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  1. Hit The Dirt on an Indian

    I've been thinking about a second hand ducati for next road bike but after seeing this might have to splash some extra coin down for this. Super cool Indian.
  2. Sat 21st Oct Neerim Level 2 Ride Report

    That's awesome oz. Great work. What's the camera your using.
  3. Risky when out riding alone

    No warning signs or fence to stop you from falling. Extremely lucky man.
  4. cramps and pain. Symptoms and Remedies

    Did a search for Homeopathic Copper and second on the list has this to say. Counters what above article says from Dr.
  5. Otway Magic

    Great report, photos and video. Always love your vids faultline. Learnt a lot from your edits when doing mine a while ago. Prob should start doing some more but always feel they're too long but can't seem to cut out what is there. Anyway looks like a great weekend you guys had.
  6. Hazelwood 2+ ride

    Spur of the moment post during the the week produced 3 other keen riderz. Didn't check the weather before the ride and a bit warm for the plan for the day. Havn't ridden much lately so decide to stick with it. Trying to get a 80km + loop going with minimal breaks for the future and made some ground today with it. We only did 38k today but felt like 60k. Got the first 10k worked out but lots of tech trails after criss crossing seemed like we were going around in circles at one point. Got too many options for this part, so a whole day could be spent linking trails just in this 4sq km area. Eventually found my way out and onto some old favs. Wasn't really riding well for the day but worked on a couple of things and got a little better. Had some bad climbs and chose the wrong lines which only let the others know which line to take. Had planned to have a look at the creek track but forgot half way through. Didn't do the north loop, which is 20km that I use to start with, but can easily do 80km with the creek and the north loops included. Just need to wait for cooler weather to try the whole loop. We didn't do corner man system as we just stayed together all day. Came across some obstacles which we stayed together, but didn't need help on. Great to ride with a smaller group for a change which meant we could stop when we want and push on when we can. Thanks to Brian, Lindon and frank for a great day. Next time I'll pick a cooler day for riding.
  7. The Perfect Bike trailer

    A member is selling his. Check it out here.
  8. Hazelwood 10th September

    Still havn't done it but know roughly where it is. Was too wet for the group. Might ride it first before adding it in. The trails too their break up the ride so most likely will put it in. Prob only did 40km for the day, instead of the 80ish I had planned. All that rain sure made it interesting for some.
  9. Hazelwood 10th September

    12 of us geared up for a challenging day, with all the rain of the past week meant we skipped some of the proposed route. Started out on an old favourite to get warmed up and kept going like that for an hour. Some new stuff was a bit slippery with me holding up the group on a short climb. After watching how its done second time around straight up. Tom(tbosu1) took over as lead to show us down to the creek. Some fallen trees conquered a couple of new guys, with the odd pucker moments when trailing someone too close and they lose it somehow new skills were needed to avoid it. We get to the "point of no return" with Tom explaining that today the Creek track will be Lvl 3 and another way is 2+. Group vote dictates the other so straight up a hill which catches a few out. About 3/4 of the way up there is a somewhat steep bank which you could take. Now I saw maybe 5 guys try it with 3 getting past the first bank. This includes Tom, Nath and a newbie. Then it was Sean's turn. Comes in cautiously and just at the bottom of the bank gives it a bit. Problem was he wasn't going fast enough to start with and ghosties his bike to the top of the bank and rolls down the hill. Seeing this I try to help him out, chuckling to myself as he tries to climb up to his bike but sliding back. It's like watching someone on a treadmill which is going to fast and bam off ya go. I see the grass next to it and climb up to get his bike down. Struggle to stand up but eventually get his bike down. Forgot to take photos so I pull out the phone waiting for our sweep Greg to try but he's no where in sight. He's helping Dan down near the bottom still trying to get use to his 300. Greg kindly rides his bike up about halfway and Dan does the walk of shame. Now we head back for some hills. Lucky we went this way as going down these was tricky enough. I got stuck in a 2 foot rut and thought i'd act like a cornerman, showing the correct route. The climb up proved a bit tricky for some and when I get to the top it seems someone kept going as he didn't see the lead vest, with Tom coming back down to lend a hand. At this point I know where I am so go off to find him. He stopped not far ahead at a 4 way so no prob. Time was getting on so we miss some other climbs and head back to the cars for part 2. Tom leaves us there and heads home as do 5 others, leaving 6 for the 20km arvo loop. Sean takes over sweep duties and off we go. I have a few front end moments so go to snail pace. Everyone is on my tail so I try a bit faster, still on my tail. Try a bit more and still there. Try standing up more than usual and works for like 10seconds. Really need some lessons on how to ride. Getting tired by this stage and now try to just flow a bit. So the last track I hoped it was still there but many fallen trees put us into lets find another one. This one looped around on itself with some tricky banks and climbs which a couple found difficult, only coz I was so slow they didn't see it coming and didn't have enough speed. Somehow I manage ok until I worked out we are going around in circles. Finally found the correct route and back to the cars for a well earned rest. Oh and some drinks thanks to Greg. Thanks to all that came, especially Tom for showing me some new stuff and Greg and Sean for Sweeping. Greg had lots to do in the morning so next time I'll bring the drinks. Cheers
  10. My new ride!!

