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  1. Limited with this lockdown only a solo pic... hopefully I'll get to take more memorable pics with the dirtriderz crew soon
  2. Happy birthday @ktm shane 🍻
  3. Massive thanks @Geoffro for getting the hoodies for us... they look n feel terrific! 🍒
  4. Glad you enjoyed it mate was along vid ... was difficult to cull anything from it as it was such a great ride. Dunno what that vertically challenged hill was called but do know it was steep, cluttered with logs, rocks and a bike swallowing centre... like a scene from Jumanji 🧗‍♂️🐿️
  5. For those that might not be riding this week I have vid of a recent ride out @ Strathbogies. Lot's of mud, yet pretty grippy - overall one hell of a fun day 🤪 Subscribe, Like and enjoy Trailz
  6. Great to see you on the pegs Andy 😜 Fun day out 🏂

    2T Suspension

    Not sure exactly how much mate... but feet felt alot more planted

    2T Suspension

    Yeh did get it lowered mate

    2T Suspension

    Howdy @cruiser I'd like to be able to have more leverage with my legs. At the moment I'm just reaching the ground while sitting on the bike...
  10. I'm after advice from riders that have had their suspension done. Preferably from those that have a 2T. My last bike was a 4T and after getting the suspension done from Boltons the bike felt amazingly good no issues... could dab a foot down and have more confidence in rougher terrain. Now I'm on a 2T and not sure whether it would be worthwhile doing as the pipe sits alot lower and is more exposed. Feedback and your thoughts would be much appreciated on yourexperiences. TrailZ
  11. Happy birthday @dazzrmx 🍻
  12. Does anyone have any media contacts ie family, friends, neighbours, associate etc? Maybe get them involved with our just cause...
  13. @silent would you like to open/draw up a petition for us to sign?
  14. Thanks @walkahz do they have any set dates? Or a contact?
  15. How can we organise a protest/ lobby against it?
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