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  1. KTM use the same oil pump as Beta .. go figure huh !!
  2. Depends on model bike, terrain & riding, and a few other things. What your looking for from the bike and how you want it to feel.
  3. DR's Bike Transport David Russel 0403 486 789 Does trips up the coast and anything in between monthly I think he on his way up at the moment if you ring him mate, very reasonable prices too.
  4. These forks are very harsh even with the clickers wound off, most tuners can get them pretty good but not right. Most do a spring conversion or I just do up a CC setup for them off the earlier model bikes. Done like 3 of them in the last few months for guys, but would have to check to see if I can get another set of CC's
  5. These are the 2 that get mentioned first & foremost up that way, doesn't mean Susp matters isn't up to the task. As per usual ring speak to the guys and take it from there.
  6. https://www.fullforceracing.com.au/ These guys are the place to go up that way mate Or these guys if travel time is a bit far for FFRC http://www.mpesuspension.com.au/contact.html Two respected places to get work done.
  7. Just follow the main track from the carpark .. you will ride straight into it ... cant miss it
  8. Look at the Just1 helmets as well similar design fit as the Airoh's and almost the same weight
  9. That needle is too lean on the 14's but will works well on anything 13' or under year bikes Those jets will be perfect but run the NECW clip 3 due to the changed shape of the head design on the 14 & later models up to the carby 17's if you change to the 36mm Kehlin
  10. Jonny Appleseed has the cheapest mounts for the Garmin range
  11. There is no way you can run that pressure in the Starcross 5 tyre even with tubliss system, would be stupidly to soft IMO never drop below 6psi in the rear or go below 7-8 in the fronts even if you run the fatter 90 profile and using Tubliss On the MX3s or any other stiffer sidewall tyre you will get away with 2psi but on the Starcross 5's you are asking for trouble and you will get it
  12. Clake SLR mounts off the stock clutch lever
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