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  1. Hey mate t shirt and standard hoodie without zip both 2xl please
  2. Looks like it was a great weekend great work ohmygewd for Organising it! Shattered I had to pull out
  3. Always great to carry some food to eg muesli bar, fruit lollies I've also found throwing a bottle of Gatorade in the pack and having small amounts of it when you have a quick break does wonders on those warmer days.
  4. I was lucky to get in with a late entry and was looking forward to finally heading out on one of Buzz's famous dissa rides. Everyone was ready early as planned and buzz gave a quick pre ride brief and decided due to the size of the group we would run two people to a corner. And it worked great. Well the legend didn't let down. As we headed off and got into the first trail it was on and with the initial few k's with the group finding their feet we spread out over abit of distance but buzz pulled up and regrouped and we got going again, the ride had everything from transport sections which were great for a cool down of the bike to the typical dissa rutted out narrower stuff with afew puddles. We had afew people drop off during the day and head back to the cars at their own pace. Great work to these people for knowing when they need to head back. The warmer weather definitely comes as a reminder that carrying more water and some food in the warmer months is necessary. Poor Dusty and Steve at the back end sweeping great work guys hope you didn't take in to much of that dust. And Mike thanks for being todays helper you pulled up at those trickier sections and gave people assistance when they needed it. To everyone who came out today it was great fun to ride with and meet some new faces. Coggs thanks again for the beer! And finally Buzz thanks again top bloke top ride!
  5. First dirt riderz Christmas ride and I have to say what a great well organised ride! Sorry about passing the lead rider fellas luckily we had enough sense to ease up when we got to the next cross point and let the lead rider get up front again. The post ride BBQ and beers topped off a great ride, would have loved to get out on the arvo ride but I know my limits and how some of the guys who went out can ride so I chose to sit that one out and let their ride flow along at a good pace. Thanks for a great ride! Look forward to riding with you all again
  6. I carry pretty similar stuff to 2t4me but also I carry a mini can of lube it can make changing a tube on the trailers so much easier and can be used on various other things as required
  7. Great ride thanks Pete body's definitely feeling it today. see you out on the trails again sometime
  8. Another great organised ride Vince! Great to ride with some familiar faces and some new ones too. Thanks to bear for yet another flowing loop pulled straight out of the memory bank. And lastly Pete thanks for the post ride beer and feed.
  9. You can move the perch inward you'll be pulling further out on the lever giving the effect of a softer pull. Until you can afford a Magura hydraulic clutch
  10. Try move the clutch lever over as mr noodle mentioned and you can get short levers from most bike shops too
  11. Great ride Trailz well organised. Bear your a legend thanks for you patience and assistance through the that day couldn't ask for a better lead rider TBRider thanks for sweeping And thanks to the rest of the group for a great ride
  12. Great day improved my riding heaps. Got a mousse on order no more flats for the rear anyway. Thanks for organising a great ride and to the other blokes for a fun day on the trails!
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