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  1. Greasa15

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Hoodie are awesome. Whole family now wearing them. Thanks fro, great work.
  2. Greasa15

    Hazelwood with Greasa15

    Met most at Longwarry this morning with the rain falling. Had a look on the radar and hazelwood just on the edge of the band. Driving down to hazelwood with rain and showers hoping it will clear so we can start the ride with no rain. Manage to fluke it and do the pre ride talk. All know the cornerman and off we go. Rain may have stopped but trails are slick. Been a while for this L1 loop and the route heads north to start. Havn't been this way for some time and 1 trail has been affected by 12 months of rain. A lot more ruts and small drops. Could have gone another way but that's steeper and certainly more greasy. Cornerman working well so push on so we can get to first break. Come across a large tree that no one could get over so look for way around it. There was a couple of options with bush style or Lil trail. I did the bush and Paul tried the other. Paul's option the best. I double back to help out and all go past. Turn around in the bush and tumble over a small branch. Didn't wear body armour as it won't fit under dri rider. Gotta be careful. Get to a couple of play spots before lunch and have a bit of fun here. Back to cars now and 7 of us head off for l2 blast. Wait a bit at top of second track but no prob. Continue on to small hill. Bit slick today and a couple have trouble. Back to group now for afternoon ride. Down 1 from lunch now and keep the trails coming. Cornerman working well with everyone going at there own pace. Tried to avoid a small hazard road crossing only to forget the new route has a small climb at the end. Take a little time here. Take a wrong turn later but make up for it later with some good trails back to the cars. Did 60+km for the day with around 10 of those at lunch. Had a good day in all with all riderz a smile on their face. Sweeping for most of the day was frank. Great job mate. Always great riding with you. Grant took over sweep for last quarter of the day and did a great job. Thank you so much and look forward to riding with you again. No photos from me today but some did. Hope to post another L1 ride in October. Just waiting on confirmation for dates.
  3. Greasa15

    Hazelwood with Greasa15

    Lots of fun today. 20 something meant to ride. Quite a few pulled out. 13 enjoyed no rain then sunshine for the day. Full report later.
  4. Greasa15

    New here...

    At least level 2 and maybe 3. Won't know till you ride with us. I'm around 2+. Can do some level 3 stuff but not confident with logs. I ride tight tracks usually but giving climbs and logs a go. Late starter on dirt bike but rode road often. I'd say jump on a level 2 or 2+ ride before a 3 as if your out of your depth you may hurt yourself or others. There's a hill only 500mt from where I park. If you can make it up their your def l3.
  5. Greasa15

    New here...

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Have a look at the grading levels and then go on a ride 1 level below what you think you are. I'm running a level 1 (beginner to dirt ride) on the 19th August with a lunchtime level 2 blast. I might be doing up to Level 3 when this finishes for an hour or so. Your welcome to come along and see for yourself. There will be plenty of people to meet with varied experience. Cheers
  6. Greasa15

    Pooncarie 2018

    Good photos. TDM would've loved to stretch it's legs and be comfortable enough for double distance each day. Are the exhausts aftermarket shortys?
  7. Greasa15

    Last minute Elaine, Sunday 29th July

    25k in four hours makes our 40k in 4&1/2 hr sound like a walk in the park. Awesome photos pete. The photo of Petern coming down the rock reminds me of the video of buzz goin a over t at romainiacs.
  8. Greasa15

