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  1. On 9/17/2020 at 11:36 AM, hoff300 said:

    Does that mean the oil pump is or isn't obsolete? This thread was about rebuilding a bike and Dazz commented on an oil pump!! It is not a Ktm TPI thread!!

    I'm sure you have the best technology, and you're happy with your bike but!!!

    KTM use the same oil pump as Beta .. go figure huh !! 

  2. These forks are very harsh even with the clickers wound off, most tuners can get them pretty good but not right.
    Most do a spring conversion or I just do up a CC setup for them off the earlier model bikes. 
    Done like 3 of them in the last few months for guys, but would have to check to see if I can get another set of CC's 

  3. 13 hours ago, Nasty said:

    Hey Jessie

    It seems both your suggestions are near Caloundra , any reason why suspension matters is not on your to contact list 

    These are the 2 that get mentioned first & foremost up that way, doesn't mean Susp matters isn't up to the task.
    As per usual ring speak to the guys and take it from there. 

  4. 2 hours ago, PeteV said:

    165 - 168 main.
    38 pilot
    Suzuki necj needle
    is what you after I think.
    Other will confirm.

    That needle is too lean on the 14's but will works well on anything 13' or under year bikes
    Those jets will be perfect but run the NECW clip 3 due to the changed shape of the head design on the 14 & later models up to the carby 17's if you change to the 36mm Kehlin 


  5. I have done over 250+ hrs on the Tubliss system and only had a couple niggly things happen.

    Thats 3 different bikes I have transfered the system to & from and I can say only time I have had dramas has been with used tyres.

    If used with new tyres I have never had a problem with them, under 5% variation on PSI in the Low & High pressure sides, thats if you have fitted correctly & sealed them right.

    Never dinted, punctured or 50c a rim yet and I dont slow down for a lot of obstacles and find I smash the rear into them without thought now knowing the system will stand up to everything Im capable of dishing out.

    Good Luck with your choice.


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