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  1. Jamie

    Riding in SA

    Just seeing if anyone has ridden or is from Adelaide way and if there is any riding in the surrounding hills? Looking at mainly single trail riding..... may be moving that way for work, don’t mind driving a couple of hours.
  2. Jamie

    GoPro HERO5 Black

    To you guys that have used GoPro's in the past, can you give me a tip on what settings you guys use as I just got a GoPro 5 and want to start recording recording but would like a head start as there are a heap of different settings for which fps, wide/medium and 4K, 2.7 or 1080 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Jamie

    Super Spring Hill pre GF ride 2016

    Agree with everyone's reports!! Was an awesome day with a bunch of great blokes! It's so great that a forum like this can bring so many different people together for something we all love doing. I can tell you now I've still got sore muscles! What a day! I'll be bringing a slab next time and beers on me just cos your all good blokes ;-) and everyone loves a beer! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Jamie

    Garmin Gps 64S Mounting

    How you guys end up going with the alloy mounts as I'm thinking about purchasing a 64s this weekend? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. How are you finding the Montana? I'm thinking about getting one for recording loops/tracks etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Jamie

    Pod K4 knee braces

    No probs, make sure you hit me up when your all better.
  7. Jamie

    Pod K4 knee braces

    You need ones that extend to your ankles ;-) How the recovery going anyways, hope you can't get rid of your bike, in a good way! I nearly busted my knee the other weekend that's why I'm getting some.
  8. Jamie

    Pod K4 knee braces

    I got told mine would be here in two days! I got the k300's but they were a bit small so took them back and they could only get one side and the other would take weeks. Said I could get the k4's in the next couple of days so going with that just couldn't find any info on them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Jamie

    Pod K4 knee braces

    Anyone heard of these or used them? Are they the upgraded version of the k300? Can't really find any info on the net. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Jamie

    BIGGIES Dissa

    Thanks for the ride and experience! Was great to meet everyone and was so well run! First ride with dirtriderz and won't be my last. Had an absolute ball and can't wait for the next ride! Met a heap of great blokes and learnt a heap! Thanks everyone!! :-)
  11. Grew up in the NE high country and have ridden around a good chunk of it, I live in Colbinabbin now, in between Bendigo and Shepparton near Rushworth. Go to bogies a bit, high country (still have property up there), and been to Cobaw a couple of times, really enjoy it down there and the riding and it's closer to where I live now, want to explore more areas like that, anywhere really.
  12. Keen to meet more people and explore some more places. Am free most Saturday's or Sunday's for rides. Have a Ktm 350 excf which I got few months ago. Did have a new wr450 but really started to enjoy single trails and there challenges and it was a bit to much of a bike for me lol. Pretty new to the sport as my previous experience was exploring the high country on a rusted out xt125 when I was 16. The above bikes are my first bikes since then so I would probably be a level 2 rider.