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  1. Not much more to add witH thanks to lead, sweeps, bbq bringers and cooks. For both coise and myself, it was the second ride this year and the second ride in around 3 years.. Yes . That was far too long not riding...lol Ive ridden Tallook many many times before. But I forgot how much the rocks can punish you.. It hurt rolling out of bed this morning and only now does it not hurt my fingers to type this.. hahaha Was a ripper day, good new faces and some very well known old faces.. Someone joked and called it the cobweb cleaning out ride.. haha . We had a nice drive home chatting about the ride and planning our next one.. And I am never ever going to go to a tradie Xmas party the day before a ride... It was hard work, almost zero energy for most of the ride, which really hurt... Merry Christmas all. Stay safe and enjoy the break if you are fortunate enough to get one. Cheers. Geoff
  2. Hey how are you mate. 🥸 Hope you pulled up ok after last night.. Welcome to the site. I was pretty average when the alarm went off at 5:30 to get up to ride today.. If ya have any questions about what goes on here, yell out. Geoff
  3. Yeah, I was annoyed at first then I realised how long they have been serving us.. haha
  4. Couldn't add pics in first post for some reason..
  5. Hi all. Just getting the bikes sorted after being off them for over 2 years. Got Tubliss for them way back in 2011 and they haven't missed a beat in all that time. With around 18,000ks between the 2 bikes. Everything from sharp rocky crap to soft sand and all in-between. I run around 5psi in the tires , Happy days. So I find coises HP inner rear wouldn't hold any air. All the others had around 50psi in them, which is pretty good considering they havent been touched for that long. I order a new HP inner tube and remover the rear tire. I am surprised to find this. Now I cant work out how it blew out right at that spot, Maybe the red liner failed first? Strange that its right inline with the valve. So yeah. 10 Years was a good run for them I think. I have ordered a replacement red liner for $92 as I already have the tube. Full replacement is $192 . Inner tube alone is $21. I just have to swap out the rimlock/valve thingy from the old red liner. I am now removing all tires and checking others ..
  6. With the amount of your own money that you have thrown at this over the years mate.. Cashing in is laughable.
  7. I know how hard this has been to post up mate. And I know how you have tried everything to not have to do it.. But what I mostly know is there are a lot of people on this forum that would love to support it and keep it going. This forum bring us all so much that money just couldn't buy.
  8. Yo. large dark Heather. Stamp 3XL dark Heather. Stamp Cheers.
  9. Some ripper pics people.. Keep it in up. [emoji851][emoji106]
  10. I have the smaller one on wheels. Mine also has foot release. Instead of having to open the valve you just press on the second pedal. Its great Gets the bike up nice and high and when you have it strapped on and the safety pin and and lowered onto it. The thing is pretty dam solid. I put both the 450 and the wifes 250 on it. Had mine for about 8 years.
  11. Geoffyboy


    Me.. lolThat sticker was one of the first ever done for the forum. We had a few done at the Berwick market not too long before we all headed to hattah. It's my favourite out of all we have done. It's reflective. Slightest bit of light and it lights up. It's still going strong.
  12. Good post. We both run front and rear Tuggers. Another note is it also helps keep your hands clean. Nothing worse than lifting the back of the bike out of something and your glove is then covered is crap. I wish I had a picture of the fancy sailor knot that Mr noodle had on the front of his bike. I was impressed with the knot work. No joke.
  13. Ain't that the truth mate. Once they are out Francoise will see them and ask when we are going riding. So yeah. That should get things happening. Haha
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