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  1. @Habs do they have the blue lenses for em?
  2. Awesome bike... totally different to the DRZ
  3. Enjoy the weekend 🚀 While us mere mortals watch on...
  4. To add to the fire... is there much difference between the Austrian and USA made Scott goggles? I've recently been using Scott goggles, switching to another pair of Oakley's that I've had for ages lol and the Scott goggles don't fog as much...
  5. @mick only a few wrinkles on it... part of ageing gracefully.
  6. Welcome @Kayto Enjoy the fruits the forum brings within the organised rides section. Take a pick from rides posted throughout Victoria 👏 Keep living the dream!
  7. Before ride: usually 2 weetbix for brekky and a cuppa for the drive up. There has been times when I've dropped in to see Ronald and grabbed me a bacon n egg mcmuffin... During ride: muesli bar and lollies. Used to bring a sanga along but tended to get too lazy on the bike lol Post ride: depends if bbq organised or not - then that would be snags otherwise servo sangas or kfc... i just shut up and they take my money! 😜
  8. @Gypsy501 did you use the twin air or funnel web air filters? I'm aware the funnel web filter has a rubber groove in the middle of it from protection of the cage piercing thru the foam which the twin air filter doesn't...
  9. The air filter cage protector on my 2T kato doesn't sit in the filter like my 4T did. The plastic in the middle of the cage just juts out and over time me thinks it might ruin the actual air filter... worse case scenario dirt n dust gets in... Has anyone had any issues with it spiking through the air filter over time? And is there a solution for it?
  10. What a sensational playground! 😜
  11. Merci! That was hilarious!... how'd he not wrap that pipe around a rock or tree has me stumped...