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  1. With the amount of your own money that you have thrown at this over the years mate.. Cashing in is laughable.
  2. I know how hard this has been to post up mate. And I know how you have tried everything to not have to do it.. But what I mostly know is there are a lot of people on this forum that would love to support it and keep it going. This forum bring us all so much that money just couldn't buy.
  3. Yo. large dark Heather. Stamp 3XL dark Heather. Stamp Cheers.
  4. Some ripper pics people.. Keep it in up. [emoji851][emoji106]
  5. I have the smaller one on wheels. Mine also has foot release. Instead of having to open the valve you just press on the second pedal. Its great Gets the bike up nice and high and when you have it strapped on and the safety pin and and lowered onto it. The thing is pretty dam solid. I put both the 450 and the wifes 250 on it. Had mine for about 8 years.
  6. Geoffyboy


    Me.. lolThat sticker was one of the first ever done for the forum. We had a few done at the Berwick market not too long before we all headed to hattah. It's my favourite out of all we have done. It's reflective. Slightest bit of light and it lights up. It's still going strong.
  7. Good post. We both run front and rear Tuggers. Another note is it also helps keep your hands clean. Nothing worse than lifting the back of the bike out of something and your glove is then covered is crap. I wish I had a picture of the fancy sailor knot that Mr noodle had on the front of his bike. I was impressed with the knot work. No joke.
  8. Ain't that the truth mate. Once they are out Francoise will see them and ask when we are going riding. So yeah. That should get things happening. Haha
  9. 10 Years feels like it has gone by so dam fast. Its been interesting to say the least, many ups and downs but in the end I think it has found its own way. It brings people from all different walks of life, all different abilities, all different attitudes together for one common interest. And that's getting out on dirtbikes and enjoying the bush of ours, Sure there have been some disagreements on certain issues along the way but we are only human with different opinions. That's what makes it great, we are all different yet all can't deny that we love the bikes. Big
  10. Haha. Good chance I would still find a way to hurt myself.
  11. I've ran ours since probably 2013 and they still look new. Around 8,000ks on them. Never changed any part of the the tubliss. Only tires. Are the tires you run really soft? I only run about 8 to 10psi in my rears and they flatten out heaps with my bike and big arse on there. Never had those marks. Maybe the tire sidewalls are really soft allowing it to crush and come in contact with tubliss.
  12. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all Hope everyone stays safe and enjoys their time with family and friends. Its been a tough year with some injury and illness, but am super grateful to still be upright and above the ground. Looking forward to next year, when if all goes well, both Coise and myself will be back out there, even organising a couple of rides out our way too. Thanks to all those who contribute throughout the year, Without you putting rides on or offering advice on here, it would be that much harder for all us like minded dirt lovers to get out and enjoy
  13. Has it been 3 months?. That's totally not good enough. Even with the production manager stuffing up. Maybe a new supplier is in order.