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  1. Speedy recovery Mick! Hope to see you on the pegs again soon
  2. Massive shout out to @cruiser for coming out to repair our wilting fence and sagging gate and @Andy350 who gave up his day to help with the construction of it all. Some pics of the before and after.... Sooo happy with it!
  3. @splints when are you going to stockmans?
  4. Now that the shackles are off... Who's going riding outside of the 25klm ring of steel tonight @ midnight? @RIDER.... 🤔
  5. Great effort! And the gate looks amazing! Drive straight in with the trailer... ♠️
  6. @cluffie has there been an announcement this morning to ease restrictions?
  7. @Sink - A few things that I will remember from all of this are Denial Andrews' answers (we needed to know) to simple questions any person in their right mind and intentions would know, like: I'll get back to you on that! I forgot! I can't remember! These are the answers we got from a narcissistic, self righteous, clueless, incompetent and ego-maniac group who are supposed to be leading this level 8 ride.... Those questions relative to the lives and livelihoods of Victorians asked by reporters were ignored, we'rent relevant coz they had no proper thought on it's
  8. I've never heard of the KL97/1.... Have only used the Mahle KL97 inline fuel filter. But mines a 250 excf...
  9. In desperate need of assistance with running an agie pipe under the driveway spanning approx 5.3m to get 13mm pvc pipe from tap on one side to garden bed across the other side... Is there anyone on the forum that can assist? $$ cash paid...
  10. Whipsticks is near enough 🤪