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  1. Does the bike give you any signs beforehand?
  2. @Bad Badger was @Bear using your bike engine to fry his eggs n bacon?
  3. Great vantage point to capture the moment lol
  4. No dust... Watch "Pyrenees Enduro" on YouTube https://youtu.be/AxvXpYS9JFM
  5. In a gully... Watch "Enduro Hill Climb" on YouTube https://youtu.be/26czUrji7Uo
  6. @MrNoodle awesome effort getting over that lil twigg... https://youtu.be/MjbUsFzEm4o Watch "KTM 300 exc enduro log hop" on YouTube
  7. @centralVicShe might of confused you for a native animal... hehe
  8. Congrats Fab... question is how you gonna ride that? It has no tyres or handle bars...
  9. Confucious say - he who pull clutch lever too far in - not go far up hill.. hahahaha
  10. https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/850758185830277860/
  11. You make it look easy!
  12. Thanks to Bear for leading us through an amazing mix of the Pyrenees State Forest with spectacular views, rugged mountain ranges, abundant wildlife, a rich array of life and historic sites. Highlights for the day were in no particular order: finding my mojo and clutch skills after being off the pegs for a month or so, pre-ride banter with the lads, racing along with @ktm3002t, watching @Bear & @MrNoodle race down a hill () , @Yammy2smoker who was actually on a Suzuki and not a yammy cruise over all that got thrown at him, @Bad Badger sailing over everything, @centralVic amazing clutch control, @sherco Irish tips along the way and sense of humor, @!Thumper gliding over every hill in a single bound with his mighty 426, and @beeaye for his spirited ride after having not 1 but 3 wisdom teeth removed earlier this week AND for putting his hand up to sweep (brave man!). Some pics and vids to some over the next few days... stay tuned
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