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  1. Geoffyboy

    riding bush unlicensed

    Yeah I got mine right on the day of 17 and 9 months. I even got to ride my bike home... The long way of course.
  2. Geoffyboy

    Crf450x electronics

    Here ya go. I thought it was a pdf but its a jpeg so I can attach it in here. It says 250x but the are pretty much the same. Good luck.
  3. Geoffyboy

    Crf450x electronics

    This may help. Im heading out so will check in when I get home.
  4. Geoffyboy

    Crf450x electronics

    I have a wiring diagram if that will help. Shoot me an email address and I will shoot it off to you.
  5. Geoffyboy

    Bathurst 1000 social event.???

    We are the same.Will be scooting off early to try and get most the day in.
  6. Geoffyboy

    2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

    1 x 2XL mens 1 x 16 ladies Cheers...
  7. Geoffyboy


    Our first try at a swag was a Darche double. It's big. The wife and I can easily sleep in the . Lay side by side and don't touch the walls or each other. We love it If I was to look at them again. I would look more at end entry exit design. I don't like opening the top when it's raining. As others have said. Season it and make sure it's dry when you pack it away in ya shed.
  8. Geoffyboy

    Appropriate Posting

    Seems like a good time to remind everyone of this. The mods have been catching a bit of it of late. We hate having to edit/delete posts and then pm members about it..
  9. Those who have been affected by the RACV bullshit should complain to the insurance ombudsman. Get the issue on the radar. Might save some poor bugger losing it all. It's a bit rich to take money for a policy that they will not pay out on.
  10. What a load of shit... That whole post screams it. So many excuses. So much denying.. Ambos will chopper someone out for a broken bone. I've seen it. And you know that Tac will cover the cost. Just that one example is enough to show me, you don't know what the hell your talking about. Delusional.
  11. Geoffyboy

    What are you watching on TV

    It's good hey. Gets a bit confusing if ya not paying attention..
  12. Geoffyboy

    Welding and General Engineering

    Some nice exhaust work mate.
  13. Geoffyboy

    Recreation registration requirements

    people were installing LED lights on MX bikes run by a small battery that doesn't get charged by the bike. So when they go flat they don't work.. Try and do it right. Saves the headache of getting that one VicRoads employee that decides to be thorough and fails you. Resulting in a wasted appointment
  14. Geoffyboy

    Lvl 3 rides

    That post noodle makes perfect sense. People need to think less and post up the ride with as much info in the thread as possible. People can then get a feel for it. If they have questions it's important to answer them. If it's over rated then you get some people a little disappointed.. If it's underrated you get someone hurt.. I agree with dusty in the whole, a level 4 hill isn't going to change because your taking breaks and taking it cruisy.
  15. Geoffyboy

    Lvl 3 rides

    I think people need to just be honest with their own abilities. And the same goes for posted rides and the level of such rides. Seems some of those level 3 rides are more likely 2+ . Is there something to people not wanting to post a level 2+ ride even though the + means there are level 3 parts to it. Is it a mental thing?. I don't know. I do know some people may be self conscious of being labelled.. I've been on rides where someone has struggled obviously due to underestimating the difficulty. Thankfully it doesn't happen all the time. I just try to encourage them and not let them feel like they are annoying everyone. When they drop their head, their riding takes a dive. Make it all much worse. Sometimes people make a Mistake too. It's never going to be perfect. Thats a fact. Just be realistic people . Mostly just go out and have fun.