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  1. New 350

    yeah awesome i haven't been riding for a few months due to work but ill be back onboard this year i am trying to scope out that creek track tomorrow supposed to be and great track!
  2. New 350

    awesome new ride greasa love the huskys where are you riding this weekend I'm headed to hazelwood tomorrow with a mate
  3. horn for reg reg?

    push bike bell it is cheers!
  4. horn for reg reg?

    Hey fellas just getting my rec reg sorted out after i let it lapse for a bit ,reading the vic road specs it says i need horn wired into the electrical system i have everything lights, mirror,etc else can anyone point me in the right direction for a horn kit possibly or somewhere that would stock the parts in south east melbourne ? cheers
  5. Mirboo nth parking

    Thanks for the replies fellas ended up going out Tuesday and checking it out a lot of good tracks out the sandy with small clay sections almost lost my bike in a bottomless big hole good day
  6. Mirboo nth parking

    Hey fellas I've had a job cancelled on me for tomorrow so I want to get out on the bike somewhere local has anyone been mirboo nth been told it's really sandy does anyone no where to park cheers Brennan
  7. The end of Husqvarna.

    glad to hear it was just a fuse and nothing major as i am leaning towards the 16 husky 501
  8. Hazelwood 19th june

    hey greasa give us a yell if you need if your doing an explore ride I'm always keen and i often get days during the week also
  9. Hazelwood 19th june

    That report says it all !!! Had so much fun
  10. Hazelwood 19th june

    Thanks again for putting the ride on greasa it was a great ride the loamy sand berms and flowing singles made it heaps of fun, also thanks to the blokes for sweeping looking forward to the next ride you put on up there had a look on google earth looks like there still a fair bit of forest to explore
  11. Hazelwood 19th june

    What was the go with that traffic I was lucky enough to to get off at Cardinia road down ballarto Rd
  12. 500 club/ MORE is MORE

    Your not wrong I've had a ktm525 previously I've been looking at both the new 2017 models ,but i reckon I'm going to go with the 2016 ktm seem to have a lot of good bits the 2017 doesn't except the 2017 is a heap lighter i would prefer the last of awesome model rather then the new one
  13. 500 club/ MORE is MORE

    Hadn't even thought about that ,also didn't like about the husky is that it doesn't have the kickstart I've always been Ktm prior to the kxf I have at the moment but thought the huskys were worth the look a lot of Bloke seem to be riding em
  14. 500 club/ MORE is MORE

    Hey fellas I'm looking at the ktm500 exc at the moment but also quite like the look of the husky 501 as well which would you chose? I reckon it's probably worth waiting for the 17 model which they reckon should be out September ish
  15. Stepping up with Buzz at Mt Dissa May 21

    Well this was my first ride at dissa and on one of buzz''s rides and I had a ball I can't wait for the next one thanks to buzz for putting the ride on and to all the boys for making it a great ride always good to meet new people I cant wait for The next one