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  1. coggs

    Coggs' Mt Dissa Lvl 2 Friday 14/9

    Thanks to Lindon Macca Grant and Sheepy for making up a fun group yesterday, on bikes at 9am and finsihing just after 2pm with 57km covered. Perfect weather and the ground was dry and powdery in some places. There are a few new trees down on the tracks which is always fun! catch you on the next one guys
  2. coggs

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Hoodies are great. thanks Geoffro
  3. coggs

    Dylantopp’s Blackwood blast

    All good Sink, that bike can take a lot of punishment!
  4. This is fraud. racv taking your money for a policy thats no longer valid.
  5. coggs

    Romainiacs 2018

    do the typical farmers fix Buzz, some fencing wire and hay bail twine!
  6. coggs

    Romainiacs 2018

    Buzz is well practiced at slapping it!
  7. coggs

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    can i please order 1 gunmetal/aqua 1 black/orange size 2xl thanks
  8. coggs

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    Thanks Frank ill check out that site, no i havent looked into it, i just dont like the idea of someone sticking lasers in your eyes.
  9. coggs

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    does anybody know if its possible to get prescription lenses for goggles?
  10. coggs

    Wet Day Riding

    I do that every ride, wet or dry! Never understood getting out of your dirty gear into clean stuff the handling the dirty bike again! i dont have any clean clothes so it dosent matter to me
  11. coggs

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Dazz
  12. coggs

    Bayside Gas gas ride day

    and if your riding behind it you might die from smoke inhalation
  13. coggs

    Bayside Gas gas ride day

    Time to bust out the 1992 KX500 and show us how its done!
  14. coggs


    Buzz and Mev congrats on making this goal a reality, i know you have both been working very hard especially over the last 12 months in the lead up to this event. Enjoy the experience and share some photos when you get back.
  15. coggs

    E.O.I For Winter Merchandise

    hoodie and beanie