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  1. @Geoffro - sounds like an ideal DirtRiderZ Syndicated Property Investment opportunity ?
  2. Fits n feels great! Braap
  3. They look & feel mint! Gonna wear it Friday @ work. thanks El Capitano
  4. Gonna check mail box tonight
  5. Can't wait to pull it on!
  6. Thanks @Andy350 that looks awesum! I didn't count 54 river crossings in the vid as promised? hehehe
  7. @Geoffro do you have any stories to tell us of your experiences at the Blackwood Pub?
  8. Yup frothies were cold...
  9. Keen to hear your views of it..
  10. Do you stock zeta levers for a 2014 ktm 250 excf?
  11. Have you tried a Chiro? Or have ya considered surgery?
  12. Keep em coming mate! It has been a while since ya posted vids. Yup YOLO
  13. Worth the wait for P2. Your vids have been sensational to watch! Thanks
  14. Yup I'm happy with the collectors edition x2
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