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  1. Hoodie and beanies for me thanks Geoffro. Moths liked my last hoodie and not the 5 other hoodie in wardrobe.
  2. I can log in via computer but phone won't log in saying "Sites security certificate is not trusted". I've used phone for years and never had a problem except this past week or so. Any solution?
  3. The trail that the video shows is a straight Level 2, in the dry. With a bit of water it quickly became Level 3, as seen in the first video highlighting my complete lack of skill and/or commitment. lol. I've never had trouble in the dry going up this part so will put it down to experience for future rides plus grading. There was another slight hill around the corner that I managed to get up but some struggled but got up on the 2nd go. Thanks to all of the ride reports, and snowman's video was certainly entertaining. Cheers
  4. Bigger shout out to Andy350 for kick starting this years RCHGFA fund. Also for the inspiration to me for getting off my a... and having a crack to raise as much as we have. Also a big thumbs up and shout out to Dakota for starting all of this some years ago. Without these blokes and many others the wider community might think we're a bunch that likes to get our and create some noise and on some fossil fuel burning machines with no heart, but this is not what the high percentage of riders are like at all in my few years on this forum. Thanks Geoffro for the platform for us to show we are a caring, compassionate community. We have a total this year we can aim at beating next year.
  5. Also thanks to whoever it was(I'm also cap with names) that supplied a frothy at the end. I normally do but had only two in the fridge back home. Plus I'm trying again to give up the darts so no more beers for at least a week.
  6. Driving down today, thinking it'll be perfect conditions to ride, in the light rain that started and stopped until reaching the unload spot. Arrived 10 mins earlier than listed and all but 1 are already suiting up. Once again I forgot my lead and sweep vests so went fishing for some. Luckily frank (rwcfrank ) had a piece of fluro material more in tune with a late night bucks party destination. Bigpete had something more suitable for our volunteer sweep, Phil aka katman. Normally I'd head north for a 20km loop but this usually wears me out to quick so I took the 10 of us thinking I'd leave the 20km for last. I saw weather report a few days ago and it was meant to be clouds clearing but the weather gods had other ideas. It was a constant drizzle almost all day with the sun only coming out when we were packing up. The tracks we took normally cope well with water, sandy soil drains pretty good, this is the wettest I've ever seen it. In contrast to my other April rides of being the driest. Mostly we had great traction, except for a couple who needed to deflate, before attempting our first climb (l2). Up to this point I was going slower than normal as the flu hit me Wednesday and I wanted to give the boys the full 60ish k's. Having some goggle issues also helped me slow down. Once I pissed the goggles off I started picking up the pace a little and started to flow. Still not fast but good enough to spread us out a little. Stopped a couple of times for a regroup but no break needed until the 20km mark for lunch. The group was flowing really well with everyone commenting how good the trails were. After the break we headed towards the hall but before we reached that I took them up a short but challenging climb. In the dry it's a 2+ but today easily a 3. For once I chose the centre line and slowly got up. Frank followed close behind d and then the carnage stated. The best line is in 3 parts. First right then middle then middle or left. Some people tried right for the last line only to not have enough speed to clear some step ups. Some didn't make it past the second landing. No body parts were injured just some noisy bikes screaming to make just a few more inches to no avail. I do enjoy watching the carnage for these 2+ rides but my time was still to come. Finally past the hall and onto some new favourites. To get there though is a fire trail that I've never had issues with or others that followed. Until today. So with my goggle issues I was a little slower ducking branches and leaves. This had me cautious and it proved to be my downfall. The wet ground with leaves and hard packed dirt cut me in my tracks about 5mt from the top. Decide to turn around and try again. Bigpete cruises past as well as frank (I think). For the next 1/2 hour at least we tried to get bikes up. Try after try. On my third go I manage to get near the top and have some help for the rest. A couple others do the same. But 2 bikes need a double tow rope with 5 or 6 pulling em up. It was now that a kato developed front brake issues. It seems the handle rotates too far allowing air in the line. Frank had his tools out which helped it but still not much stopping power. So I decided to use the open road back to the cars and call it a day. We only did 30ish km's for the day but I feel like it was at least 50km. Big shout out to katman for sweeping the whole day. Much appreciated as was your donation and the many others that gave me some coin today. Thankyou to all who came along to see the best and worst of hazelwood. I think that covers it all. Thankyou too all the leads, sweeps and riders who have collectively helped raise over 3k for the Royal Childrens Hospital. Hope we can beat our total next year.
