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  1. Medical Emergency

    Facing the wrong way? That sounds like he might need a band-aid.
  2. Moisture wicking undergear

    I wear skins short sleeved top. Feels heaps nicer than a t-shirt or singlet. They tend to be drenched with sweat at the end of a ride. Where as the compression top feels dry and cool. I too have nipple rubbing issues with my jersey. Pretty painful. But not when wearing the skins too.
  3. Welcome to the site Jason. Feel free to have a look around and please post up if you have any questions.
  4. G’day

    Welcome to the site. Have a look around and if you have any questions feel free to shout out.
  5. On our aircon. It was stuck on there one night while on the spiced rum and has lived there ever since. Would be a few years now.. lol
  6. Summer merchandise

    large ladies in black X 2 thanks mate.
  7. What are you watching on TV

    Yeah have watched a few episodes. Looks kinda cheap. But I still watched it. Lol
  8. What are you watching on TV

    Yeah. We are a but of a fan of most things sci-fi. We have seen all of discovery up to the mid season break. Cool show. We binged on the punisher over the weekend. Watch 7 episodes.. lol I'm liking the marvel stuff on netflix.. Luke cage is awesome. Just the whole feel of the show.. 4k looks amazing with some reallly good cinematography
  9. As requested - Another Annual shirt order

    Bump. I'm sure there was more interest on the weekender. Where have you all gone?.
  10. The morning after shots... Bonnie Doon

    Yeah I heard. She was rather proud while telling me all about it.. haha In 18 years of knowing her. I don't think I have seen her that drunk. .. There were not many turkey 101s left in the esky...
  11. The morning after shots... Bonnie Doon

    Coise was still awake at 2:30 Sunday arvo. Lucky for her I was driving. Noodle went to sleep around 8 in the morning. He was woken up later by some 2 stroke spoke.. hahaha. I dunno how he does it. I struggled with the drive home and I didn't even drink.. lol
  12. Truck wash

    Very cheap.
  13. Jammed throttle cable

    If I am reading the OP right it's stuck at idle. Cant get any throttle?. I have seen when it gets stuck open but not closed.
  14. Bruised / Fractured Ribs

    Took me 4 weeks before I noticed an improvement. I re fractured mine a couple of weeks after i originslly did them on the bike ,in bed one night. Was a freaky thing hearing the click of it go. Ended up in hospital with fluid on the lungs. Make sure you take the pain killers. You have to take proper breaths.