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  1. Has it been 3 months?. That's totally not good enough. Even with the production manager stuffing up. Maybe a new supplier is in order.
  2. 2XL and a L Both black Cheers..
  3. 510 I just went out and had a look. I would have forgotten by the morning. Haha
  4. I will have a look in the morning for you. I set mine with a GPS as the factory setting was way off. I have a feeling it was 550. Will check to make sure though
  5. LADIES SHIRTS Just a heads up to those who have ordered ladies shirts. Please check the sizing chart. If you got a weekender shirt last year and you order the same size, you will be very sad. Seems these new shirts are sized pretty small. Last years weekender ladies shirt in a size 12 is the same as an 18 in this new shirt.. So if you ordered a 12 this year it will be like a normal 8.. So please get a shirt that you like the fit of and lay it flat and measure from seam to seam under the armpits. Mens shirt sizing is normal and the same as before.
  6. Good first post mate. Glad to see you on here. As I said to ya today when I saw ya. Just remember to ziptie something on your fender bag, if you end up going that way to store your spare tube. I've seen many fly off never to be seen again.. haha
  7. Coise said she should have sprayed perfume in some just to trip people out
  8. All packaged up. These will be going in the post first thing Tuesday morning. You all should get them soon. Cheers. Geoffy
  9. Mate good on you for wanting to try and prevent other families having to go through what yours is right now. Unfortunately we all grow up thinking we are bulletproof. As the old saying goes. It's all good fun until someone gets hurt. Often we find out too late that we went a little far. Wishing ya boy a positive outcome from what could be said as a serious lapse in judgement. I'm looking forward to a good news post very soon.
  10. I think mine have some sort of magical power source. They never seem to go flat.
  11. Bump. just added the image of the mock up for the hoodie in the first post. Oh and here too.
  12. We have a few of these. I like the idea of not getting an feedback from others in the bush who might be using the same frequency as us. Im going to have to do this now for the wife and mine. Cheers for sharing
  13. What ya doing over there Bruce? We just spent 21 days over there. I miss the weather.
  14. Haha. Yeah I did. Was a pain though as some were stretched so couldnt just lay them out side by side and count together.
  15. And the Winner with a guess of 560 Is steveRR.. There were 568 links all up. So pretty close Congrats. Please message Fro and he will organise the prize. Thanks to all those who entered and had a guess..
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