to the BBQ, meats drinks deserts tables marquees firewood, Great effort from Rider bringing the 3 BBQs and being the head chef for the day. The Level 2 ride started with 21 riders and finished with 17 for various reasons. Thanks to Dazz and Beeaye for their efforts as sweeps and Lindon and Pudmud as helpers, these rides with big numbers would not run smoothly without the efforts of these guys. From the feedback i had everyone enjoyed the ride and a good bunch of people with everyone chatting during the breaks. We had perfect weather for the ride and finished at 1:30pm with 55km on the clock and everyone hanging for a beer. catch you all on the next one
  5. ive got a heap to give out at the GF ride Trailz. Geoffro can always post me some more to give out
  6. Happy Birthday Rider, have a good one
  7. 1 black size 2xl thanks Geoffro
  8. the $6 loaf of bread was great value because a) it lasted many days for lunch and dinner and b) it was the source of many jokes throughout the trip BearMX couldn't believe i paid $6 for a frozen loaf of bread!! (did he expect it to be fresh?) he was outraged by it, but he consumed it, i think at one point he calculated the price per slice and that didn't sound as bad as the initial purchase price.This loaf of bread made Bear brainstorm about business ideas and how he was going to make a fortune transporting goods into the outback. The price of fuel at Arkaroola was $1.97....BearMXs comment was "i have never paid so much for fuel in my life...what a rip off" like a tank of fuel for the bike was gonna send him broke
  9. Thanks for posting up these rides Habs they are a lot of fun and a great day out i managed to take a few tumbles and bang myself up pretty good, pretty sore today Thanks Beeaye for your help getting the bike back on the ute Great to see some regular faces and meet some new ones
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