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  1. My day started as a cruisy 2hr drive to mount clay, was early as usual so had time to calm the nerves for my first ride back in 12months. Shortly after i had unloaded my bike kingdavey and yammy turned up, obligatory handshakes were had we geared up and headed off. The first two trails were cruisy a few logs 😉😉 a few whoops had by me. Then we got into the fun stuff huntsman hill was not my cup of tea this time. So yammy took it down for me, thanks heaps mate. So on a bit furthwr and a few more slippery trails,in which kingdavey gave some help on some nice flowing sandy trails. Onto what the gu
  2. Got my shirt and jersey thanks guys ripper job
  3. Geoffro count me in for 2 xl black- paid 19.9.19
  4. Hey noods paid my 60 to geoffro other night thanks 1 x XL jersey
  5. Cohuna vic . Ride barham nsw a lot too
  6. Ill grab 1xl shirt 1 med shirt 1x kids 8 1x kids 6 1x kids 4 and a 1x kids 1 shirts thanks.
  7. Hey noodle long time no chat are we doing a kids jersey order too? Ill get one an 1x XL name tcutter250 Name on jersey tcutter Number 250 Scrap kids jerseys. Paid for 1 to geoffro 60
  8. Ordered and fitted a new to me carapaks guard, but had to modify to fit due to linkage guard pillaged parts off my force plate to make it fit all good..
  9. Well was a quiet ride with a small group exploring and riding some nice open sections and some nice technical trails too. No injuries or bike damage even though we had two minor stacks involving others and trees. A good day was had by all. Photos attached with a video to come.