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  1. Life in Zhengzhou China

    Love reading this. My wife loved it more as she can relate somewhat to your experience. She taught English in Japan for 3 years and wasn't allowed to speak Japanese so found it hard for the first year. Now she's "cultered" we can return with the family with the friends she made.
  2. Saturday hazelwood RCHGFA RIDE 7th April

    Thanks guys for coming along and making it a great day. Your welcome anytime for future rides down there. Everyone has donated in their way so no money collected. Will donate now some $ for the GFA. Till next time
  3. Saturday hazelwood RCHGFA RIDE 7th April

    Almost always I forget to take photos. Luckily for us I had the time to take some action shots...
  4. So Thursday nighr we had 5, then friday we grew to 6 and today we had 4. Don't know what happened there. It was basically all 4 of us first ride for the year. One in particular, first for some years. He did alright on his honda. We were going to stick to a 1+ ride but after the warm up track it was an easy decision to step it up. We only did 30k for the day but I also found some hillclimbs to add to to loop for the trip back to the cars. There were a few falls for the day and I bet they're glad they are not riding tomorrow. Only sadists ride 2 days in a row. Dohhhh. The dust wasn't bad at the front. Hehe. That was left in the moderately capable hands of our sweep rider. He did look like he needed his shower tonight for his sojourn into the big lights of the city. No breakdowns at all. Was a good 1st ride back for the year. Now to do it all again. Huge thanks to Sean for sweeping all day and Steve and Warwick for riding. Bottoms up
  5. Tallarook - 2017 Xmas ride

    Absolutely Spewin I missed this ride. Sounds like perfect weather for this time of year. Have to come next year for sure as well as the weekender. Stuff work and clients. Lol. Great reports all. Makes me miss riding and now a little sad. Nothing a few drinks can't fix.
  6. Adding an (S)

    Like the idea dazz. Cruisy lvl 2 rides seem like the go for such a ride as you suggest. Maybe post up for such a ride. There didn't seem to be as many rides posted this year as others that I have seen. Hope there's many different rides next year.
  7. Seaton L2 Stepup

    Like I said on sunday, plan to do lots of rides there next year of lvl1-3. Hope to give 2 weeks notice for all rides.
  8. Seaton L2 Stepup

    90km for the day will surely test most out. You did a great job in lasting the days ride. Once ya bikes tuned a bit you'll be smashing stuff. Keep it up. Next year you can jump on the lvl3 route I've almost linked up.
  9. Seaton L2 Stepup

    Sorry it's long, but no photos Wayward1 sure lives up to his name when taking his time doing the ride reports. He says so much but Way too little of himself when he forgets to mention Eddie the eagle soured past his helmet. Also, he loves his beta and I'm sure the Italian princess will send him flying like Eddie the eagle did if she finds out he wants to replace her with a younger and prettier model. So the day started early waking at 6am without an alarm. As soon as I put my head on the pillow the night before I thought I should set the alarm but took a chance and woke up with a spring in step. Hasn't happened much this year but excited for the day. Met up with suzbeano at Longwarry and had a short chat. Left there and kilvo msg me saying he's running a bit late. He's a few minutes ahead so tell him to follow as yallourn power station is a little tricky 1st time through. We get there at 8.55am and katman was there but other side of the Weir. Have a chat and wayyyyyyt for sean. Katman phoned him just before he arrived and sounds like he's just woken up. Oops. Keep chatting for a while and ring wayward1 at 9.20. Get out of bed was the first instruction but hearing the road noise he's not far away. He lives Way to close to his local but what a local it is. Was here a few months back for the intro and this place has all of the good stuff. It was 20deg already so I rode without knee guards and body armour for the first time ever. So glad I did but there was some pucker moments. Like when I rode the gas gas 300. It's the cross country model so front forks might be a bit stiffer. Great for the washout climbs compared to my husky. Took maybe 3 jumps to have confidence in the front end. Need a day to play with clickers on the 350 to set up properly. Will run a day for that early next season. On some tighter tracks the chain skipped a few times in first gear. New it needed a link taken out and thought it was until I stopped and had a look. Holy ...., the wheel was at least 10 deg out of square with the adjuster wedged into Swingarm. Couldn't move it and needed a hammer but who carries that. Suzbeano pulls out a sturdy adjustable wrench to help fix it. Thanks again suzbeano. 95% of the day was going up or down. Suzbeano grew more confident going downhill as the day wore on and it won't be long before lvl2 rides will meet her enthusiasm and the xtrainer. Had a short blast on her bike and think maybe some jetting changes needed but definitely needs float level adjusted. Needed a drink after 65km and now can offer on the fly fuel. While it was dusty for the day I decided to stop for a bit and have some fun on the endless hills. Reminded myself it's a lvl 2 step up ride after not seeing a washout on a flat section and landed on the front wheel and when the back finally came down it made me do a wheelie that I could only dream of doing in the perfect world. Great day in all. Love your backyard wayward1 and def back for your linking trails. A perfect way to end a sh...y year for my family. (Wife went and saw book of Mormon, pc or not to pc lol). Also thanks to suzbeano, kilvo and katman for coming to. Anytime you want a ride is cool with me. Daylight saving midweek rides anyone? Bottoms up.
  10. Hit The Dirt on an Indian

    I've been thinking about a second hand ducati for next road bike but after seeing this might have to splash some extra coin down for this. Super cool Indian.
  11. Sat 21st Oct Neerim Level 2 Ride Report

    That's awesome oz. Great work. What's the camera your using.
  12. Risky when out riding alone

    No warning signs or fence to stop you from falling. Extremely lucky man.
  13. cramps and pain. Symptoms and Remedies

    Did a search for Homeopathic Copper and second on the list has this to say. Counters what above article says from Dr.
  14. Otway Magic

    Great report, photos and video. Always love your vids faultline. Learnt a lot from your edits when doing mine a while ago. Prob should start doing some more but always feel they're too long but can't seem to cut out what is there. Anyway looks like a great weekend you guys had.
  15. Hazelwood 2+ ride

    Spur of the moment post during the the week produced 3 other keen riderz. Didn't check the weather before the ride and a bit warm for the plan for the day. Havn't ridden much lately so decide to stick with it. Trying to get a 80km + loop going with minimal breaks for the future and made some ground today with it. We only did 38k today but felt like 60k. Got the first 10k worked out but lots of tech trails after criss crossing seemed like we were going around in circles at one point. Got too many options for this part, so a whole day could be spent linking trails just in this 4sq km area. Eventually found my way out and onto some old favs. Wasn't really riding well for the day but worked on a couple of things and got a little better. Had some bad climbs and chose the wrong lines which only let the others know which line to take. Had planned to have a look at the creek track but forgot half way through. Didn't do the north loop, which is 20km that I use to start with, but can easily do 80km with the creek and the north loops included. Just need to wait for cooler weather to try the whole loop. We didn't do corner man system as we just stayed together all day. Came across some obstacles which we stayed together, but didn't need help on. Great to ride with a smaller group for a change which meant we could stop when we want and push on when we can. Thanks to Brian, Lindon and frank for a great day. Next time I'll pick a cooler day for riding.