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  1. Saddened by the decision - would not have met soo many great like minded individuals without the forum. It connected so many. Thanks @Geoffro El Capitano for creating such an amazing environment to be part of over the years. Great memories and comorardary!
  2. @BushyBrows DBT have you got a fact or furthy?
  3. Me too haha Hence the vid posted
  4. Had the opportunity to put together some vids over the weekend Enjoy!
  5. Punters must be unsure of this one @dazzrmx...
  6. True story @berg.300simmo and @dazzrmx. Was busting to go lol No way near as good as the legend @Raffy22 but had my eye in that day. Baseball style haha You're up mate Fact or Furphy?
  7. Anyone got a fact or furphy to tell? It's been a lil quiet on here... if you get it right you can tell us your fact or furphy. I'll kick it off... It was a hot summers Wednesday - sports day as a young 16 year old playing cricket for the school - I'd had a few waters watching the openers batting. Each batsman had to sit it out once they reached 30 runs. Me I was asked to go in to bat first drop... about 42 degrees so I kept sculling the liquid watching the openers. 2 overs passed and the opposition got their first wicket... so my turn to bat. Got my gloves on and walked onto the ground, getting closer to the crease and - i gotta pee! F@#k Can't go back off so decided to face the bowler... 1st ball 6 outta the field , thinking I can hold out to go to the loo -only need 24 more runs. 2nd ball 6 only 18 more runs to get to the loo... Watching the bowler run in for his 3rd delivery wack... another 6 only 12 runs to go. 4th ball he bowls a bouncer and wack another 6 outta the ground.. only six runs to go... 5th delivery and only 6 more runs to get to go to the loo. Bowler runs in and I take 2 steps down the pitch ( in the direction of the loo)... he bowls it short and wack another 6.... so off I go off the ground straight to the toilet! Fact or Furphy?
  8. With lot's of different tugger straps out on the market does anyone have any suggestions on what would suit a 17 ktm 250 exc? Trailz
  9. Enjoyed the vid mate. Looking forward to part 2
  10. Make that 20% chance of winning the tyres now lol That's one great looking giros there @Andy350 🦬
  11. I used to carry quicksteel. It's a reinforced steel epoxy. Before I cracked a clutch cover. Now I've got an actual clutch protector casing I don't carry it. Thankfully I did at the time as 2 of us on that same ride! had rocks pierce thru our covers.. This is it...
  12. Limited with this lockdown only a solo pic... hopefully I'll get to take more memorable pics with the dirtriderz crew soon
  13. Happy birthday @ktm shane 🍻
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