    Huski's Hazelwood

  9. Greasa15

    Huski's Hazelwood

    Was booked on biggies Dissa explore when I saw Huski post a hazelwood ride. I love this spot so much I thought I'd jump ship to help out. Not so sure it was a good idea on my behalf as I woke up to alarm at 6.40, only to be woken up at 7.20 by my lovely wife. I should have stayed in bed! Ring Huski as I pass Longwarry about 10mins behind and beeline to unload. Let dale know that I can show him around thinking the lvl3 loop that has yet to be completed. Meet huski's mate mick and new to the forum Grant. No vests needed just keep together. 1st track has some puddle whoops which gets the toes to the point of frostbite. I'm trying to hard to go fast but no groove. Wait like ten seconds to go straight into next track. All good so onto next part. Somehow I can't find the right fork in the track, past it a little while back and mick seems to have disappeared. Can't hear him so think he's had a tumble. Make it back to where we last saw him but nowhere to be seen. Seconds later he comes up another trail, only to find out he went the way we should have. Take two and I still can't find the right fork. Think I'm still asleep! No prob with the 1st climb like we had last time so onto more fun tracks. Wait at the end and mick's gone missing again. I'm sure there's no other fork in the road so head back only to hear there's a bear in the woods doin somethin no one's ever seen. Find the new left trail that seems to never end with these trails almost ice like which given the extra sat night downpour a new level on its own. By this time all of us are pretty close with me still trying to find a groove. Traverse to the sandy loam which gives me some confidence and lots of fun for everyone. The end of which snaps me back to reality. Slippin everywhere when trails go back to ice. I can hear huski's 2t ready to pounce and fly past me which later on he shows how you just hit it and hold on. We do the trails to the creek track but not knowing this to well we find a climb worthy of l3 status. Grant tries first. I'm next on another line. We both fail. So have a break and try again. Huski flies past before I can get a photo and gets past our attempts with ease. We hear him try and try. Bike stalls, kick it up and singing like only 2ts can. Grant tries again bit points like he wants the pearly gates to open up. Makes a graceful landing himself but not his stead. Think his airbox decides to suck some oil out of his engine. Lucky there's no damage done. We chicken track it back to where we find Huski almost to the top. Seems the hardest part was the start and the end. Photo doesn't do it justice but imagine this. I'm about 5-6 metres above him and he's about 40 metres away. Saw him make his second attempt only to fall 3 metres from the top. No way to drag it up with the near vertical lip so he turns around. Absolutely no shame in being the only one to make it that far. Find the hill near the start of the creek track and try this l2 hill. Huski flies past me and cross ruts, stops gets going. Can't get past him. Both get goin and for the first time on this hill get stuck. Try twice more but fail. Really should have stayed in bed. Mick and grant watch on at the washout. I'm buggered so give them a go. I think grant has a crack but really need momentum or a 450 to do it. Lucky for mick it's the 450 and straight up. Leaves grant and I to it. Take turns each and I fluke it. Grant has another go and decides to start from the bottom and fly up it. Next part is the climb and descent. I've never had problems before on these but then again I should have stayed in bed. Gotta be the extra rain from the week. Mmmmmm no one else seems to be having this much trouble. Still asleep then. 3 goes and I'm still having gumby moments. Finish with some l2 climbs instead of the l3 climb I have planned for the l3 loop. The last for the day is huski's attempt at the l3 climb near the cars. Makes it to a few metres from the top but momentum ain't on his side. Decide to try to attempt it but when I get to the bottom of it decide not to as a. I'm buggered from the gumby day I've had. B. Thought the run up was smoother. C. I'm riding this week on a secret mission to do at least the 60k loop for l3. Thanks Huski for posting ride up. Great to ride with ya and show how it's done. Good to meet ya mick. Welcome to ride again. Good to meet ya Grant and welcome to the forum. Def at least 2+ if not 3 for level. Keep a watch out for some l3 step up rides. Should be a few coming up. Cheers
  10. Greasa15

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Huski. Hope your feeling ok after showing us how to almost make it up a steep hill
  11. Greasa15

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Andy (badger66 )
  12. Greasa15

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Hey mate. Please change the kids size to a 6. Cheers
  13. Greasa15

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Hey fro 3 hoodie please 1 X black/red xl 1 X black pea green xl 1 X gunmetal aqua kids size 8 I'll Pm you for cost and postage. Cheers
  14. Greasa15

    my rare Yamaha xt660z tenere

    You can try to improve your current forks by adding 10-20mm of fork oil. I had a 99 tenure and did this and it changed the feel so much the better for it. I then played around with fork height in the triple clamps as well to the same effect. Maybe stiffer springs would be another good option or just ask a suspension specialist. A few around to talk too.
  15. Greasa15

    Wet Wombat L2 14/7

    Arnt we forgetting something.......... Ohhhhh that's right a fantastic ride captured by BearMX and a slight incline that somehow makes some of us look like gumby times ten. Hey trailz you look like me some time ago. I think you really need that 450 now.