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    Where FIAT stems from mate. Where someone in power decides they want to do something. Stemming from Royal FIAT... Let it be done


    Let it be done!
  3. @Pepperjack Are you still looking for the baofeng?
  4. Thanks @2t4me I'm on my phone now. Will get onto it before it starts
  5. How's everyone watching the race? Is it being shown live? Suggestions welcome.. NB: I don't have Foxtel
  6. @MrNoodle don't forget the post ride shower beers lol
  7. @Habs I've tried the Pirellis and the shinkos with the tubeless system. No issues so far... in saying that I ain't the fastest rider out there lol Food for thought for ya...
  8. Lot's of planning goes in to leading a ride and today sure did have it all we're grateful for your efforts. A big thanks to Pepperjack and IanM for all the preparation that went into the 55 odd klms of magnificent terrain covered. To our sweeps BadBadger and stinky for towing the line and of course the shaven one...Andy350 for putting on a delish bbq to cap off the day. 22 riders jumped on Pepperjacks loop from far and wide..it started off with some sweet flowing tracks to warm us up. Mostly good traction with a few slick parts to keep us on our toes. And just got better and better. Thanks Fab for helping me with my armour you jelled well with the bike today. I managed a power slide along one track when some clay didn't wanna stick to my front rubber lol i don't remember who was behind me but thanks for pulling my bike off my boot It was clear Andy350 was hot on my tail most of the day like a shark roaming... you rode really well today mate. In fact everyone did as the day progressed. No major dramas. It was a shame my bike got knocked over at one of our breaks with my helmet on the bars cracking it and no longer usable Hhmm... Great laughs at the bbq with me quickly having to move Bears bike so it wasn't engulfed in flames lol I do have some vid and pics to come. Thanks again Pepperjack for organising today's rippa ride!
  9. @Pepperjack I ain't seen a penny of it... And the moral of the story is get on the Trailz z web chanel and subscribe!
  10. Ballan - Whipsticks. Close to your vehicle yet plenty of forest to keep you entertained. My first DRZ ride was there... aaahhh the good old days lol
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