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  1. Thanks mate. Been too busy. Wife saw items and had to have 1 of each. B/w work, family and caravan build had no time for much else. Let me know Monday how much and I'll send confirmation of payment too. Cheers Hope this covid hasn't affected you much.
  2. Hey fro 1 XS black & red (Plus 2 beanies, 1 each colour) Please. Is payment details still the same? (Last 3 years) Cheers Greasa
  3. Hey fro 1 black 1 grey Will order hoodie to add to "cart" Cheers
  4. Night before 6-8 beers plus dinner. 6-8 hours sleep Morning of usually 1 coffee at home. Maccas egg&bacon muffin with hash brown and either hot chocolate or coffee. During the ride prob drink 1.5 to 2lt of water on harder rides and some chocolate. Also lots of ciggy breaks if i'm leading. After ride we pop in for Fish & Chips which is usually 2 potatoe cakes and 3 Chicken strips. Have a couple of bevvies with that. When we get home lots more bevvies and normal dinner. I do notice that the next 2-3 days i'm really sore so I should start to alter the intake espec
  5. Was going to put queen size bed but won't fit with fridge so wife has to put up with some cuddles. Tough life, lucky she loves me, now hmmmm. Will put middle support in for bed (extra metal frame from original) as you'll see in photo. Wont need to slide bed in/out. Will put a long hinge in to lift for storage for travel and camping. Bed side table and extra shelf under existing clothes cupboard planned. Apart from fridge and sink, won't have to spend much as slat slide out bed will be cut for shelves and bench top. Other chipboard and frame wood to be recycled.
  6. Sink & bench top out. Also free to home. Everything works well. New fridge going on/behind wheel well. May do custom bench top by family cabinet maker or do myself. New sink and cook top in one ordered.
  7. Oven out. Free to good home.
  8. So, stripped out sink & oven/cook top. Small alteration is slightly bigger than first thought. Bought new fridge and sink/cook top combo. Finally convinced wife fridge has to go behind wheel well(raised up). It does cut in approx 100mm(wide) & 600mm(deep). If it was put in original spot we lose 60mm and height so cramped in doorway. This way we lose a small amount at feet of bed but have open space walking in. Photo before strip down.
  9. All good mate. Can't wait to do a proper ride again. Have to look at joining rides as my spot's been cleared. Happy New Year to you all.
  10. Came across this idea for a slide out bed. Will def have to do this.
  11. Taking Caravan off market. Sentimental reasons. Will modify inside a bit for our bi annual camping. If it turns out good we might even do a couple of trips. MODS PLEASE DELETE OR MOVE TO LOUNGE FOR UPDATES Maybe cruisers covid project post. 😀
  12. Was your project that prompted the ad here. Loved the journal that you made.
  13. Was going to sell this but sentiment won my wife over. Now we plan on changing the bed to a custom queen/king size. Also needs a new fridge so a taller one will replace the old, which means moving the sink and cook top down a bit. We Will prob keep the sink and replace oven and cook top. Will have to redesign the wardrobe with more drawers and a small hanging space. The table and seats will stay at the moment. Photos are Mansfield lakeside ski resort 2020 setup. Notice the awning not set up. It broke setting it up. Will be able to semi fix for now.
  14. 100% behind you in spirit. Been smoking for 28 years now (I can't believe it myself). I know I should give up as my cough is giving me the s....s. I've tried patches, cold turkey, champs & hypnosis before and still couldn't break it. I'm now going for reducing at the moment. Starting with leaving smokes at work. Its working during the week but will get their for weekends.
  15. Feel your pain mate. I too can not wait to ride, dirt or road. I've got 2 dirt bikes and 2 roadbikes plus cars(work) so reg for all of those could or technically(opinion) be reimbursed for money spent. But, as a few have said Victorians in general "have bigger fish to fry" so the effort involved of recouping any funds due to lockdown would be to risky for a meagre outcome. Whilst it is frustrating during lockdown I think the (silent) majority agree with the 'basic principle of protecting the vulnerable people. Just so happens some clowns in office must have smoked some "funny cigarettes