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  1. I thought i'd ask one of the runners competing if they wanted a dink to the finish... hahaha
  2. The pace was slow at first with a few runners out in the forest...

    Wild Whipsticks

    Same place mate Ive only known it as abseil hill

    Wild Whipsticks

    Thats abseil hill
  5. Aaarrrrrgggg me heartie lol
  6. It was that time of the month...
  7. Haha is that my red eye patch in there? I must be color blind Dazz...
  8. Turbulent rain fell to the lead up to the Falls and 8 bushy tailed pirates managed to get thru it lead by captain Blue Beard aka Barclay and swept by the tall and mean Riles and of course the witty DazzRMX. Thru the fog this morning we arrived with a lil rain to ensure the dust was completely kept away me hearties... With a quick start and the witty DazzRMZ finding a rag in my stead that kept my throttle sticking and we were off... Seeking our treasure we found plenty of gems through some sloppy but yet grippy tracks. Bear kept passing me with MOJO and Crusty350 in close proximity... AAAARRGGHH ME HEARTIES!!! A lil slick in parts but everyone got through unscathed... One particular hill saw one eyed CV aka CentralVic put his traction control skills to the test with a pivot turn seeing him come back down with Riles and bushy tailed Crusty350 showing all how it was done Plenty of pot holes filled with water and a few slick spots for some.. DazzRMX and myself tailed it up an incline with Dazz showing me how to take a corner With my eye patch on I managed to drop a lil air out of my inner tube hahaha front and rear only to realise the inner was for the tubeliss ... thanks Bear for getting the air back up to 17000 PSI and for Crusty350 who could see it was gonna take days for me to get the air to pressures up to the required PSI and pulled out his bag of tricks with hydrogen bombs... of course the human air pressure gauge Riles knew what PSI the tyre was at .... hahaha thanks me hearties ggggrrr I had an absolute ball terror of a time finding treasures today... cant wait to go back! Thanks to all for your help and for travelling thru the fog to find gems. Pics to come...
  9. A @Bear in the woods....
  10. That wasn't a stack... that was a double flip with a twist... and you landed on your feet so technically it was the perfect dismount...