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  1. RCHA Wombat 1+ 8/4

  2. RCHA Wombat 1+ 8/4

    Thanks to Andy Barclay and Bearmx for getting this ride up and running doing a few pre rides. We had a great day out 60km covered fun tracks big smiles good fun. I believe the second half of the ride was different to last weeks loop. BBQ and a couple of beers after the ride. Thanks to Andy for bringing his BBQ snags and onions
  3. RCHA Mt Dissa Lvl 2

    i know how much you like to play in water Dazz so i thought we would go through it, could have easily gone around it!
  4. RCHA Mt Dissa Lvl 2

  5. RCHA Mt Dissa Lvl 2

    9 riders turned up for the ride today including a surprise guest Dazzrmx, always a pleasure to have you along Dazz. 50km covered, it was quite warm out there at one stage and then we had some cloud cover for relief. BBQ and beers after the ride with Cluffie and family, thanks to Lindon Frank Dale and Cam for contributing burgers and beers. Lindon your frozen burgers went down a treat. I really enjoyed the ride today thanks to all that turned up, we had some fun and raised some money at the same time. will post up some photos
  6. Four Word Game

    tubliss has let go
  7. Four Word Game

    driving 60 series landcruiser
  8. Portable Fridge

    Engel are the best fridges you can buy, ive had a 40 ltr Engel for over 20years you cant beat them. They are expensive but if your keeping it long term its a good investment.
  9. Four Word Game

    and no gear lever
  10. Coggs Dissa and Swamp hill

    good day out on the bikes yesterday, i had intentions of doing 2 loops but when we got back to the cars around 11:30 everyone had enough with the temp starting to rise. We went out through the creek to the hamburgers, those hills are so much harder when its dry and loose hard to get traction. Made it through with some help from Buzz thanks mate. We seperated into 2 groups for about 20 mins with Buzz Gypsy Crusty and 99 going down swamp hill and up hamburger 3, while the rest followed me around the easy route. Then we rode over to third gear hill with some keen to attack it, then to hamburger 4 with the difficult entry, most had a go but thats beyond my level. Then we made our way back to the cars via ladder track and a few others. It was good to meet Crusty Gary and Jono hope you guys enjoyed the ride see you on another one soon. Not much water in the creek for you Dazz it actually looks a lot different when its dry.
  11. Summer merchandise

    thanks for your efforts Geoffro
  12. Summer merchandise

    2 singlets black/teal size 2xl thanks
  13. Summer merchandise

  14. Property Investment

    stay away from tourist areas and stick to your capital cities. The longer you wait the more deposit you will need.