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  1. Clake SLR mounts off the stock clutch lever
  2. I know of a 16' 300 Racing fully decked out with everything & its ready to ride Just add fuel and enjoy
  3. Raceline is getting one or has one for a Demo, if you call them something should be able to get worked out by them for you.
  4. Jessie

    Tubliss Vs Mousse

    I have done over 250+ hrs on the Tubliss system and only had a couple niggly things happen. Thats 3 different bikes I have transfered the system to & from and I can say only time I have had dramas has been with used tyres. If used with new tyres I have never had a problem with them, under 5% variation on PSI in the Low & High pressure sides, thats if you have fitted correctly & sealed them right. Never dinted, punctured or 50c a rim yet and I dont slow down for a lot of obstacles and find I smash the rear into them without thought now knowing the system will stand up to everything Im capable of dishing out. Good Luck with your choice.