  7. Will post ride either tomorrow or Thursday
  8. Had an awesome day but cut short due to lack of fitness. Met up with Ausberg, Yamijim, katman, bigpete and stinky at Longwarry, thinking ouzo was meeting us at the unload point. So quick trip down there, get ready and no ouzo. There was another car there at the time but a couple of the guys said ouzo drives a blue ute, so we decide to head off. With the ride listed as a Level 2 I actually kept it for once as was planned. The trails are certainly level 2 but you needed to have some fitness level to cruise the whole day for the 60km I had planned. Everyone was keeping a steady pace so only a few small breaks with a longer lunch break was certainly welcomed by me as well as the group. At one stage I thought my rear breaks were cactus but on closer inspection my clearance of trail trash, sticks and bark, had jammed in between the foot lever and peg even through the frame. I still didn't have much rear brakes though so spent most of the day on the fronts. I started relying to much on them causing a front end slide and dismount banging me up a little. That wasn't the only one though. Some how I managed to lose balance in a straight line in a quad bike size rut, which if it was caught on camera could almost be a funny home video. Only heard of one other having some offs for the day, but in these trails a RM250 tuned for WOT would catch most of us out. With my last off having spent me a little too much I developed some cramping/stitch in my stomach muscles so we took the easy route back to the cars having clocked up 52km for the day. As katman said, I slept very well and looking forward to the 2+ coming up. Big shout out to stinky for offering and sweeping all day. While he didn't need to do much I bet he coughed up a lung or 2 of the dusty trails. I havn't seen it that dry ever. Bring on the rain.
  9. Glad you all had a good safe ride. Always welcome to come along to hazelwood. See ya out there soon.
  10. Make sure it's adelaide time your runnin Btw the beer tastes better after a full days ride. Lol
  11. 5 of us braved the slightly dusty conditions today. Being a level 1 ride we worked out that all of us are minimum l2 so I made sure the trails suited the group. At the start making sure that if your not comfortable at any point then speak up. Just to make sure of the level we did the Lil trail next to the cars to gauge. All good. The morning was spent of a mix of L1 and l2 trails with a new L1 trail spotted and enjoyed by all. We then headed back towards the cars for the arvo ride and literally 500mt from the cars wayward1 was unlucky to have a flat rear of his tubliss. Apparently his 1st problem with them ever. He graciously retired so he could continue his magnificent sweep duties next week. We then switched to the level 2 loop for next week and 6 months of trail growth made leading a Lil difficult. If I can't see the trail then newbies def can't. Plenty of stops for catch ups and then onto my favourite trails for the early arvo. Not riding for 6 months had me guessing the left and rights but thankfully all were correct. Katman 525 decided this slow pace was too much and needed a breather, so a small lunch stop ensued. Once we made it to more open trails it was on again only to be slowed by more trail growth. We then hit the sand hill and I caught up with some locals. The last of the narrow tracks followed which was in great condition. A small blast up the road and quick stop for some more banter, which happened all day, and we made our turn back to the cars. I found the end of a fast flowing trail only for me to think forward us better than backward. A hill climb had us all thinking a bit and then watching some locals on a l3ish climb was more entertainment. Thanks to all who came out today. Everyone rode well, even sean who I'm sure he sabotaged his own ride to do it all next week. Btw thanks to katman for the cash donation. It bought some really tasty food on the way home. Will deposit donation at end of my April rides. See ya all next week. Go RCHGFA rides. Let's get lots more donation rides going.
  12. Looks great frank. Congrats. All you need now is an Adventure bike, a Cruiser bike, a Sport bike, a Sports tourer bike and a Trials bike to complete the set to ride every day of the week
  13. No prob Andy. Maybe we get some ideas from other members and come up with a plan in a week or so. Then start other posts for rides and organize days and venues.
  14. Hey Andy, Your right, Easter will come quicker than we think so best to start planning now. I'm happy to run a day at Hazelwood anywhere from Level 1 to 2+ for the day but can only do outside of the easter weekend as the family goes away for that weekend. The past few years there has been rides for 10 days in a row. The last couple of years has been down on numbers from memory. It's a given that the midweek rides will have less numbers so we should aim for the weekend rides to have a minimum of 20 riders per ride at $20each. I think that if we have a number of rides on, like say Angelsea, Creswick, Dissa, and Hazelwood on the same day for a Saturday(13th) and have 20 riders each thats $1600 for the day. Then have Ballan, Wombat, Murrundindi, and Neerim on Sunday(14th) with 20 each that's $3200 for the 2 days. Then do something similar for the Long weekend of 4 days hopefully our Fund raising would be just shy of $10k just for the weekend rides. Then midweek rides can pop up in between to help boost the total. Obviously the level riding for each day should be mixed up to attract the maximum amount of riders. The planning of this should be based around spreading the rides for different levels. For example have Angelsea L1, Creswick L2, Dissa L3, Hazelwood L1. Just an idea to think about. Below are the dates for Easter. I've put in a few possible rides but nothing is set. Venue Lead Rider 12th April Friday Neerim L3 mick??? 13th April Saturday Angelsea L1 Creswick L2 Dissa L3 Hazelwood L1 Greasa 14th April Sunday Ballan L1 Wombat L2 Andy350 Murrindindi L3 Neerim L1? 15th April Monday 16th April Tuesday 17th April Wednesday 18th April Thursday 19th April Good Friday 20th April Easter Saturday 21st April Easter Sunday Mt Dissapointment Coggs L2 22nd April Easter Monday Any thoughts on this would be appreciated as well as suggestions and anyone to put there hand up in leading a ride. p.s. I've just looked up the School Holidays which is 30th March to 15th April so maybe we do 3 weekends of GFA rides to try and top 10k for this year. So start with 7th and 8th April(Sat&Sun)
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