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  1. Shakes

    Steering damper service.

    Thanks. Im sure most places that do suspension do, was being a little lazy and avoiding ringing around.
  2. Are there any mobs about that do it or are able to sell me a kit? Google isn't helping me much. its a Scott/ohlins if that makes any difference
  3. It's getting to that time of year again. what do people wear/do when it gets cold? I know it's a fine line between being cold at the start of the ride and not toasting up once your moving. ive typically worn light merino stuff from hiking but it's not up to being worn under armour. What do do you do?
  4. Shakes

    Etrex 30 Best bar mount?

    Little old thread but I use a ram mount. thousands of Kay's in adventure mode. And a dozen enduro rides it's solid as a rock.
  5. Shakes

    Bike freight recommendations

    I purchased my bike from Lithgow. cost $200 door to door overnight to Northcote, Melbourne.
  6. Shakes


    Just fitted tubeliss to the rear of my wr250r. first ride on the weekend @ 8psi. No pinches, no issues with a top speed of 133k from the gps. Slightly different feel to tubes, but as I do some light touring as well so far seems to be a nice balance between mousses and HD tubes. Fitting was a bit of a struggle, they have some good YouTube videos to help you through.
  7. Shakes

    Gripping the bars too tight

    I'm on a wr250r. Semi tempted to use stomp grip or similar on my tank to help. Its also seems to be a matter of a lot more seat time to relax more.
  8. Shakes

    WR450 sudden bad fuel economy

    Float is first bet. Especially if it's running ok. Some easy long shots would be to Check for intake leaks. With the bike running spray start ya bastard or similar around the carb/intake mani and listen for a rise in revs. Dirt under the needle seat, or fuel screw moved... but it would be running badly so I doubt it.
  9. Shakes

    Gripping the bars too tight

    Thanks all. Those videos are amazing, and heaps more buried in his channel. I think it's totally a combination of being too tense, not breathing properly (used to hold my breath on the MTB coming in to hard sections) and not grabbing enough with my legs.
  10. Shakes

    Gripping the bars too tight

    Thanks, I stand up as quite a bit and am getting a lot better at taking off straight to standing. Its not so much I grip to tight, maybe better explained by I think I try to fight what the bars are doing too much.
  11. After a ride today, I've realised I hold the bars too tight and fight them too much which then results in sore hands and my shoulders getting tired well before they should. Complete novice move. any tips or tricks apart from more seat time to keep in the back of my mind?
  12. Shakes

    Whroo/Rushworth riding?

    Jump on your bike and explore. Lots of suicidal wallabies in whroo so watch your pace, few good climbs as you get closer to Heathcote. In Barmah just follow the river, lots to play on. Just watch some of those puddles can be deep.
  13. Shakes

    Narbathong Level 1-2 - 21st August -

    Massive thanks to Damige and his crew for organising this. Ride conditions were fun, a few greasy tracks to warm up on before the first climb of the day.... First time riding in the wet, I was a little nervous. Needed a push were the ruts stepped over a little but after that confidence and comfort levels grew over the day. Struggled with a big slick hill, and one of the young guns rode my bike up. A few good tips from Chris, and a mention that my rear tire was highlighting my lack of skill. There will be another on there before any future wet rides. a deeper creek crossing followed by a short climb, saw me nearly face plant into the creek after getting my boot tangled in blackberrys. Then get crossed up on the climb and nearly land in blackberrys again. 3rd time was a charm and I slipped n slid my way up to half the group at the top cheering. I ended up bailing at the lunch stop, I'd made up enough excuses at that point for me to take off. Luckily, as 15 minutes from home I got a large dump of rain. First time riding in the wet, doing creek crossings, riding in a big group, And testing my armour. Should of made more of an effort to take photos. Thanks again for the great day.
  14. Shakes

    Beginner Ride Hazelwood 3rd July

    @Greasa15 she's (mum) is recovering as expected. Thanks.
  15. Shakes

    Beginner Ride Hazelwood 3rd July

    Seriously annoyed I missed this but the old girl was going in for major surgery today so had to go visit her. Hopefully the stars align for the next one. I'll be checking in more often.