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  1. Mid-week riding, it's the best! No one around at all, we had the whole forest to ourselves except for a few wallabies. It was raining heavily on the way up, especially as I passed Marginal Rd, would have been miserable in there today, Dindi's a better destination on a wet day... But by the time I arrived at the unloading area the rain was almost gone, just a bit of low cloud remained, and we stayed dry for the rest of the day. The tracks were plenty slick though which adds at least a half a level, and as we all found out even the most innocent looking branch or tree root can put you on the ground quick-smart. Great to ride with a group where everyone pitches in to help when needed, the second photo above shows a couple of trees down that definitely required care, one mistake and you'd be off the edge and down in the gully, I think we all needed a bit of help on those... Looking forward to the next one, thanks everyone for a great day...Cheers, Simon J. Oh yea special thanks to maccastrewth for finding my sidestand spring (and the bracket!) that I lost on Sunday half way along the smiley track - $36.85 (!) worth on the KTM spare parts list, couldn't believe you spotted it, thanks mate!! Still missing the spacing tube and m5 torx bolt if you could have a look for them next time please??
  2. May be just "bold new graphics" this year!?!
  3. Model info and CRM250 forum at www.crm250.com !
  4. Couldn't imagine it will go ahead - the main problem I see is the risk of injured riders and over-full hospitals... but hope DMCC can re-schedule so all the work isn't wasted. The event has been cursed the last few years with Mansfield delayed and Toowoomba and Moruya cancelled...At worst Cluffie I'm planning on WA next year, hopefully a few going over from Victoria...Cheers, Simon J.
  5. Thanks for the pro bono advice Bruce! I would expect their role would be 'educational', giving warnings etc, rather than handing out fines, but who knows...I hope their role also includes catching rubbish dumpers, illegal shooters, tree fern thieves etc... Cheers,
  6. Not sure what their powers are - power to stop, detain, demand ID etc, does anyone know? Hope they don't bump into VicPol trail bike squad, first offence as below! (... never mind impersonating police...!) "The vehicle registration number must be clearly visible and readable from a distance of 20 metres at any point within the space produced by a horizontal arc of 90 degrees and a vertical arc of 45 degrees. The following offences apply: Obscured number plate – On the spot infringement @ $110 fine plus 3 points. (No guilty mind or intent required to be proven). Fraudulently altering a number plate - $1,000 fine or imprisonment for 2 month
  7. Hope you can do it Cluffie, would expect to see you do well for sure. I've entered, will be my third 4-day - wish there was an over-60 class, might have a show of a trophy! For anyone considering, entries are still open. It's a bit of a commitment in terms of cost and preparation but in return you get 3 1/2 big days of riding prime trails, plus a motocross to finish off! Was down there a couple of weeks ago with Dandenong club doing some trail prep, the tracks are going to be a lot of fun...Time-keeping is easy and there's various rules you need to understand, work periods and the like, but it's no great problem. As for speed, most level 3 riders would go ok. The event itself is May 6, 7, 8, and final motocross on May 9th. Worth coming down for a look and support the event if you can't ride it. www.a4de.com.au and A4DE on facebook of course. For anyone interested, there's a very good "Rookies" page..gives a good explanation of what a 4-Day is all about... http://www.a4de.com.au/index.php/links/rookies-page Cheers, Simon J.
  8. Thanks everyone for the responses, really enjoyed reading all of them! Having endured so many burglaries on my business that the insurance agent warned me, "...make this claim your last otherwise no insurance company will touch you..." and (years ago..) having had a trail bike stolen out of the back of my ute while I was in the bakery buying lunch, I guess I've just had a gut full of thieves. While even the death penalty won't stop some people from committing murder, I think the lack of consequences is a big factor in our high crime rate. Anyway my reason for posting was really to remind dirtriderz members to take precautions to protect their hard-earned toys. Dirt bikes are a hot item for thieves, please do everything you can to make your bike hard to steal. Locks, hidden from view etc, plus think about insurance. It was a sinking feeling coming out of the bakery after a few minutes (!) with my salad sandwich and Big M only to see an empty ute with the tail-gate down. They did only get a Suzuki ER185 though, hope it pogoed the thief over the bars. Safe riding everyone, cheers, Simon J.
  9. After reading IllusionTPI's post about a stolen 2020 500 EXC I did a quick search on the stats for bike thefts. Turns out more than 2000 (2000!) motorcycles are stolen in Victoria every year and more than 15,000 cars. Fifteen thousand! That's not a crime-wave, that's a disease! How much longer will the courts and our elected representatives keep calling car and bike theft "joy-riding" and when will we see serious penalties handed out? FFS. Go and sit in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court for a day, it's pathetic. Troubled background, community based orders, no conviction recorded etc etc etc. No thought for the poor bugger that's lost the car or motorcycle he worked so hard for. On and on every day of the week. No wonder the police have given up. Of course the same police and courts will have no hesitation handing a hefty fine to the honest car owner caught leaving keys in the ignition, or even car doors unlocked or windows not wound up!(Road Safety Road Rules Reg 213) - penalty $495.66 (3 penalty units). This should tell you that our politicians and the courts think that the car owner is to blame if his car is stolen, not the thieving scumbag that took it. I'll get off my soapbox now. Go and lock up your bike. Cheers, Simon J.
  10. Obviously a view shared by the authorities...This a list all the parks and forests that have been declared 'closed'... https://www.ffm.vic.gov.au/media-releases/park-and-forest-closures?fbclid=IwAR2Dy5XN4h6ZtFpoq8TVSn9lZokDPtCw8cVfTziyXuDbQL56uVML_sCFncc
  11. Understood. Yea I was going to comment on that when I asked....open a can of worms, again. Cheers,
  12. Thanks Cluffie... btw, what's your tyre recommendation for a 250 for summer with tubliss, local riding??? Cheers,
  13. Cheers Gypsy, was sold after I rode your 250......
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