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  1. Sounds like a ripper bloke..
  2. iPad / tablet optimised

    Other theme option is called mobile. Please give that a try and see if it is formatted better.
  3. iPad / tablet optimised

    Thanks for the feedback guys. You couldnt get a screenshot of what you are seeing could you? We are sending all this onto our tech guy to have a look at . Its probably just a formatting thing. Cheers
  4. Weekenders.

    Ok. So who has one of each?. Was going through the wardrobe and found I had lots of dirtriderz stuff. Got all the weekender shirts together . Man there are some good memories in some of those years.
  5. It seems people just sit around waiting to get offended by something. He is only trying to look after members of the forum. That's his number one rule. And just remember the forum is paid for and maintained by someone. It doesn't just magically appear for all to use as they please. Let's try and look after the forum and it's members. Before people who cant be arsed signing up.
  6. Medical Emergency

    Facing the wrong way? That sounds like he might need a band-aid.
  7. Moisture wicking undergear

    I wear skins short sleeved top. Feels heaps nicer than a t-shirt or singlet. They tend to be drenched with sweat at the end of a ride. Where as the compression top feels dry and cool. I too have nipple rubbing issues with my jersey. Pretty painful. But not when wearing the skins too.
  8. Welcome to the site Jason. Feel free to have a look around and please post up if you have any questions.
  9. G’day

    Welcome to the site. Have a look around and if you have any questions feel free to shout out.
  10. On our aircon. It was stuck on there one night while on the spiced rum and has lived there ever since. Would be a few years now.. lol
  11. Summer merchandise

    large ladies in black X 2 thanks mate.
  12. What are you watching on TV

    Yeah have watched a few episodes. Looks kinda cheap. But I still watched it. Lol
  13. What are you watching on TV

    Yeah. We are a but of a fan of most things sci-fi. We have seen all of discovery up to the mid season break. Cool show. We binged on the punisher over the weekend. Watch 7 episodes.. lol I'm liking the marvel stuff on netflix.. Luke cage is awesome. Just the whole feel of the show.. 4k looks amazing with some reallly good cinematography