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  1. Looks like an awesum days riding you lucky bast@#%s haha[emoji317]
  2. Happy birthday capitano Geoffro - celebrate it well!
  3. The stars and the moon aligned and got to jump on this ride... Andy350 did mention to bring some banter and that was the mission for the day - @Andy350 "are you sure" lol Magnificent day riding with a terrific bunch of blokes. So many highlights and turns hahaha but all for a great cause "BBQ @ the end of the ride"... no no I meant the RCHGFA! Thanks @Andy350 for putting on the ride and for our sweeps @Bad Badger for donning the orange jersey from the onset. On a positive note while waiting for our rider to arrive I did get to test ride the mighty Husqvarna TE 300 @TBRider and KTM 250 exc @Matt337x sweet and nimble rides in their own right... Can't wait to ride with you all again! A few pics & vids to share... TrailZ
  4. @Andy350 I saw an awesum line down there and went for it past ya lol
  5. @BearMX at the 6:57 minute mark that was the greatest pass/gumpy out of trouble save I have ever had - thought I was gonna go over the edge but leaned the bike around @Bad Badger and went roud the outside of him... OMFG MOMENT right there!!!
  6. Awesum vid @BearMX - @Andy350 asked me to stop on that hill descent as I was passing him lol
  7. Looks like a pretty awesum days ride with hill climbs taking over 3min to get up [emoji1733]

    Space Blankets

    If not you'll be perfectly preserved... haha and deflect the sun's rays.. I [emoji848]

    Space Blankets

    What about this...
  10. TRAILZ

    Space Blankets

    Not sure how you'd be able to wrap alfoil around ya... smaller strips You'd be mummified lol
  11. TRAILZ

    Space Blankets

    Glad to hear you haven't had to use one mate... I hear ya having one on hand if someone needs it would be ideal. I was also thinking of getting flint stick as fire lighters might fail get wet etc...
  12. TRAILZ

    Space Blankets

    @Scotland have you ever had to use it mate? If so your thoughts on having one?