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  1. Great day cruiser, thanks for putting it on. Really enjoyed the wet ride conditions along with most everyone else! Lunch at the Reefton was a highlight, as were the tracks you threw at us. Will try and get a few vids of the boys posted up..
  2. Yeah Mark that was a funny stack on the play hill, but you rolled out of it like a pro! Thanks heaps for putting up the ride mate, had a blast all day. I think we covered every type of dirt surface at Hazelwood yesterday from sand and gravel to slick and sloppy clay... Everyone was talking about how good a time they had, and the rain couldn't dampen spirits at all. In fact we were dry by the time we got back to the cars. I couldn't pry sweep out of Greg's hands, he was having too much fun on the Yammy back there haha, thanks mate. Bring on next weekend! Ps. I'll chuck
  3. steveRR

    Kinglake L2

    Cheers macca!! Good to have you back and looking forward to the next one, glad the time off hasn't slowed you down, nice loops you took us on. Where are the group photos?
  4. Definitely do this mate, I'll be keen too.
  5. Lol, that's gold. Come back any time Scott
  6. Do a test vid on the higher res setting man. But yeah to get them to embed like mine, just upload to YT and then chuck the link in your reply, press enter and they're done.
  7. Here we go guys Part 1! If you want blood... Part 2
  8. Yep that's it alright. Aye, freaky.
  9. Yup, I will link it once this vid finishes uploading to the net.. It's taking ages and will probably be done tomorrow
  10. Oh shit.. I was just having a look over my brakes and thought I had lost my speedo sender magnet, but turns out I also found it! That explains why the speedo was on zero for the later part of the ride
  11. No kidding! He's catching some air here..
  12. Thats funny as. Your videos are 49MB and 77MB. Mine are 58GB and 81GB!!! Only 13% uploaded to youtube so far.