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  1. Thanks Pete for a fantastic day out. just what I needed. Looking forward to next time.
  2. Thanks Pete and Rhys, a very enjoyable day, We did the Boundary track in the morning, which is challenging enough in the wet but when dry the soft sandy hills are killers. A quick blast up and down the Telegraph track before lunch, then off to explore the other side. Lots of great tracks , some old, some new to me. Thanks for the post ride bbq fellows, cheers.
  3. 1 x gunmetal/orange in large thanks
  4. Hey that's me you pass at the 2.30 min. I'm sure we have had some good battles over the years. Nice video. The race should go the opposite direction this year. I'm interested just cant commit just yet.
  5. Another great weekend at Mount Cole, Arrived Saturday morning and setup camp. Saturday was an easier ride and explore, I enjoy looking around out there, lots to find. The highlight of the Saturday ride was going down the powerline track, there was a group of 4wders at the top telling us it's to steep and not to go down. Sundays ride was a lot tougher, normally I recover fairly quickly after a ride but I was still feeling drained after Saturday and it wasn't long before I was making gumby mistakes which lead to more mistakes. We did a lot of the regular tracks, some of them backwards, a nice change. Well done to those that made it up powerline, I enjoyed watching that. PeteV bike should be run in now after all those heat cycles. Great pics thanks everyone. Thank to PeteV for leading and organizing the ride, Mr noodle and Stickman for sweeping, and Macka for the wood. Not many pics from me sorry. Camp zoomed in on the top of powerline.
  6. I'd be keen on a hoodie & beanie. and maybe a jacket
  7. Well what a fantastic ride, you couldn't get the smile off my face. It was great meet Arbo, J-man, BearMX and catch up with Brucektmguy again, a great group to ride with. The tracks are flowing and seem to twist and turn forever. Although it's not a ride for the faint heated, 380 km in the sand is a big day but so much fun. But I'm certainly feeling today. The camp site is very well equipped, with lots of space and has a handy shed with comfy chairs and fire place if the weather is bad. The kids were having a great time sliding down the dune. Thanks to Arbo for organizing the ride, Mr Fuel Support Arthur and the rest of the crew for making it a great weekend. Can't wait for the next one. PS A bit of silo art on the way home.
  8. So sad to hear this. What a tragedy. He was a top bloke and a proud dad.
  9. Ok so next challenge. A photo of your bike in or in front of a transfer station, or as they were called in my day "the tip".
  10. Firstly thanks for starting the ride report, clearly I'm only a level 2 at reports. I get there nice and early and a few are there already. The boys are keen. The rest arrive not long after and we are joined by a local father and son team making 9 of us altogether. After a quick chat we head off at a nice pace and the group flowing well. Unfortunately Central Vic had a fall, hope you are feeling better, I was enjoying watching the X trainer, beautiful bike. Gurney was taking us on some top tracks with the opportunity the try some hard hill climbs if we wanted. Back to the cars for a feed and top up fuel then on to the boundary track, a great track that has a bit of everything. Gurney takes us down mount sugar loaf track and I think he is the only one to go over the bars, haha that's karma. It was great to meet and ride with some new people, can't wait to do It again. Thanks to Gurney for leading us around, without him it wouldn't happen. Thanks for all the sweeps and for helping out when needed. And thanks Pete for the level 2+ sauce after ride BBQ.
  11. Here's my experience of my first Hattah. I talked my wife into "pitting" for me so we headed off on Friday morning. Everywhere we stopped we kept running into my mates who going up to camp and watch the race. Scrutineering was at Redcliffs between 4.00 and 8.00. I was lined up with my bike chatting to a father and son who had made the trip over from Tassie when someone yells out "there is a separate line for you old blokes" Awesome. I felt like a VIP walking my bike around the outside of this massive line, straight through. Only thing missing was a zimmer frame. I get the bike out on the oval and check out all the other bikes and the trade displays. I was ready to leave by 7.00pm but we had to leave our bikes there till 8.00. 7.5pm someone grabs their bike and it's on, bikes going everywhere. 3/4 of an hour later and we get out of the park. We get out to prologue early and the nerves start to build. Waiting in line for the sight lap the energy and excitement are almost overwhelming. My sight lap is event free and helped settle some of the nerves. Prologue time and we're off. All going well and get to the first sandy corner and I hear my mates yell out, quick glance and "Bang!" down I go; well at least I gave them something to laugh at. So my prologue time wasn't much faster than my sight lap - Oh well the pressure is off. I did get a nasty corked thigh and a massive bruise from the off. We setup our pit tent then head out to were my mates are camping, they are still hanging it on me. Race day. Wheeling the bike out to the start line and you get a sense of the enormity of this race. The beauty of the prologue is you are racing against people of the same level. I had a good first lap and was able to pass a few down the straights, the track was awesome. After the first lap the track deteriorated rapidly and it started to become hard work. Watching the gun riders hit the whoops like there not there was amazing, meanwhile I smashing into them like they are concrete blocks. It's amazing how deep the whoop get, and that sand is never ending. I started to get cramps during the 3rd lap, sheez..... it's going to be a long day. I managed to get through the cramps until the last lap. The last 15 kms they should have had someone running beside me playing "Benny Hill" music as I'm smashing into trees, ridding all over the track and dropping my bike. I manage 5 laps, about 4 and a 1/2 hours on the bike. My wife wants me to start training for next year, I'm not sure I have the balls to do it again, time will tell.
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