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  1. It's been a tuff week this time round...like a step up ride I've had a few hurdles to overcome with my weight goal. I couldn't get my front tyre over a large pack of chips and my camelback was filled with JD... Wet weather meant I couldn't go as hard outdoors... keeping fit hhmm Week 4. Current weight 83.1kg > Goal weight 82.3kg > Actual Weight at end of the week 83.1kg Hope y'all keeping motivated!
  2. New scales haven't spoken yet... like get off me or you're hurting me. Haha Week 3. Current weight 83.8kg > Goal weight 83.3kg > Actual Weight at end of the week 83.8kg Almost at my goal weight gotta keep up the effort which has almost become routine now. Feels good 🤪
  3. New scales and going to weigh in in the morning. @cruiser totally agree with you there. Without the scales I could only go by "gut" feel (haha) and gotta say it feels better. Ensuring being off the sofa has helped.. even just going for a 5min walk every few hours has helped aside from other things...
  4. G'day Astro and welcome to the forum. That would of been me that came in to your store to get my MTB sorted. With the recent lockdown rides are minimal and usually posted in the organised rides section. So stay tuned for rides to be posted. Great to hear you're keen to get back on the bike 😷
  5. Hope everyone's keeping motivated for when we're able to get back on the pegs. Personally I've been watching what I eat with one day of guilt free munching to a degree... I've planned to weigh in today to see how my goals progressing but albeit the scales are busted (not from excess weight hhmm))? will have to purchase a new set of scales me thinks to keep you up to date... how's everyone else going through this restriction period?
  6. Good on ya mate! Keep motivated during these unprecedented times!
  7. Heal up soon mate!
  8. Thanks mate! Keeping motivated and a positive attitude throughout the Lockdown period has helped as well...
  9. Wooohooo - set myself a goal last Wednesday and got some results with some exercise and watching what I eat. Week 1. Current weight 86.3kg > Goal weight 85.3kg > Actual Weight at end of the week 85.2 kg Hope everyone is staying safe and keeping motivated for time on the pegs!
  10. Small wins for long term gains... no point in gloating about not able to do regular things over the next 6 weeks.
  11. Gotta say... it's only day 6 into the 6 week challenge and I'm feeling better for it.
  12. Warm n comfy uggs...
  13. With good diet and regular exercise you'll reap the rewards in 6 weeks... did you wash the bike while doing push ups with 1 arm? Wax on wax off...
  14. You're looking fit for your age @cobraone. What do you do for 40 minutes of exercise each day?
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