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  1. Awesome ride with a top bunch of blokes! Thanks Habs for putting on spectacularly well organised ride and weekend. Thanks also Cruiser and Noodles for sweeping. Got a bit of Cruiser wisdom too... "never seen anyone flip a bike while standing on the pegs". A simple thought, but if applied - keep standing and wrap on the throttle - will definitely serve you well on GB's long hills. I was a bit sad that the weather put a dampener on the Sunday ride. (Ok, honestly ... I was stuffed after Saturday and with a head full of snot, was happy to be off the hook. ). Already looking forward to the next one!
  2. The Great Goughs Bay Getaway

    The 10l with 50:1 on it is mine. Thanks for dropping and collecting!
  3. The Great Goughs Bay Getaway

    Agreed! Let's get on it...
  4. The Great Goughs Bay Getaway

    Thanks Habs, for putting together another awesome ride. After riding up here for 10 years it amazes me that you keep managing to throw in a track or hill I've not seen before. Brilliant! Thanks to Cluffie for mechanical support, Twisti3s for the tyre plug and Mevstar for the cook-up on Friday night. Top bunch of blokes, and I'm sure I had the easiest sweep job, with everyone do a great job of tackling GB's challenging terrain. Sweeper highlights: 5EXC-F's shout when he nailed the final play hill, and Brownballs display of how a double log jump should be done!
  5. Hey Habs thinking that I am going to need all the help I can get on Friday... How do you rate this tyre after a ride or two?
  6. Friday Fun... the Cobaw Mix..

    Top day out! Thanks Dakota for organising, leading and the much needed and enjoyed beer and bbq! Thanks also to Habs for sweeping all day. Good spot you have out there Dakota. Looking forward to getting back there again...
  7. Vid's by HABS

    Absolute gold! Nice looking spot too...
  8. Buzzing at Dissa

    Sounds like a great ride! Hope to get a spot on the next one.
  9. Extreme Enduro Coaching

    Thermo fan installed! Ready to roll... Should be a good day.
  10. 2017 KTM/HUSKYS

    So, it looks like all exc's will be getting 4cs forks, with a new name. Am I reading that right?
  11. I have a Scott enduro jacket that I wear in winter/rain (about 9 years of use). I use it normally with sleeves off and with vents open I rarely get too hot or too sweaty. If I am riding until late in the day I'll put the sleeves and a spare pair of gloves in the rear pocket. Then when it's time to commute out - sleeves and dry gloves go on. Sweet! I also use the front pockets in the vest for paper towel to clean/ dry my googles. If getting an 'enduro jacket' I would recommend going as light as possible (adjust under layers for warmth if needed, eg thermals) with vents and removable sleeves.
  12. Murrindindi 2/4/16

    I haven't stopped raving about today's ride to whoever would listen. Awesome day!!! Thanks to Nathan for putting this together and rob and cruiser for sweeping, and thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome & comfortable on my first dirtriderz ride. Looking forward to the next one!
  13. Tallarook ride today

    Nice looking spot!!
  14. Hi All Just signed up, and popped in here to introduce myself. I am on a Husky FE350 and mainly ride The Pines, near Goughs Bay. I have recently fallen victim to "all my friends are getting married..." So... looking to expanding my riding horizons and checking out some new riding areas. Cheers