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  1. simonj

    Dakar 2019

    Stage 8 last night, tough-guy Price now 1st overall with 1:03 over Quintanilla, wow!!!
  2. simonj

    Whom to go too for suspension set up

    It's easy enough to pull your forks off the bike, and pack and send to Chad's Off Road - sent mine on a Monday, Chad said maybe before the weekend, had them back on Friday morning. His work is spot-on and gives no-bullshit advice about mods and setup. Cheers, Simon j.
  3. simonj

    Closing down events MX races

    Reply from Robert Clark. (MP) Member for Box HIll Dear Simon Thank you for your email about these issues, and I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you. The Liberal-Nationals coalition are always very concerned to ensure that the legitimate uses of public land are properly taken into account whenever proposals for national parks are put forward. RE the Environmental Protection Amendment Bill, we believe it has serious problems that require a deal of work to get them sorted out before this Bill goes further. We moved to have the Bill referred to a select committee for examination and public hearings, but the government rejected such a referral, and we then voted against the Bill. Unfortunately, however, the Bill has been passed in both Houses with the support of the Greens and some cross-benchers, and the Bill is likely to go through the Parliament next sitting week. Regards Robert Clark. (MP) Member for Box HIll
  4. simonj

    2018 TE 150

    I understand...KTM's - everyone's got one. Cheers, will look forward to your review of how much you like the TE150!!
  5. simonj

    2018 TE 150

    Funny I was thinking that too! Eagle above is quite right of course, so please excuse my enthusiasm for bikes I enjoyed so much in the past...! Just a thought, you could give Boltons KTM in Kyneton a call, I spoke to them a while ago and they do have demo bikes from time to time....? Worth a try if you would consider a 150 XCW... Cheers, Simon J.
  6. simonj

    2018 TE 150

    Deb, don't worry about a test ride! You will love it, I've had a KTM125, 2 x 200's - all so light and easy to handle. The 150 will have enough low end torque to get up the hills, don't worry! Will make you a better rider too - My next bike will be a 150 (currently on 300exc) Good luck, Cheers, SimonJ.
  7. simonj

    Murrindindi with BenG = magic

    Seemed to be a lot of this sort of thing...
  8. simonj

    Murrindindi with BenG = magic

    If you don't touch the log you can't slip on it! Well done Ben...
  9. simonj

    Closing down events MX races

    Well done Shane! And thanks Eagle for raising this one.... Cheers,
  10. simonj

    Closing down events MX races

    Good stuff Shane, I sent this to my local member, Robert Clark, member for Box Hill (Liberal). Anyone wish to use any of this, please go ahead but add your own opinions and thoughts! Dear Robert, Just a short note to let you know that I am concerned about the push for the Great Forest National Park and also about the Environment Protection Amendment Bill 2018. As a recreational motorcycle rider and user of the state forests in the Toolangi and Murrindindi areas for the last 40 years or so (!) I am concerned that my right and freedom to use the state forests will be severely limited or even stopped completely if the GFNP comes to be, and if the EPA amendments go ahead. Many of your constituents are hunters, 4WDers, recreational fishermen, campers, walkers and trailbike and mountain bike riders. There are dozens, maybe hundreds of businesses In the eastern suburbs of Melbourne catering for these forest users. The state forests provide an outlet particularly for young men to escape from the city and enjoy their chosen activity with some degree of freedom. The importance of this with regard to enjoyment of life and maintaining good mental health should not be understated (and would be worthy of some study!). I ask you to take my views into consideration when assessing your position on these two items of legislation. Best Regards, Simon Jamison Contact details
  11. simonj

    Closing down events MX races

    The government's just trying to help us! Soon, instead of buying motorbikes and taking your kids riding, and teaching them to have fun safely and to be responsible for themselves and those around them, joining them up to a club etc, all you'll need to do is buy them some cans of spray paint and a crack pipe and tell them not to worry about coming home at night. State elections coming up in November. This bill and the push for the 'Great Forest National Park' will affect all of us. It may be a good time to send an email or letter or call your local member, they get real sensitive around election time, they might lose their job!!! Here's how to find them... Find your district (local lower house) representative and region (upper house)representative here... and contact details here. I will be sending a letter to my local member today! Cheers, Simon J.
  12. simonj

    Yarram Enduro 2018

    Yep, "NIMBY" - not in my back yard.... Good effort BrucieT - there were plenty of fit young guys laying around exhausted at the end of day 1....
  13. simonj

    Yarram Enduro 2018

    Yea it was great ! I only did the Saturday, but had a ball. 235km! Bought a heap of people and money to the town too, so a pity for everyone... cheers, Simon j.
  14. simonj

    Yarram Enduro 2018

    Looks like the Yarram Enduro (Rounds 10 & 11 VORC Series) has been cancelled. What a pity, was a great event last year...Anyone know what happened? Wondering if it was too much for the Yarram club, or were there legal problems or land access problems... I know they only just got it over the line last year with a lot of hard work... Cheers, Simon J.
  15. simonj

    Wet Day Riding

    On a cold wet day it's luxury to have a towel & a thermos of hot water in the car for cleaning up and making a hot coffee, also the Herald-Sun to stand on while you get changed. As per TheMightyBigFella's advice above, a light waterproof jacket is good to wear until you warm up, also real handy to have if you're still out after dark...and the rain turns to snow... Cheers, Simon J.