    Congrats mate. Sweet looking ride. Just don't jump it!!!!!!! How long before your back?
  11. Macca's after rides..

    Chicken roll and hot chips works for me. Otherwise maccas 3/4 on the way home. Got some bad habits as I never have breakfast, only before rides. But have to eat before any ride and most times have a bite on the way home.
  12. Cowwarr/Seaton Ride L2.5 27th August

    This Vid almost does the hill justice. Says something that the 2 best riders there had a try.
  13. Cowwarr/Seaton Ride L2.5 27th August

    The bt50 vibrates by itself so didn't notice trailer bearings even taking it back to seans. No idea when bearing was stuffed. All fixed, thanks sean. Will ride hazelwood soon and swap trailers back. 6 days tracks rule.
  14. Cowwarr/Seaton Ride L2.5 27th August

    Sad to hear that Andy. We all thought is was your knee. Awesome ride yesterday. Thanks again Sean for showing us some amazing trails. The newly graded section had a few of us wondering if the next washout was steeper than the next, wtf. The hill climb that only Nath and Matt tried had us all in disbelief that a bike can make it up as much as they did. I thought about having a go but didn't want to swap hospital spots with my wife. Those last few trails I was loving, similar to Hazelwood but when the h..l are they going to end....... Your backyard sure has some hidden treasures that people should check out sometime. Can't wait for the next one. p.s. Heal up well Andy, hope 6 weeks goes by quickly. Hope Leigh isn't to bad after his cricket stump fall. They're the ones I usually fall over.
  15. Great topic mick. I'm not on Facebook. Only this forum as public media. Before I joined I had one year of dirt riding. When I joined I didn't know about St. It took a few posts and msgs not to mention this that I tried looking up its usage. It took around three searches to find the rules. I find it amusing as every time I read a publication mentioning it's name I chuckle to myself that a great piece of riding cannot be enjoyed "legally". All the while they hand out licences to fools who have no respect to the rules of the road or other road users. Have they made it so easy to get your licence that you forget common sense and courteous behavior? Could they be liable for road rage with sub par drivers allowed on the roads? I think they make the rules to suit themselves. Every ride I have been on is to look out for each other. Make sure that we all come home safe, and if there is a problem then we see it out until it is fixed. Even going above and beyond helping other non dirtriderz to safety. Every ride we have been on we have stopped for horses and walkers etc to show respect and appreciation for other uses of the forest. We do care for the areas of where we ride. We also try to correct others who misuse or act inappropriately. I find it to be a contradiction to say that group a can use this part but group b and c have to tread carefully while us in group d are not allowed to share the same piece of public land that is meant for all of us in the first place. Yes we ride dirt bikes. Yes we love riding. Yes we care for the environment. Yes we care for fellow uses of the forest. Yes we will not stop riding the forest. Yes we want it legal as well as safe. Yes this should already be law. Yes I agree that a small percentage are stupid enough to cause grief and disrupt some neighbours or users, much like the roads. It's time to make it legal FOR EVERYONE or no one! !!!! Want to complain. Don't go through here. Email me directly at To continue. I've had only just started. Peace out brothers and sisters.