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  1. Hey geoffro got me gear yesterday!!! Thanks heaps mate!!! Very happy with it...🖒🖒
  2. Ill pay tomorrow geoffro!!!
  3. Yes please geoffro!!🖒🖒
  4. Im keen on a CAP and XL singlet (white with black writing)
  5. This is my clutch lever. Basically fit 2 fingers on it. And yeah they have heaps of colors to.!!
  6. Rhk are good. Levers are small and are unbreakable.!! I run these on me mx bike love em!!
  7. Thanks Geoffro 🖒🖒got me T-Shirt today. Love it. Fits perfect to. Very happy with my hoodie aswell. I wear it all the time!!
  8. Just received my hoodie and stubbie holder!!! Pumped [emoji123]. And stickers. Thanks heaps!!! Geoffro..
  9. Yeah i would have thought lower down. It was just the ribbed foot part!!!
  10. Well i was ridin at neerim on Saturday. Stopped for a chat went to start me bike!! Then snap goes my kick starter!! Haha.dont no how it snapped though.. Ordered a new fresh one...
  11. Ripperz drink break!!!! Still working on the vids. I might have to set up a youtube link!!