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  1. Andy congrats on getting this outstanding event up and running, I know that you and others have gone to a great deal of effort so well done mate, the atmosphere was awesome all weekend with friendly people just wanting to have a chat. It was great to catch up with people you haven’t seen for ages and meet new people. Thanks to the ride leaders for their efforts Splints Bushy Andy Murdoch Cruiser Stinky and Harry It was good to meet Geoffro and have the privilege to ride with him, it was great that you attended the weekend One of the highlights of the weekend was Harry singing Ke
  2. Hey Bear im pretty sure you still own and wear that jumper?
  3. Happy Birthday Dusty. Party on
  4. Thanks to the step up riders for making this a good day out, we grouped 2 riders to 1 helper which seemed to work well Thanks to the helpers rides like this would not be possible without your assistance, much appreciated we had drizzle on and off throughout the ride, i only managed to take a few photos, hopefully others on the ride can post their pics
  5. Gday Frank im still cruising bushman style, be good to catch up soon
  6. does anyone have the GPS for the ride at Starglen held on the annual weekender? planning on heading out there with a couple of mates
  7. the video resolution is soup