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  1. Bears Tallarook step up L3 ride

    Was a great challenge today! Had an absolute blast
  2. Bears Tallarook step up L3 ride

    It was epic mate. Ya woulda had a ball. I'm sure we'll ride soon [emoji109]
  3. Bears Tallarook step up L3 ride

    It sure was mate. You'll have to get Dan to join up on the forum and post his pics n vid [emoji110]
  4. Bears Tallarook step up L3 ride

    Hope you're feeling better today sir lance alot hhmm
  5. What an awesome days ride. Bear lead DazzRMX, Wishy, Dan and myself on an epic Tallarook ride covering approx 74 klms. I was a lil nervous about stepping up to a L3 ride but had a blast. Much thanks to Bear and Dazz for your support & guidance leading up to this ride - it's made me a better rider. We covered a variety of terrain at good pace. Some descents and knarly rocky terrain. What a challenge! 3 quarters of the way thru the ride Bear noticed Dans radiator what spewing up so we pulled up to fill it with water and for it to cool down. Faced with more logs n a few hills Dan pulled the plug - well done mate for getting that far. With Wishy sweeping and Bear leading Dazz and myself kept going. Making it to the power lines for a quick catch up... We did discuss the seat position of Dazz's gonads... maybe moulding it into his seat for comfort haha Pace was awesum by my standards and that ain't too fast hehe We climbed a few more hills and more logs and of course rocks lol Dazz managed to clear a track for us with his ribs (which I'll upload a pick soon of) hope you're ok mate! Thanks Bear for leading and Wishy for sweeping. I had an absolute blast today. TrailZ NB: vid and pics to come once I've uploaded them to YouTube
  6. Wombat 7th April pub run

    Wombat Enduro Loop - Saturday 7 April 2018 - Part 15
  7. Wombat 7th April pub run

    Here's more...
  8. Wombat 7th April pub run

    Free flowing rutted track with a downhill thrown in by Thumper
  9. Wombat 7th April pub run

    Sitting on the shoulder of one of the lads Yamaha... i think it was Just Another WR... correct me if I'm wrong there mate
  10. Wombat 7th April pub run

    After a dust up from Lindon we made our way to a smooth flowing track we almost missed...
  11. Wombat 7th April pub run

    Conscious of Lindon's dinner the nite before I wasn't too keen on riding behind him hahaha
  12. Wombat 7th April pub run

    With everyone back up from our hill climb... we headed off to our next track lead by Thumper
  13. Wombat 7th April pub run

    This is what it's all about - Comradery! Helping our fellow riders up a hill...
  14. Wombat 7th April pub run

    Thumper took us to a play hill with a few various options... you either went left, right up the guts or go home Great challenge with a twist as one of the lads bent their bars (not shown). As for me I chose to take the right with an off camber left turn after watching Lindons second attempt hhmm and Bear cruise up with style...
  15. Wombat 7th April pub run

    Corner man working well...