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  1. Greasa15

    Dakar 2019

    Yep it sure worked. Kinda hoped it didn't coz thats 1 serious crash. can't believe he got back on the bike after that. Great work by TB to win his second dakar. Laia Sainz awesome effort to finish 10th outright.
  2. Greasa15

    Dakar 2019

    Saw dakar highlights a couple days ago and price was a few minutes behind. Hoped the staggered starts and some luck would keep him in 3rd, especially since his wrist drama. Forgot to watch last couple episodes so was delighted when my wife told me via her fb page tobys dad put up something about him being in first place. Absolute gem of a ride of gotta be in it to win it. I think, from memory it's the last stage overnight. Can anyone confirm as well as AEST that race will start. Also how will they start the days stage. Ten riders together or overall ranking etc. GO TOBY btw loved the Holden ute jacked up spreading the aussie love.
  3. That's bad news mate. Hope recovery goes to plan and back riding soon.
  4. 3 bolts for me and out, so not much difference just a plush rear end Yes managed to remove bronzed aussie look for near stainless steel. Washed with detergent based chemical, Similar to ct18 but with a wax additive. Then a stainless steel cleaner helped with a plastic brush and elbow grease.
  5. Got an 04 wr450 that was easier than a walk in a park to get out. Husky was wrestling my adhd staffy on a walk with Lil barky dogs tempting their lives for a laugh/bark. Are the kato the same as in dropping shock to get header pipe out?
  6. Cleaned header pipe today on 17 husky 350. Thought taking off header was easier than it turned out. Had to drop the shock to allow pipe to come out. Don't have a before photo but collection of loam and clay deposits are now banished. Used chemicals from work to remove all dirt etc. Very happy with results though.
  7. Greasa15

    dirtriderZ 2018 Christmas stacks at Tallarook

    Great report guys. Sorry couldn't make it but had to work. December's always too busy at work. Merry Christmas all and rip it up in the new year.
  8. Greasa15

    Own a 17-18 tpi bike?

    Pretty good trailz lookalike. Guy in the suit looks a bit like Geoffrey Eddleston. Must've been pre mid life crisis.
  9. Greasa15

    Greasa's Greasy Hazelwood

    No Vid footage. Got about 800 random photos though. He forgot his phone to operate his Christmas present, which he shouldn't have used anyway. One of his falls he injured his shoulder. He tried to work today but couldn't lift and had the rest of the day off. Went to physio and better now. Hope he can operate his phone next time!!!!!!!! Anyone else have video footage?
  10. Greasa15

    Greasa's Greasy Hazelwood

    Ill chase him up for it. Prob won't get much, he was to busy going bush somewhere.
  11. Greasa15

    Greasa's Greasy Hazelwood

    Got any vid of it. Would love to see it. Don't see much out front, only stacks on a hill. lol
  12. Greasa15

    Greasa's Greasy Hazelwood

    Did ya keep count of passes? I know you got passed at one point, must have dozed off following me.
  13. Greasa15

    Greasa's Greasy Hazelwood

    He was out the back sweeping for the whole day so only he can tell you, but everytime time we stopped for a regroup or rest he was right behind the group. We did see a struggle on the clay hill that only a few of us attempt. He still thinks the beta wouldn't have made a difference. Love seeing the YZ in action again.
  14. Greasa15

    Greasa's Greasy Hazelwood

    What a great day today. Parked somewhere different just in case the heavens opened but had minimal rain during the ride. As mentioned by mick it was super slick there today and certainly had all trying to find some grip. I managed too, but cheated by going slow. First half of the day I had at least one on my tail and me thinking I should speed up. I countered this by not stopping much and the ride flowed the best I've had. Heard a few had some falls but no injuries to speak of. Had a fall myself trying to follow mick up a wet red clay hill. Rode up 20mt till bike stopped and I tumbled 15mt downhill giving Greg and Steve (I think) a laugh or two. Wanted to do 50k for the day and was on track until a couple of hills held us up. Overgrown trail plus slick conditions plus ripped up dirt may make a gentle hill ummmmm tricky. So 37k for the day but had to finish early. Thanks to all that came today and made it a cracker of a ride. Special mention to Greg for sweeping the whole day. Thanks to Frank for all of the photos. Till next year guys.
  15. Holy moly. Heal up quick and get back out there. Media always beats up a story. Wonder what's really goin on?